Unique Presents For Mums Without Breaking The Bank

Whether it’s a handmade card (click here for a floral one), a garden posy or a more ambitious project, mums love receiving gifts made by their children. The difference between adults and school children, who have been instructed by a teacher to make something for Mother’s Day, is that an adult is bound to know Mum’s tastes and can craft something much more beautiful and/or useful.

Fabric Crafts: Wall Hanger and Tote

A wall hanger or a tote bag are quick and good looking presents. The wall hanging pictured was made by sowing squares of fabric together, sowing a ribbon on top to hide seams and making two channels on each end to insert a bamboo cane or dowel cut to size. The top dowel was then hung to the wall using cup hooks. The tote bag is so simple it didn’t need a template, but if the maker doesn’t feel confident with fabric, lots of free templates are available online.

Home Made Photo Album

For those who do not use social media, photo albums were a common thing to give as gifts when I was growing up. They were just as popular with mums as they were with teenagers. You would go through your old pictures and clip the ones that you’d like to show off into an album (usually one per page or double page) and then present it to your mum on Mother’s Day.

Jazzed-up Jumpers

Customising can transform a plain sweater into a fabulous fashion item. This black jumper was a hand-knitted and embroidered garment that needed an update. The sleeves were detached and the jumper was embellished with a lace collar, diamante’ button and ribbons thread around the sleeve holes. This might be a bit too fancy for mature ladies, but if Mum is young at heart, it will delight her. A vintage jumper can also be updated in many beautiful ways or a plain new jumper can be given star treatment. This grey cashmere jumper was luxurious dull – sparkly sequins gave it a precious finish.

Floral Gifts For Mom

Garden flowers can be arranged into colourful bouquets – a pretty vase can be bought to present them to Mum. If the giver has green fingers, a houseplant grown from a cutting can make a lovely gift if presented in a ceramic pot.

Edible Treats For Mother’s Day

Mum will appreciate hanging up her apron and let somebody else treat her to a lovely breakfast of pancakes, a tasty meal or even a delicious dessert. If Mom likes Italian food, these recipes will hit her soft spot. If only chocolate truffles will do, this yummy recipe from original domestic goddess Delia is bound to please a mum with a sweeth tooth

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mums! If a crafter has some good suggestions for last-minute presents, please leave a message with a link under this article.