Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Valentine’s Day gift baskets are a unique and romantic alternative to candy and flowers. A gift basket filled with carefully chosen items highlighting personal interests and shared memories shows genuine thoughtfulness. With so many possibilities, narrowing down just what to put inside the Valentine’s Day gift basket can be tricky. Here are some ideas to get started.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets — Step One: Choose a Theme

Think about personality, hobbies, and interests. The gift basket can be filled with gifts for an existing interest or items that will be helpful for the start of a new endeavor. Reflect on special memories or occasions that are sentimental and fill the basket with gifts that relate

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets — Step Two: Gather Gifts

Brainstorm ideas for gifts to fill the basket with. Is it a golf inspired gift basket? Fill it with golf balls, tees, a monogrammed towel, golf book of rules, head covers, and lip balm. Is the gift basket for a book lover? Fill it with some books from the latest bestseller list, a bookmark, a journal, and a bookstore gift card. How about a spa themed gift basket? Fill one with with bubble bath and salts, a bath pillow, body lotion, and manicure set. Valentine’s Day gift baskets filled with sentimental items are a romantic favorite. Fill a memory themed basket with a picture frame holding a special photo, a gift certificate to the restaurant where a first date was shared, or tickets to a favorite play.

No matter what theme is chosen for the Valentine’s gift basket, the gifts inside can be rounded out with chocolates, a card or hand written note, coffee or wine. The more personalized the gift basket, the more unique and memorable it will be.

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket — Step Three: Choose and Fill the Basket

The “basket” can be anything that holds the personalized gifts. If it can be matched to the theme, all the better! Once the gifts to be given are collected, choose something to hold them keeping the theme and needed size in mind. It may be a basket, bucket, backpack, tote bag, a small piece of luggage, cigar box, jewelry box, toolbox, or even a bowl.

Once the container is chosen, carefully arrange the gifts inside in an attractive way. Use tissue paper, shredded paper, or other packing materials to make it pleasing to the eye. If the gifts will be displayed openly in a shallow basket or bowl, wrap the entire arrangement with cellophane and tie it off with a ribbon. Other containers like boxes or tote bags may not require an additonal wrapping. The idea is to let imagination inspire to create a special memory this holiday. Personalized Valentine’s Day gift baskets do just that!