Valentine’s Day Gifts and Dates on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is known as a holiday for couples and lovers, who exchange gifts in many different cultures around the world. While the exact nature of Valentine’s Day gifts vary from country to country, it is easy to spend too much money on one’s significant other.

However, there are several ways that partners can express their affection for their boyfriend or girlfriend without going broke.

How to Make Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts

One easy way to give a great Valentine’s Day gift while on a budget is to make a gift instead of buying one. Homemade gifts come from the heart and are more personal than something bought at a store, even if the gift giver is not that artistically talented.

  • Create a “Date in a Box” Going on dates can be expensive, especially if one partner usually pays for most of the date night activities. For couples who prefer to spend time together than to exchange gifts, creating a “Date in a Box” with certificates to pay for dinner, an activity, and anything else to round out a fun or romantic date night is a chance to have a great date together without the financial cost.
  • Make a couples’ scrapbook Scrapbooking is a great way to make a personal Valentine’s Day gift. Purchase a scrapbook and make pages about where you met, the first date, and other memorable moments in the relationship. Leave blank pages at the end so that the book can be added to for special occasions, holidays, anniversaries, or trips.
  • Treat them to a guy’s or girl’s night Spending time together as a couple is great, but sometimes men and women need time with their friends. Create a guy’s or girl’s night, complete with food, an activity, and the necessities for the significant other’s and friend’s favorite activity together.
  • Put together a boyfriend/girlfriend coupon book Make coupons for a wide variety of things, such as a back or shoulder rub, date at their favorite restaurant, offering to do their least favorite household tasks, or to bake them their favorite treats. Bind the coupons into a booklet and give a gift that keeps giving throughout the year.

Cheap and Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to include an expensive night out on the town. Valentine’s Day dates can be simple but meaningful.

Instead of going out for a romantic dinner, have a romantic night in and cook a new, interesting meal together. Afterwards, leave the dishes for the next day and either go out for something like a movie or other activity, or stay in. Partners can also recreate a special moment that the couple shared, such as a first date, a concert they attended together, or another memorable moment at home or somewhere special, such as a park or place where they met.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean waking up broke the next day. There are many ways that couples can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a meaningful, fun, romantic, and special way and still have a good time.