33 Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Teachers That Will Put a Smile on His/Her Face

The most important people in our lives are the ones who have been there for us for as long as we can remember, who have never given up on us and are always willing to offer a word of advice or help. For many people, this person is their teacher.

Teachers are special in so many ways but often underappreciated. Wouldnt it be nice to give them a gift or a small token of appreciation this Valentine’s day?

The best way to do so is by offering an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift for teachers. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

1. Show Your Love With An Infinity Collection’s Key Chain

Chocolate is sweet; flowers are beautiful. But sometimes, the best Valentine’s gift is something practical. Something she’ll never forget, and will use time and time again. This Valentine’s Day, treat your favorite teacher to a key chain from the Infinity Collection! With an ever-growing inventory of over two thousand pieces, this irresistible line of jewelry provides a perfect solution for those stressed-out teachers who want a fun gift that’s good for both their wallet and the environment! If you’re looking for an affordable present with real staying power, you can’t go wrong with one of these thoughtful gifts!

Beautiful workmanship paired with meaningful messages makes these durable items her go-to everyday accessory. This will be a reminder that your thoughts are always on their mind and they are always in your life.

2. Engraved Lesson Planning Wine Glass

Raspberry and strawberry glasses are great presents for teachers but why not give someone we love a bottle of wine that’s the perfect fit? The Klubi engraved lesson planning wine glass is the best teacher-approved gift on a budget. Made of eco-friendly, completely BPA-free stainless steel, a double-wall vacuum insulated piece, and it’s dishwasher safe so you can also give this unique design as a hostess gift or housewarming present too. At just $18.97, this romantic Valentine’s day wine glass makes an unforgettable impression with its beautiful rust-resistant and unbreakable design and quotes such as ‘Lesson planning juice”.

As your teacher would be enjoying their glass of red at lunchtime, they can enjoy the remainder of your appreciation as well. These wine glasses also make great gifts for other educators as well!

3. Easy-to-Use Ecohip Canvas Makeup Bag

Who better to shower with a little love on Valentine’s Day than the teachers who put in the extra effort every day? Teachers often go home every evening bearing heavy hearts, not because they don’t love their job but because they care deeply about what they do. They pour their heart and soul into delivering quality lessons to your child, and it is rewarding for them when your child absorbs what they learn in school.

A canvas makeup bag is not an ordinary gift. This can be Valentine’s Day present for teachers, given in order to say thank you and show some appreciation. A canvas makeup bag might also be gifted in order to reinforce the message of environmental awareness and sustainable practices. The eco-conscious individual will appreciate your efforts and know that every little thing helps when it comes to environment-friendly activities. You could even make this one of your small acts of kindness for the year!

4. Willow Tree Angel Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Regardless of the shape, size, or color, Teachers never get enough love. But this Valentine’s Day, give your favorite educator something they’ll truly cherish: a Willow Tree angel sculpted hand-painted figurine. Featuring a unique 5.5″ tall, hand-painted resin figure and a bright red heart in its hands, this white angel figurine makes an excellent gift for your teacher friend or colleague. Share your gratitude with them today by ordering one of these adorable angels online today.

So whether you’re a current, former, or prospective teacher, these hand-painted figurines are sure to make any educator’s February 14th extra special. From teacher’s assistants to principals and beyond, this Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for those who make a lasting impact in the lives of young people. Express your gratitude by giving them something that will remain of their legacy for years to come.

5. Ivivis Appreciation Throw Blanket

Every teacher deserves an appreciation gift they can enjoy, and in the case of Valentine’s Day, we recommend celebratory blankets that are so well made you would have to be a nut not to buy them. Giving your educators something this lovely is a great way to let them know what you think about their work. It’s also a thoughtful way for them to remember all the students who stand by their side throughout the year.

This blanket is super soft and warm to give them just what they need during the long winter months. The all-sided messages can be read on all sides of the blanket – “I’m not yelling. I’m a teacher that’s how we talk” on the middle side and other different inspirational messages such as “Best teacher ever”, and “My sword broke! So now teach!. Pick up one of these blankets for your favorite teacher today! In fact, if it’s not too soon for Valentine’s Day gifts, pass one along as well!

