Valentine’s Day or Anyday Gift

You have seen that frosted glass panels in restaurants and shops. They are really easy to make and look even better in your home.

They make great gifts because they can be made custom to the individual. I needed a gift for my two brother-in-laws. They are both into sports and enjoy hanging out with friends in their “Man” room. Here is what you do.

Materials needed:

  • Wooden picture frame with glass
  • Painters tape
  • Sticker letters
  • Frosted spray paint
  • Two screw in hooks
  • Tiny wood trim or dowels to secure glass in frame
  • Hot glue

If the wood of the frame is stained a different color than the trim, make sure to stain them to match. It is actually easiest to use unfinished wood and paint or stain it all together to get a better match in color.

Picture frames are made to allow for the depth of a canvas board. Since we won’t be using canvas board, we need to make sure the glass is in secure. The crafts stores sell small strips of balsa wood and dowels. Either of product works. You will need to measure the depth to know which size piece you need. Get one for all four sides. Working from the back, hot glue the wood strips into place.

I prefer to design on paper first so I know the layout and exactly what I want it to say. From there I need to insure the lettering will be the appropriate height and width for the space I have.

For example: I want my piece to say Chuck’s Bar and Grill.

I need to decide

  • Am Igoing to put it on one line or two?
  • Do I want the frame to run north and south or east and west?
  • How large I want the letters?
  • Do I want to leave room for a design element such as a border?
  • Do I want to enlarge the name?
  • Do I want to have any other words such as a slogan?

Running E-W, I will center Chuck’s in the largest letters. In slightly smaller letters below it I will add Bar and Grill.

Using the Painters tape, I may measure in 3/4″ and lay a band of tape all the way around or only on two sides.

Now I can better gauge how much negative space I have. You don’t want little words on a big space. You can include small letters as a slogan. I might run across the bottom about 3/4″ about the border U of M fans only.

To get a better idea of scale, if I were using an 18″ x 24″ frame, my main letters might be 3-4″ high depending on how wordy I get. The small slogan ones might be one inch high.

I do the next step outside because of ventilation and smell. Spray the taped and lettered side of the glass. Thoroughly cover with the frosted spray paint. Allow to dry.

Once dry, carefully remove the tape and stickers and those areas will be clear while everything else is frosted.

Now screw the two hooks into the top. If it is for you, attach two hooks in your ceiling. Using a couple of length of chain hang your picture.

You can even make long thin ones and use them to divide up a large space instead of adding walls.

Have fun with it.