47 Veterans Day Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

On Veterans Day, we honor the men and women of the United States military for their bravery, sacrifice, and service. It’s a day for Americans to remember what makes our country great: freedom! We hope that one way we can all show our appreciation is by giving back in some fashion.

What should you buy for the loved one who has served in the military? How about getting a Veterans Day gift that will fill their heart with gratitude and that shows your appreciation for what they’ve sacrificed on your behalf?

Whether you’re looking for holiday gifts or just want to help out veterans in your community, this list has you covered! Check it out today so that you don’t forget these important veterans on this most patriotic of days.

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Veterans Day Gift Ideas for a Husband or a Boyfriend

1. Chanasya Patriotic US Throw Blanket

Sometimes we want a thoughtful and creative gift for the loved ones in our lives, but we don’t know what to get them. The perfect solution is to give them an original and unique gift that they’ll enjoy because it came from the heart. That’s where this beautiful and wildly patriotic throw blanket comes into play.

This decorative blanket can be given to anyone who loves America. With easy-to-follow instructions, this super-soft throw blanket makes a bold statement. It’s a perfect present for the patriot in your life!

2. Veteran Mug

Show your appreciation for his service to the country by getting him a veteran coffee mug!

The military veteran coffee mug is a handmade ceramic mug that has a hand-painted American Flag on it. It is the perfect gift for any active or retired military personnel or their immediate family members. The cups have been hand-painted by artist Dennis Knight, who is an Army veteran himself — so you know that it’s made with love.

3. American By Birth T-Shirt

You may not be a veteran, but I’m sure you know at least one. Sure, it’s hard to celebrate Veterans Day all by yourself, but don’t worry because we have a solution for your problem!  Enter this American t-shirt that is designed to show you care.

In honor of Veterans Day, get this shirt to show that you appreciate those who serve in our armed forces, now and always. It features the text “American by birth veteran by choice” on a cream colored shirt. It comes in sizes small through XXXL for men, women, girls, and boys.

4. Coffee Mug

You love America and you want to show your pride. The American flag colored print mug is the perfect way to imprint your support for this great country and show off the red, white, and blue. It’s made from high-quality ceramic with vibrant colors and will last for years. The best part is that any time you grab it from the cabinet or use it at work, thoughts of patriotism come flooding back. Not only does this mug have a prideful design but there are also gold accents running along each side, which provides contrast for the brightly printed image.

5. Our Lady of Charity Throw Blanket

Our Lady of Charity cotton woven throw blankets are a perfect gift for Veterans Day. Make sure to show your service members, military spouses, and veterans how much they mean to you with one of these quality blankets. Servicemen and women have given up so much in service to their country, including loved ones, family, friends, and even life itself. Let us help you show them the respect they deserve this holiday season with these beautiful silk-like fabric throw blankets that are both warm and durable. This is the perfect gift for your loved one and a wonderful way to thank our troops for their service.

6. Survival Kit

The XMCOSOCS Survival Kit is the perfect gift for an active or retired veteran. The kit includes all the necessities for a new veteran and their family’s life in America. This small, portable package includes everything needed to survive even the most remote and appalling conditions. If a zombie apocalypse were to break out, you would be able to take refuge with your wife and 3 kids in an abandoned school and this kit would give you the tools to survive.

XMCOSOCS is proud to support US veterans with this amazing kit. The company has been working hard to find cost-effective solutions that will be as useful as possible – without breaking the bank.

7. Customized Fish Tumbler

This 16 ounce Tervis fishing tumbler has a camouflage pattern with the dates of all the major wars this country has been involved in. It also comes in an American flag camo design. Available in many different styles, it’s easy to find one that will fit your personality.

The Customized Fish Tumbler is novel, fun, and perfect for any fisherman. It also makes a great gift for Veterans Day.

8. Slammo Game Set

Gifts are always better when they are personalized!

The Slammo Game Set is a perfect gift for the veteran in your life. Show your love for them with this fun, interactive toy that helps to stimulate the mind. It’s a great way to thank them for their service and remind them that they are never forgotten.