6. Votum Ceramic Heart Mug

This Valentine’s Day, gift your favorite teacher with a Votum ceramic heart mug. No more trying to find a quirky, token Valentine for them at the last minute – this mug is as practical as it is thoughtful and makes for an excellent gift.

A day in the life of any teacher would be well spent with this mug; whether they’re sipping coffee while planning lessons or enjoying their morning tea break in their lounge area. Each mug features a witty saying that will make your teacher laugh out loud on their morning coffee break. These sayings are hand-stenciled by artisans and built to last. The sleek look is complemented by its heat-resistant stoneware fabric which ensures that drinks stay hot or cold however long they are carried around and makes it easy to clean.

7. Get Inspired By Zzkol Double-Wall Insulated Tumbler

How often do you give your favorite teachers a gift on Valentine’s Day? Zzkol double-wall insulated tumbler is an ideal Valentine’s gift for teachers. Get this special tumbler, which is both practical and practical and they will be overwhelmed with their love. It’ll keep their coffee hot, it’ll keep their ice-cold, and you can get creative with the design! They will drink coffee, tea, or smoothies all day with no worries about the temperature downing their drink. There are two custom options to choose from — just click on the link to see them all. You’ll get to know how much you care, which is always important in any relationship. This is one of those gifts that they’ll enjoy every day for years to come since they can take it anywhere and everywhere.

8. Burt’s Bees 4 oz Nourishing Body Oil With Vitamin E 

Burt’s Bees nourishing body oil with vitamin E is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for teachers. Teachers spend the day on their feet, running from one classroom to the next, taking attendance, and answering questions. They give up their weekends and summers to teach children who need them and deserve them. Show your appreciation this Valentine’s Day with an affordable gift of Burt’s Bees nourishing body oil with vitamin E that won’t break the bank but will show how much you care!

Burt’s Bees nourishing body oil with vitamin E is a luscious lotion that moisturizes and softens skin without feeling sticky or greasy. Vitamin E helps to repair dry skin and protects against external aggressors. If you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift for a teacher, this oil will not disappoint!

So if you’re in the market for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, we recommend going with Burt’s Bees nourishing body oil with vitamin E.

9. Teacher’s Journal

When it comes to Valentine’s Day and the “love” that teachers feel for their students, one of the most overlooked gifts is a book journal. These journals are great for teachers of all grade levels and styles of teaching on V-Day, a scribe in your calligraphy class, or anyone else who loves writing.

Luckily, teachers also like nice things! You don’t have to go crazy with this gift – it can be something small that shows how much they are loved. For example, maybe share their favorite homemade treat in the lunchroom with their name written on it in red icing. Or take them out to dinner one night and leave them a love note on the table as well as at their desk after school. These journals are sure to be treasured keepsakes due to their nostalgic value. Teachers will appreciate the many sentimental memories they’ll recall throughout the year while students can cherish memories shared between themselves and their favorite educator.

10. Mliyybe 7-pack Scented Candle Set

Scented float candles are a popular Valentine’s gift idea for teachers. Nowadays, there is a myriad of scents and colors available to choose from. Some might like a refreshing citrus fragrance, while others prefer something sweet. There are even scented candles with floral tones so you can send your teacher flowers in their Valentine’s Day gift this year!

Some people might argue the sentiment behind scented candle sets is not the most romantic or unique idea they’ve heard, and that these gifts don’t really say “I love you”, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t sincere. This gift idea will be affordable, thoughtful, and competitively priced! Plus, they’re affordable and will make any classroom smell incredible! If you are looking for something more personalized for your other half, this list has plenty of great ideas too.

11. Cottage Creek Ceramic Ashes Of Problem Students Cork Money Jar

Teachers are constantly bombarded with cards, gifts, and appreciation for their hard work. Sometimes students struggle to find the perfect gift for the special people in their lives. The Cottage Creek ceramic ashes of problem students’ cork money jar is a great idea that any teacher would be excited to receive!

