Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

If you are struggling to decide what to get the man in your life for Valentine’s Day, look no more. Creative and unique men’s gift ideas “fore” the man in your life are right here.

Golf & Wine Legends Gift Set

If you want a Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to be the stroke of perfection, indulge your tiger with a Golf & Wine Legends set from Wine.com. This collection of three above par wines from golfing legends Arnold Palmer, Ernie Els and Nick Faldo will strike a hole in one with your guy. The three bottles of wine come paired with a set of three golf balls that are sure to come in handy long after the wine is gone.

Valentine’s Bacon Novelty Lover’s Gift Basket

If your he-man is not into golf but loves pigskin instead, you can opt for a Valentine’s bacon lover’s gift basket from BaconFreak.com. Complete with a My Heart Belongs to Bacon shirt, this novelty gift basket contains such unique treats as bacon floss, lollipops gummy bacon drink tabs, bacon toothpicks, bacon soap, and even bacon air freshener. This gift basket is perfect for enjoying while he watches his favorite football team.

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle Baseball

If your Valentine sweetheart is a baseball fan and not a football fan, you can treat him like a Major League MVP with a New York Times Crossword Puzzle baseball from Gifts.com. This unique Valentine’s Day gift features a crossword puzzle that was created by world famous crossword creator Will Shortz. Completely filled with baseball clues and including a cheat sheet of clues and answers, this is one gift that is sure to hit a home run with your slugger.

Superman Stamp Cufflinks

If your slugger is also your hero, you can treat him to Super Hero cufflinks. Featuring his favorite super hero in the shape of a postage stamp, this cufflink set from Gifts.com is sure to put the finishing touch on a wonderful Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart.

The Man Can Valentine’s Day Gift Set

If you like to pamper your sweetheart you can pleasure his senses with the soft and spicy scents of manly man bath products. The Man Can Gift Set comes packaged in a silver paint can and filled with all sort of yummy treasures for him to discover. With goodies like Fisherman’s Hand Butter and Bay Rum Body Oil the Man Can from Gifts.com is sure to have him in the mood for Valentine’s Day romance.

Cowboy Boot Slippers

If your feisty fellow likes to kick up his heels and relax around the old homestead, then you can let him do it in style with cute and cozy Cowboy Boot Slippers from Gifts.com. With faux shearling lining and a rubber sole that is perfect for moseying around the backyard, these adorable slippers allow him to rest his poor tired doggies in style.

Homemade Coupons

This is always a great idea, as men love to add spice to their love life and they often get bored with the same old routine. So, why not give him a set of coupons that he can use at his own free will. Some ideas for great titles include; free back massage with a happy ending, the position of your choice (with a list of researched positions) and your favorite lingerie. This gift will definitely bring him a lot of happiness.


For those women who have been given hints from their partners about what they would like to see in the bedroom, or their favorite fantasy; why not make it come true. Going out and purchasing a lingerie outfit that is out of character, but something that would be pleasing to him, can make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to give to a guy.

Create the Perfect Guy Night

Men often hate watching sappy love stories and girly chick flicks, but they are often forced into it by their partners. For the perfect surprise, women can go out and rent some great action films that they know their partners have wanted to watch. Then make their favorite meal, with lots of meat and some delicious chocolate covered strawberries to top it all off. This is surely one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men and women can score some major points for this one.

Most Romantic Gifs for Men

In order for women to please their men on this romantic holiday; they must think like a guy. It’s important to keep in mind that males often have a wild imagination and they often could care less about flowers, jewelry or candy. For men the romance lies within intimacy, good food and action.

With unique men’s Valentine’s Day gifts like these, you are sure to be well on your way to a very happy Valentine’s night.