Slammo is fun, easy to learn and play, and suitable for anyone 8 years old or older. When you purchase this game set, you will also receive a 42-page instruction manual that lists the various Slammo games and shows how to play them. The Slammo game set is durable, colorful, and will keep a veteran entertained for hours on end!

9. Customized Veterans’ Coins

November 11 has become the unofficial day for Americans to remember those who served in the military. This is a day for civilians to honor veterans. It’s also a day for veterans to remember their comrades and the sacrifices they made. One type of token many vets appreciate these days are challenge coins.

Challenge coins are typically one-of-a-kind tokens that signify membership into an exclusive club or a particular event. With these coins, the soldiers who served in the armed forces can be remembered and honored.

10. Cal Short Glass

Get the military veteran in your life this special gift. It is an honor to serve our country, especially as a military veteran. And on November 11 we celebrate the bravery and dedication of our military veterans by showing how much we care. In addition to this recognition, you might want to give them one more thing: a Barbuzzon 50 Cal Short Glass.

The coin was designed by retired US Navy Captain Lee J. Barbuzzo and is meant for those who have served in any branch of the armed forces at any time.

11. Cool Gadget Pens For Men

What better way to show your gratitude than with one of these thoughtful gifts! These beautifully designed pens come as a set of 3, each with a different feature. The first is the standard pen that writes well on any dry surface (and it doesn’t need an ink cartridge). The second has a metal blade that makes sure you won’t lose it at all — even in deep water! It’s also great for making quick cuts on stubborn packaging. Finally, the last pen features a sharp stainless steel point on its tip for easy penetration in wood or other materials.

The pens are easy to use and quite helpful in a variety of situations. Whether you’re a man or woman, these pens have something for you.

12. Whiskey Bullets

TAKEFLIGHT whiskeys are a perfect gift for the veteran in your life. With the TAKEFLIGHT customizable whiskey bullets, you can engrave any message or photo on the bullet casing, which is then sealed in wax and packaged beautifully in a wood box lined with red, white, and blue fabric.

Featuring two different flavors — sour mash straight bourbon whiskey and wheated bourbon whiskey — these bullets make great stocking stuffers or unique gifts to thank our military veterans this Veterans Day.

13. US Army Tank Top

Some moments should be remembered forever. That’s why we try to immortalize them as a present for the veterans in our lives. This US Army Tank Top will enable the veteran to remember the oath they made to this country. It will also make them proud for having served!

These shirts are high-quality and made from high-tenacity breathable fiber material, which continually wicks sweat away from your body. They have strategically placed ventilation panels that help regulate your body temperature and keep you cool on hot days. This cotton tank top fits snugly and is comfortable to wear while exercising or playing sports.

14. American Flag Styled Glasses

Don’t even consider giving that tough veteran in your life a sentimental card or a box of chocolates on Veterans Day. Instead, get him a gift that celebrates America and beer: two things he loves!

Beer City Glass is excited to offer American Flag-themed glasses for the holidays! Show your patriotism with these glasses and make everyone at the party jealous. They’re perfect for any party and will be a guaranteed conversation starter.

15. Personalized Wristband for Husband from MEALGUET

If you’re looking for an idea for your husband this Veterans Day, why not grab something personal and sentimental? You can’t go wrong with this custom leather bracelet made by MEALGUET. This particular bracelet has a whole year of customizable options that will hold up to 25 engraved words (1 word per month).

We highly recommend engraving some of the best memories you have with your spouse! The last month is left blank so you can add future anniversaries or other important dates (such as your husband’s birthday).

16. Chiller Sticks For Bottles

It’s not too late to get a great gift for your veteran friends and family this Veterans Day. Whether they have a beer fridge, or just enjoy one now and again, these bottle chiller sticks will make their day!

Keep it simple by getting a bottle chiller stick, which cools and refreshes beverages quickly. In no time, your honorably-served veteran will have an ice-cold brew or iced coffee in their hand! Bottle chiller sticks make for an excellent present because they are cheap and easy to wrap. They also come in various colors.