Cottage Creek has created this unique gift idea because they know that teachers go above and beyond for their students. They deserve a break from time to time and there is no better way than with this cork money jar made from stoneware ceramic. These ceramic ashes of problem students come in money jars perfect for your favorite educators! These urns are great for offices and classrooms that have struggled with student discipline problems. Plus, it’s a small token of gratitude from one family to another, made with plenty of love.

12. Kathy’s Wooden Polka Dot Trimmed Box Sign



If you’re planning a special Valentine’s Day gift for your child’s teacher, consider a Kathy-designed wooden polka dot box sign. These signs are handcrafted and embellished with love. They are made from 100% reclaimed wood, expertly cut, and painted by a professional artist with the highest quality finish. This makes them not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In addition, this is a great gift idea for any occasion! This polished and sophisticated sign will be a perfect presence on your favorite teacher’s wall.  These signs are designed to stand freely on their own and will look excellent with just about anything. The rustic black and white color scheme make it perfect for almost any room in the home. It is made with a high-quality wooden substrate and is finished with beautiful distressed paint. This sign is also an excellent gift idea for any special occasion or as a teacher’s gift. It comes with a descriptive plaque, making it a thoughtful gift.

13. Teacher’s Notepad By Tiny Expression

Teachers are, by nature, people who love taking care of other people. The consistent need to feed and clothe the world sets a high bar for how intense their work must be. All those responsibilities heaped upon them make for a few problems. For instance, sometimes teachers have writer’s block because the demands of their profession leave little time to write their textbooks from scratch. It’s easier said than done when your career depends on it but there are ways around that common problem.

Give the gift of an amazing app that’ll make your teacher’s life easier! A teacher’s notepad from Tiny Expressions is a handy organizational tool that enables teachers to write, sketch, keep track of lesson plans and assignments, take notes during meetings and lectures with students, capture thoughts about books or articles they are reading, and more. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift idea that is as helpful as it is thoughtful, consider getting a teacher this notepad.

14. Classic Woven Silk Necktie

You’ll be giving your favorite teacher a big hug this Valentine’s Day with the Sara Nell classic woven silk necktie. This classic style is made from an elegant, fine-textured polyester textile that is 100% natural and unbleached. It has beautiful striped colors and has been woven in 100% silk to ensure durability, comfort, and longevity. The marled texture lends itself to many different looks so you’ll get plenty of wear out of it! These ties are fashionable and durable and will make your teacher happy. They are designed in an American tradition with the highest attention to detail.

This is the perfect gift for any male teacher or man in education who doesn’t want anything too ostentatious but still wants a memorable present on Valentine’s Day.

15. Vintage Couture Handmade Leather Messenger Bag 

Vintage Couture vintage handmade leather messenger bag is a handcrafted, stylish, and practical gift idea for teachers. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day show of appreciation for your favorite teacher. Treat them to a gift made with love! This vintage brown leather messenger bag from Vintage Couture is made by hand and has been dated to the early 1900s. There are many benefits of this type of bag as a gift, but here are just a few: durability, uniqueness, and carrying capacity. Made with cowhide leather and hand-sewn seams for double stitching with waxed thread, this bag will last for years to come! A sturdy shoulder strap means it can be worn on the back or over the shoulder like a backpack.

Fashionable and stylish as well, this vintage couture bag will make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for every teacher. Filled with love and affection, but also practical items like pens, rulers, and calculators, it’s a little taste of student care that is guaranteed to help the teacher be their best.

16. Cute 8-Pieces Cosmetic Bag

Teachers are people too! And as such, they enjoy the same luxuries that we all do. So if you want to make your Valentine’s day a little bit more special by getting your favorite teacher something to show how much you care, there’s no better way than a cute 8-piece cosmetic bag from Kolewo4ever!

