Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Fishermen

If you have a fishing fanatic in your life, chances are you struggle for unusual Valentine’s Day gifts that he will fall for hook, line and sinker. A fisherman can be tough to please, unless his gift ties in to his favorite pastime. Fear not, for you have just stumbled onto a collection of fisherman friendly fun and fanciful gifts that he is sure to get hooked on.

Fishing Creel of Fisherman’s Snacks

Your fish fanatic is sure to fall for a full creel of yummy snacks. Made from split willow and complete with a strong shoulder strap, this catch of the day creel is available through 1-800-Baskets.com. With snacks like Portlock Smoked Salmon, honey and wheat pretzel twists, honey roasted almonds, and sweet and spicy dip, your favorite angler will be thrilled to pieces with his wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. Complete with Columbian coffee and a fish themed mug, this is one unique Valentine’s Day gift that he will be bragging about to his fishing buddies for years to come.

Shady Lady Trout & Lure Table Lamp for Valentine’s Day

If your fishing fellow likes to read, then you can treat him to the Shady Lady Trout & Lure table lamp from Kohls.com. With hand painted trout and lure accents on the base, the stunning lamp is a real catch. It has a parchment shade which casts a nice warm glow on your fisherman as he lounges with his favorite book of tall tales.

Angler’s Gift Set for Valentine’s Day

Available from L.L. Bean through Gifts.com, this handy dandy tool set comes in its own fly box. It includes a pin-on zinger, a nipper tool, and forceps. The perfect gadgets for your rough and tumble guy. His new fly box is small enough to fit inside his tackle box, so he is sure to have his Valentine’s Day gift with him whenever he goes fishing. Even when he is out fishing with the boys, he will have this reminder with him to make sure he has a subtle reminder to behave himself.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift – A Fisherman’s Tide Clock

This beautiful Fisherman’s Tide Clock will keep your fellow amazed as he watches the bites on his line increase with the ebb and flow of the tides. Fishing legend has it that fish bite better just before and after a high tide. With this gorgeous golden tide clock, he will know just when to drop his line. Available from Cabela’s through Gifts.com.

Saddleback Leather for Your Lover on Valentine’s Day

If you really want to earn brownie points with your salmon slinger, you will indulge him in a supple leather case from Amazon. Their pouches are especially lovely in dark coffee and tobacco brown. If he has been a very good boy, you can treat him to one of Saddleback’s backpacks or duffel bags. The leathers from Saddleback are true heirloom pieces. As their slogan says “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead”. No truer words have ever been spoken. Once you see the leathers from this company, you will be hooked like a fish on a line. Do not say you were not warned.