Bottle chiller sticks are thin metal sticks with a vial of water inside them that freeze liquids quickly on contact. They’re quite useful for keeping drinks cold or frozen in containers, like bottles and cans, when chilling is not an option.

Bottle chiller sticks are designed to make drinks colder faster. He won’t have to worry about his drink getting cold with these by his side. So if you’re shopping around for your veteran this holiday season, consider picking up a set of these as a gift.

17. Flickering LED Lantern

The Grandparent Gift Co. has created an LED Lantern that features an adjustable dimmer switch, as well as a timer set up to eight hours, so you can enjoy its glowing illumination all evening long with no worries about it staying on too long and draining the battery.

The Flickering LED Lantern not only keeps you safe in the dark, but it also entertains and brightens your day. This lantern is perfect for those nights when you are out camping or looking for adventure. It has a convenient handle that enables easy transport and storage; so it will never get lost in the bottom of your backpack! Never fear the darkness again with this lantern as your sidekick.

This is just one of many products available from Grandparent Gift Co., so be sure to check them out! Anyone who receives this incredible product will be more than thankful that they did.

18.  Fleece Throw Blankets

We’re ready with our Veterans Day gift ideas, and this one is perfect for the person who likes to feel warm and cozy. This lush fleece throw blanket will keep them nice and warm; and they’ll never want to leave the couch again!

The Fleece Throw Blankets from Green Orange are durable and lightweight with just the right amount of warmth It measures 60″ x 40″ — the right size for most men!

19. Luxury Bourdon Whiskey Glass Set

The Luxury Bourdon Whiskey Glass Set is perfect for veterans and their families. These glasses make the perfect souvenir to celebrate your loved one’s service and are a welcome addition to any home bar. The bourdon glasses were designed for anyone who believes that a touch of luxury should be part of any occasion.

So if you’re still in need of a thoughtful gift, look no further!

Veterans Day Gift Ideas for a Wife or a Girlfriend

20. Patriotic Rocks

ROCKIMPACT Patriotic Rocks are the perfect way to show your patriotism and celebrate American veterans. These rocks are made with different selections of patriotic decorative rocks.

Decorating for Veterans Day shouldn’t be hard or expensive, especially when you can do it for free with patriotic rocks! It’s the perfect time to commemorate our military veterans or support those currently serving in the armed forces by boosting morale with a special decoration.

21. Redefine Yourself Necklace For Women

The I love you necklace from MFFD is a great way to show support for our US Veterans. Everyone who celebrates this day should show their gratitude to those who served in the military by wearing a handmade veteran necklace with pride.

So if you or someone you know is in need of such a gift, please visit any shop that supports MFFD and we will help you find the right one for them! Simply find out if they are serving or have served and get started on making someone’s life better with just one simple act of kindness: the gift of giving!

22. Chocolate Gift Basket

If you’re not sure what to get your veteran for Veterans Day, here’s a great idea!

A chocolate gift basket is a thoughtful holiday expression of gratitude for their service. It’s also a delicious taste of freedom on one of America’s most patriotic days.

This is a gift any military service person will enjoy and appreciate. With this gift you can show that person you care about them and that you are committed to honoring their service and the country.

23. Learn to Sew Fabric Purses, Baskets, and Bowls From Susan Breier

Sewing is a craft that will bring joy to your life. It is also an easy and inexpensive hobby to start.

Susan Breier offers a simple guide that initiates novices into the world of sewing. Her sewing guide was specifically designed for beginners who want to learn how to make their own home-made gifts on Veterans Day.

This simple gift will help show your loved one how much they mean to you! Plus, Susan Breier’s instructions are easy-to-follow and clear as day. This guide will have them sewing beautiful blankets and shirts in no time!

24. Healing Stone Figurine Earth Therapy Store

If you know someone who is an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, this will be the most thoughtful and meaningful holiday present you ever gave them. This personalized stone guardian angel will help them feel more secure in their home, They are made to order for free within 24 hours of when you place your order. Their elegant-looking design will make a beautiful addition to their military-themed room or office.