With a 25 x 7.5 inch dimension and a polyester zip closure, these bags are really hardy and spacious. This little bag is what all of your makeup needs and more need, this includes a mirrored inside which will allow you to put on your makeup without any interruptions, comes with six pieces of teacher’s survival kits, and also features a place for all of your necessary brushes, as well as a place for your perfume!  This handy little 8-piece cosmetic bag is so cute that no matter who it’s given to they will love it! When you’re done getting ready or doing whatever else you want, simply just close the zipper and no one else will know what’s inside.

17. Lcherry Faith Cross Pendant Necklace

Every school teacher in the world should expect a Valentine’s Day gift. Gifts are a small token of appreciation and they can be personalized to suit the teacher. For example, you can buy them personalized stationery accessories or even plain cross pendant necklaces. One of the most popular gifts for teachers this year is the Lcherry faith cross pendant necklace, which is aesthetically pleasing and meaningful at the same time. This necklace can serve as not only a great accessory to any outfit but also a symbol of appreciation for their effort.

This necklace is made from high-quality stainless steel that goes with any style and is beautifully engraved with a beautiful word that reads “teacher”. Wear it as a reminder to be a good person and we hope it will remind you why you do what you do. This piece would make an excellent addition to any woman’s jewelry collection just as much as it would make for a wonderful gift for teachers on Valentine’s day.

18. Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace

What’s more beautiful and precious than a personalized sterling silver necklace? How about a personalized sterling silver necklace that is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year as both a gift idea or as a special treat for yourself? A truly thoughtful gift, one that no one else would have thought to get.

This Valentine’s Day, you could get your favorite teacher what they always want: their own name personalized on an affordable and elegant-looking necklace from AL0veSoul. The best part is: that the chain itself is thick, sturdy, and stylish enough to keep around your neck every day as a reminder of how much you love them (and they will look good on them!). Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, graduation day, or just because…your favorite teacher deserves it!!

19.  Music Teacher Clef Note Ring

Music teachers have a tough job, and clefs help them get through the day while also teaching students about note values, notes with flats and sharps, and intervals. It is a symbol that tells musicians what note they are playing or singing. When giving a music teacher Valentine’s Day present, it should be noted that these rings have a special message: I love you, my music teacher!

And for those who need help teaching themselves the symbols and their corresponding pitches, this treble clef-designed musical jewelry will dazzle the receiver’s ears and make them feel special on Valentine’s Day and every day afterward. This ring would go great on your teacher’s desk or in their junk drawer. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a beautiful piece of bling that she will wear every day.

20. Arkuku Teacher Metal Bookmarks With Chain

In many classrooms, the students are often encouraged to make Valentine’s Day presents for their teachers. But when they do, they sometimes resort to giving things that teachers already have in their homes or don’t like – such as flowers or jewelry or a card. The Arkuku teacher’s metal bookmark is an innovative and creative gift that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates the arts.

This beautiful bookmark doubles as a gift card holder and creates an attractive silver plated heart that can be attached to a message on the inside of your card or handed directly over for that extra personal touch. Plus, these metal bookmarks are an inexpensive gift that would make any teacher happy. These metal bookmarks are great for anyone who loves to read, including teachers and students alike!

21. Fossil ES3204 Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

This Valentine’s season, why not surprise your female teachers with a gift they will really love and appreciate? The Fossil ES3204 rose gold-tone stainless steel watch is classic and elegant, an excellent accessory for those who are always on the go. It comes in eight colors and designs that range from gold to silver, so you can select the perfect color match to suit any female teacher or school color. This beautiful fashion watch is a great idea for every professional woman regardless of their career or style.

Here is a suggestion that might help you find what you are looking for: Fossil watch ES3204 watch as Valentine’s gift idea for female teachers have been getting great reviews from customers who have purchased this item, so it can be considered an affordable option without too much money attached to it.

22. Astor Premium Heart-Shaped Chocolates

The Astor premium heart-shaped chocolates are perfect for teachers who like to try something new and different. They make a thoughtful gift that is sure to be appreciated by your favorite teacher. As you know, these teachers deserve the best, so this is not just any chocolates though. Astor premium heart-shaped chocolates are perfect for showing love on Valentine’s Day. Astor premium heart-shaped chocolate is wrapped in beautiful gold foil packaging, perfect for gifting when your teacher deserves it most! Plus, it doesn’t get any more romantic than Astor premium heart-shaped chocolate!

