Unusual Valentine Gift Ideas

Traditionally a day to express love to your sweetheart, Valentine’s Day has long been recognized as a day to offer presents of flowers, chocolates and jewelry. Instead of these traditional gifts, surprise your love by offering unexpected gift ideas.

Celebrate Valentine’s Month

Instead of giving your mate a gift only on Valentine’s Day, show how much you truly care by giving a small gift every day of February leading up to Valentine’s Day.

For the first day, give one item, the second day two items, and so on.

For example, on the first day give one flower. On the second day, give two pieces of your mate’s favorite candy or snack. On the third day, give three handmade hearts. On the fourth day, give her four lines of famous love poetry or write your own. On the fifth day, give an assortment of five bath products, and so on.

Be creative about where these gifts are placed. Place them in odd places that your mate is guaranteed to look every day, such as the medicine cabinet or next to the coffee maker.

Make a Jar Filled with Love Gifts

Think of activities that your mate loves to do and fill a jar using them as date suggestions.

  1. Write each idea on a piece of red or pink construction paper cut into a heart shape. On two or three hearts write “wild card,” which will give your mate the opportunity to select any activity. Fold and set aside.
  2. Wash and dry an emptied pickle or spaghetti sauce jar.
  3. Rip different colors of tissue paper into assorted sized strips. Cut one piece into a large heart shape.
  4. Pour Elmer’s glue into a reusable plastic craft bowl. Stir in water to make a thin solution.
  5. Attach the tissue paper to the jar by painting on the glue solution over it in a collage pattern.
  6. Attach the tissue paper heart to the front of the jar.
  7. Glue on sequins or rhinestones in a random pattern.
  8. Tie a red ribbon around the top of the jar.
  9. Using a sharpie, write “Love Gifts” on the lid.
  10. Place all of the hearts into the jar and present to your love alone or with another gift on Valentine’s Day.

Showing love doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Pay attention to the minute details that your sweetheart might appreciate, as simple perhaps as being given a night alone without the kids.

Take note of the items and rituals that provide your mate with comfort and stress relief, and then present these gifts to show your love, for an extra special Valentine’s Day.