When the night air grows chill, they can hold the guardian angel up close to warm their hands with the gentle heat emanating from it. It’s a gift that says, “I am here for you.”

25. Moisturizing Body Care Set

Introducing the amazing 3-piece kit that includes body lotion, mask, and shampoo. This set is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. By reducing dry skin and giving you a healthy glow, these products will leave your skin supple and hydrated. This premium moisturizing kit can be shipped anywhere in the US.

The moisturizing body care set was designed for the purpose of providing satisfaction and relaxation to those who need it most. It is infused with aloe vera, honey extract, and the antioxidant properties of green tea, which will provide relief from pain, inflammation, and allergies.

26. Amazon Gift Card for Special Veteran

Hearts and minds are often won or lost in wartime — both on the battlefield and at home. That is why Veterans Day is so special.

This Amazon gift card will give the recipient the freedom to purchase anything their heart desires — from books, movies, coffee machines, you name it! They will appreciate this gesture and remember those who have fought and suffered to protect our freedoms.

You can buy the person you love an Amazon gift card for their favorite hobby or interest. With so many options, everyone is sure to find something they like.

27. Mud Pie Serving Dish Sets

Veterans Day is a day to honor our servicemen and women for their dedication, courage, and bravery. A Veterans Day gift can be just as important as the flowers or messages we deliver to our veterans. We are grateful for the sacrifices they have made.

The Mud Pie Serving Dish Set would make an excellent Veterans Day gift. Mud Pie hires veterans who have served this country; so when you buy this high-quality set, you are also supporting these brave men and women.  

At first glance, the Mud Pie Serving Dish Set looks like any other dish set. But take a closer look, and you’ll see that it’s actually made of ceramic with a military-inspired camouflage pattern. Perfect for your favorite veteran or active service member, this set includes 4 dishes that are perfect for serving up holiday desserts, appetizers, and more!

If you’re looking for a gift for Veterans Day, the Mud Pie Serving Dish Set is perfect! It includes 4 dishes in camo colors, so they’ll match any décor. Plus, the dishes are durable enough to hold up under heavy use.

28. Royalty In A Basket

The best way to honor those who served our country on Veterans Day is to be grateful for the sacrifices they made. You can also thank them for their service and sacrifice by getting them a gift. If you need a gift idea that would convey these messages of gratitude, we recommend giving your family and friends a Luxe England gift basket.

With Luxe England baskets, you’ll receive an elegant and high-quality gift that is sure to impress your favorite veteran. Baskets come with a variety of customization options. And more importantly, the recipient will be delighted with a luxury gift basket as a gift for Veterans Day!

29. Bubble Bath Experience

It’s always great to give people gift baskets that are thoughtful and unique, especially for a holiday! This is an amazing opportunity to get some bubble bath that you know is good quality without breaking your bank account. And, as an added bonus, your purchase supports our troops.

A bubble bath from The Honest Company is a unique but thoughtful Veterans Day or Christmas gift that somehow manages to be both sweet and sensible. A bath in this gel-like solid bubble bath will startle your senses with its flowery scent and cooling effects.

In our opinion, this gift basket has been put together perfectly.

30. COSORI Air Fryer

The best way to show veterans they’re appreciated is by showing gratitude. With the COSORI Air Fryer, you can do this in style and with ease.

A cook can honor the veteran in their life by using this COSORI Air Fryer. It is an excellent kitchen tool that you can use to make a delicious meal just about anywhere! It will also enable you to cook food fast — much faster than it takes to cook using a stovetop or oven.

COSORI produces luxury kitchen appliances that are not only highly functional but also beautiful additions to any kitchen.

31. 15-Piece Toy Keychains

Do you have a friend who is in the military? The BINGLALA 15pcs cute keychains are perfect for them. This Veterans Day gift will make them smile and thank you heartily. This simple and cute product can be used as a decoration or as an EDC (every-day-carry) tool. They are fun, collectible items that are colorful and useful.