They make a great gift to show appreciation for their hard work and commitment to our school. Chocolates can be given as a surprise, or sometimes it makes the perfect ‘thank you present when the teacher has gone above and beyond.

23. FSVA 10″ Boxed Rose Bear

Encourage your favorite female teacher with a special rose bear from the FSVA 10 box set. Each of the roses in FSVA comes with a hand-crafted red bear that is perfect for giving to someone you love or showing your appreciation to an individual who has made a significant impact on your life.

The FSVA 10″ boxed rose bear will deliver a valued message of love through its cute design and cuddly softness. Priced at just $20.99, there’s no need to break the bank to make her feel special! It’s the perfect way to say “I love you” without saying anything at all! And the rose flower bear-shaped is the perfect size for students to hold and help in learning about the different habitats of bears. We recommend you surprise her with a bouquet of one of these roses in a lovely box. Her happy smile will light up the room.

24. Triple Giffted Coaster

Another perfect Valentine’s Day gift, consider a Triple Gifted coaster! It is a one-of-a-kind addition to any coffee table and will help your significant other remember the unique personality of their favorite teacher. A Triple Giffted coaster is a fun gift idea for female teachers to give themselves that’s both affordable and easy. Here are some ideas for how to make them: make a cup of hot chocolate, grab the mug, and place it on top of the coaster which has been filled with pink, red, and white hearts. Place two pieces of candy hearts on each side of the coaster. Finally, get a 3D heart image printed onto paper and glue it onto the top side of the coaster.  This will add a bit more beauty without taking you too far from home.

25. Quality Faux Fur ProCase Large Jewelry Box

On Valentine’s day, give these amazing ProCase large jewelry boxes as a gift idea to your friends and loved ones in the education field. This elegant jewelry box is easy to carry, very light to carry when you are on the move, and has a perfect spot for storing all valuable accessories with a secure locking function. The ProCase black color that is characteristic of this jewelry box makes it perfect for men or women!

With a storage capacity of 10 x 10 x 3.27 inches, an elegant 2-layer jewelry box that displays your jewelry beautifully, and is available in a unique sexy color that fits every room wall color, this durable product will be perfect for storing those jewelry pieces that teachers always need to find at the last minute. Best of all, it’ll be one less thing to keep track of on their desktops!  You will be able to protect and store your valuables with ease while looking stunning at the same time. So get this gift idea today !!!

They say there’s no such thing as a bad day when you’re living in Florida.

26. Timeless Smart Outdoor Floor Light

An ILC smart outdoor floor light is the perfect Valentine’s day gift idea for female teachers! With this new technology, you will be able to give a gift and provide lighting to your favorite teacher. This presentation will show them how much they mean to you this holiday season, and it will last long past their special date.

What makes an ILC smart outdoor floor light so great? The answer is everything! First off, the lights are integrated with solar power panels on top of a durable housing which allows them to work anytime without worry. Plus, this unique lighting device wirelessly links to other devices and uses machine learning technology to help you save energy at home. ILC smart outdoor floor lights also have some great features, like the ability to set custom moods in order to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion and weather alerts that let you know when it’ll soon be too dark or too cold for children or animals outside.

27. Aozita Wine Tumbler

It’s always a good idea to consider what gift you could give your close ones this Valentine’s Day. We have been mentioning some ideas here and there and found out that many schools offer wine tasting in their programs. And, you know what? Maybe your female teacher is also a wine lover. This might be the perfect idea for you if it turns out she is one of these kinds of people! The Aozita wine tumbler is one extraordinary option for them.

This wine tumbler can be placed on the top of the keyboard so it looks like some kind of a coffee tray or you can use this as a coaster and place it on the table. This will help you to save your wood or laptop from all those spills and marks. It will also keep dust away from things you are working on in front of your laptop. Additionally, it is made up of eco-friendly materials so students don’t feel bad about having this gift at their desks during school days.

28. GSM Brands Motivational Self-Inking Stamps

From now until February 14th, GSM Brands is offering 8-color motivational self-inking stamps as Valentine’s gift idea for female teachers. More than just a stamping set, these refillable and colorful set of self-inking feedback stamps help teach your students new skills that they can use throughout the year. This wouldn’t be an ideal gift for just any teacher though. Female educators are more likely to deal with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD. A stamp would allow them to focus their students on the learning process without trouble from distractions. Furthermore, these stamps work well in modern business settings where interactions may not always be so cordial due to cultural differences in age and gender dynamics at work.

Buy their 8-color motivational self-inking, rechargeable stamps with more than 30 million impressions as an inexpensive and thoughtful way to show some love for yourself! The GSM brands are the perfect present for teachers or those who like to feel appreciated by those closest to them.

29. Creative Emoji Stamps For Teaching

Who doesn’t love a good emoji? These creative emoji stamps are the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s day, a teacher appreciation event, or any other occasion on which you want to show your love. They’re personalized and customizable in all sorts of ways – you can choose different backgrounds, text colors, and fonts. And the best part is that they’re made from wood!

Students will learn about diversity with Stampmojis’ heart stamps by using them as an art project that also comes complete with an explanation. Stampmojis offer 8 different heart shapes and many different background colors including pink and brown to show families of all backgrounds.

You can buy this gift idea online at Amazon and send it via the postal service with no shipping fees! What other kind of creative surprise do you get by sending something through USPS or FedEx?

30. Eternal Flower Bookmarks

One of the most beautiful and practical gifts is bookmarks. Bookmarks make reading easier and more enjoyable, especially in textbooks or at church where there are large numbers of pages to turn with one hand. However, there is nothing special about your traditional pigtail clip or barrette when compared to these metal feathers with 3D butterfly pendants (see photo). You’ll be able to see all the details of this exquisite design from any angle.

In addition, this vintage metal bookmark with a 3D butterfly pendant is adorned with colorful enamel, making it a lovely and refined keepsake. It also comes in a sweet gift box and ribbon, so all you need to do is add a personalized note! So give them an object that reminds them of their students or just to tell them how much they mean.

31. Acrylic Keepsake

You can’t go wrong with a keepsake as Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite teacher! Whether it’s an award for the academic year, a token of appreciation from their students, or a little memento to remind them of the good times, you’ll find something perfect in our diverse selection.

Find everything from personalized hand-painted awards to elegant display pieces and custom engravings such as these acrylic heart-shaped keepsakes. The Yalikop acrylic keepsake isn’t just perfect for Educators, it’s also perfect for people in the Music Industry; Musicians often have trouble carrying their music to gigs or gigs all over in one transportable case. With these crystal glass awards, they will have a beautiful present to show in their homes that will remind them of the love and care they received from their students.

32. 2-in-1 Stylus Pen

Does your teacher love schoolwork or want to learn a new skill? Why not give them an Express Pencils stylus pen this Valentine’s Day! Thanks to their sleek, simple design these pens are super easy for teachers to use and will allow them to work faster, and more efficiently in the classroom. With just a touch of a push button, you can produce quality, colorful lines that will make any teacher smile from ear to ear.

What could be better than giving your favorite teacher the gift of increased productivity and reducing her stress levels? You’ll help her get back into the swing of things with this awesome gift idea.

33. Amazon Electronic Gift Card

Sentimental? Sweet? Thoughtful? Romantic? It’s all of the above, and more! Electronic gift cards are a thoughtful way to say “Hello” or “I’m sorry” in a way that impresses them and makes them feel special. Plus it’s easier than ever to purchase an Amazon electronic gift card now!

Get ready for Valentine’s with this thoughtful idea for gifts for teachers – getting teachers an Amazon electronic gift card this season is not only a cute gesture, but it also gives you the opportunity to be creative in how you present your gift.