This set of keychains comes in pink, green, blue, navy blue, and gold. Commemorate Veterans Day with this adorable set of keychains! What are you waiting for?

32. Breville Vertuo Coffee And Espresso Machine

If you know someone in their 30s or 40s who loves coffee and is always on the hunt for a good cup, they will love Breville Vertuo’s Coffee and Espresso Machine. This new system promises to deliver professional-quality drinks with just the touch of a button; so no more grinding or precise measurements! We’ll also throw in an 8oz bag of our best-selling Espresso Blend!

This versatile single serve system can make anything from a bold espresso shot to a rich hot chocolate (or cappuccino) to your favorite latte drink in mere seconds.

33. Customized Mr. & Mrs. Ceramic Ring Dish

Veterans Day is an opportunity to share gratitude. Instead of giving the veteran in your life something that will clutter their home, consider giving them a customized Mr. and Mrs. Ceramic Ring Dish. This gift is timeless and beautiful. The dish will look great on a desk or dresser; and you can personalize it with a famous saying or a heartfelt message.

These dishes make wonderful gifts for any occasion!

34. Chakra Healing Gemstone

Show some love to a friend or family member this Veterans Day! Impress them by giving them the finest jewelry the market has to offer.

The Chakra Healing Gemstone is made of beautiful, high-quality materials. In addition to being a stunning piece of jewelry, this healing gemstone has been shown to have a calming effect on PTSD sufferers. It may also help with other conditions, such as ADHD, panic attacks, and depression.

The natural gemstone can be given to anyone you would like to show gratitude to this wonderful season.

35. Dinner Lamp

You’ve probably heard of Lutron Caseta devices. With these smart, wireless light dimmers and switches you can control your lights from the couch or the kitchen (or anywhere in the house). But did you know that they also make a line of smart, wireless plug-in switches? One of those plug-in switches is for your oven.

This would make an awesome gift for a veteran on Veterans Day. So invite them over to your house, cook them dinner, and show them how much you appreciate them by giving them the Dinner Lamp.

36. LATME Ice Roller for Face and Body

This Veterans Day give a gift that makes that veteran in your life feel like the hero they are. We’re talking about the LATME Ice Roller for Face and Body. This is the perfect way to say thanks for their service.

The LATME Ice Roller can be used on a number of areas on the body, including the back, neck, shoulders, and head. By rolling it over tight muscles and knots, it will help bring relief to any daily aches or pains that come with an active life. They’re made out of 100% recyclable materials, so they don’t cost a lot to ship!

37. 3D Contoured Sleep Mask

I’m sure you’re busy organizing Veterans Day dinner or looking for the perfect gift for your veteran friend who has everything.

The 3D Contoured Sleep Mask has been created for veterans as a way to feel more at peace and revitalized after doing so much for our country. These sleep masks are durable, comfortable, and can be personalized with any name on them. Best of all, they are made of soft silicone that is non-toxic and perfect for sensitive skin.

The masks will make a great addition to their home. With features like hypoallergenic mesh, adjustable velcro, and super deep eye pockets, this is one gift that anyone would love to have!

38. Garden Pruner

If you’re looking for the perfect Veterans Day gift, we have just the thing for you. A garden pruner is a good gift because it can help make their outdoor gardening easier. There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes on Amazon that will please even the pickiest veterans.

This garden pruner costs $40 dollars and has already received excellent reviews and customer feedback.

39. Anne Klein Bangle Watch and Bracelet

The Anne Klein Bangle Watch and Bracelet set is a perfect Veterans Day gift idea for the woman who loves to wear jewelry. The set is lightweight and very feminine, with an adjustable clasp on the bracelet that makes it easy to secure.

Featuring a touch of old Hollywood glamour, this timepiece would be perfect for all occasions. You can also have her initials engraved on the bracelet for no additional cost! The Anne Klein collection features both modern and vintage designs, such as this bangle watch and bracelet set.

40. TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen

This tactical survival pen will make the veteran in your life smile on Veterans Day. The TAKEFLIGHT pen by military mementos company E&E Technologies is a unique way to say, “Thank you for your service to our country.”

Featuring an American flag and two crossed tomahawks (on its black rubber grip), the TAKEFLIGHT tactical pen is a practical gift for anyone who spends time outdoors — or for someone planning a camping trip.

Veterans Day Gift Ideas for Young Military Families

41. Baby Skin Care By Aveeno

Baby Skin Care by Aveeno will soothe your child’s skin and make it shine. In honor of veterans and their families, Aveeno has released a three-in-one baby care package that includes lotion, shampoo, and wipes.

The world-famous Aveeno baby wash and shampoo formula has been designed with natural oat extract to moisturize your newborn’s skin. The gentle surfactant cleanses in one easy step and is designed especially for babies’ sensitive skin. They are also tear-free!

This particular Aveeno baby care set includes lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wipes, and SDS soap. It is the perfect present for veterans who have children!

42. Pizza Cutter

Have you ever had a friend ask you what you want for a gift? Perhaps nothing came to mind at that time. Recently I was given an awesome pizza cutter by None Brand. And I can tell you, from firsthand experience, this gift will make any pizza lover happy!

It cuts through the pizza like butter! It is lightweight and doesn’t hurt your wrist when working on a big pizza. The Pizza Cutter is also affordable. I love it so much I plan to buy a second one!

43. Baby Prints Maker Kit

Bubzi has launched the Baby Footprints and Handprints Maker Kit! If you ever wanted to keep a part of your baby’s first year with you, this personalized kit is the perfect way to do it.

This kit includes everything you need to capture your baby’s footprints and handprints. And you can store these prints in a beautiful keepsake box. Simply set up the footprint and handprint backing paper on the floor, press the mold into position, peel the footplates off, and your baby’s footprints are preserved forever!

44. Cute and Funny Animal-Print Socks

If you are like me, you need adorable and fun pink accessories and clothes in your life. That’s why I’m excited to share my favorite new product: animal print socks! They make me feel so happy every time I look at them.

These socks are so cute and funny that one of my friends started wearing them as her “Wacky Wednesday” outfit. They are perfect for any occasion — a Veterans Day gift idea, a Christmas stocking stuffer, or just a lighthearted way to dress up any outfit. If you have an animal lover in your life that would appreciate these adorable kicks, they would be the perfect addition to their wardrobe.

45. We are Twins Gift Set

Whether you are an expectant parent, a gift giver, a veteran trying to start life from scratch in a new city, or just another dad looking for the perfect gift this season, here is something perfect for you. This twins set is designed to be practical and stylish; and it has all the pretty elephant toys your little one will love. There’s no need to buy 2 sets of toys or 2 different gifts; everything they need comes in this 1 set from Tickle and Main.

46. Infant Dome

What a great way to honor a military family! This Fisher-Price Infant Dome is valued at $100 and would be an amazing gift for a new mom or dad who also serves in the military.

Whether you’re buying for a family member, a friend, or a coworker, consider these items as holiday gifts this year. For anyone who’s served in our nation’s armed forces, thank you! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Thank you for fighting the good fight, so we don’t have to fight alone. Thank you because freedom isn’t free.

47. Portable Baby Sleep Soother

For the children who have been left with one parent on military deployment this holiday season, this is a gift you will want to give. You can purchase the Portable Baby Sleep Soother from Munchkin in either white or grey for the little baby to wear on their chest for a few hours at night. It plays mommy’s heartbeat and a lullaby, helping them sleep better.

This device is perfect for those who are deployed far away from their babies and need help getting them to sleep. This is also a unique gift you can give because it doubles up as an MP3 player!


In this blog post, we have compiled a list of gifts that cater to veterans and military servicemen and women. These are great gift ideas for the holiday season or any time you want to say thank you for their service.

Good luck choosing the perfect gift for the veteran in your life. We hope they love the gift you choose for them!

Thank you for reading this blog post on Veterans Day gift concepts. And have a fantastic day!