Unique Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Romantic Gifts for Your Wife

Looking for original things to do for your wife this Valentine’s Day? Forget the inflated prices charged by restaurants, not to mention the sub-standard V-Day special menus they all seem to produce. Instead, use the unique ideas for Valentine’s Day in this article to show your wife how much you love her.

Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Why do what thousands of other couples do by just booking a meal for two? Instead consider the following romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day:

  • Tell your wife to book the day off work and prepare a picnic for two. Make it special by including her favorite cuisine, or perhaps food from a country she would love to visit. The picnic venue could be the place where you proposed or where you first met; and if that’s too far away, pick somewhere she’s never been.
  • Write a love letter of just a couple of sentences, using the quotes and poems in this article if you need inspiration. Paste the individual words of your love poem onto some card and leave the love words in various places, starting with the bottom of the bed after she’s taken her morning shower. Number each word and give her a clue as to where the next one will be found, and then tell her to put the words together once she has found them all.
  • Rent a classic tear-jerker like Love Story or Terms of Endearment; buy a healthy take-away meal from the delicatessen on the way home and hold her hand when she cries. Make sure there are plenty of tissues handy as you may need them too.
  • This one may not be original but your wife will think it’s unique as she will remember it for a long time to come. Take the afternoon off and cook her a candle-lit supper. Place rose petals all over the pathway and inside the house, leading eventually to the bedroom, and line the path with tea-lights, rather than artificial lighting.

Romantic Meaningful Gifts

Need a romantic gift of flowers to express your love? Here are some tips:

  • Red roses are gorgeous but they are hugely expensive in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. Avoid high-street florists and order online from a wholesale florist instead, where savings of up to 75% can be made from a company like Fifty Flowers.
  • Consider alternative flowers to roses too; scented lilies look and smell wonderful and you only need a few blooms to create a stunning display. Also, ask your local florist what’s on offer in her favorite color; if it’s not red, you should be able to find something more affordable.

Inexpensive Romantic Gifts

If your budget or time is very tight, perhaps because you work away, take a look at these unique ideas for inexpensive romantic gifts:

  • Tweets hardly cost a thing, so tweet slushy romantic messages every hour.
  • Or write a romantic poem and put it on her Facebook wall; let the world, or at least all her friends anyway, know how much you love her.
  • Visit the dollar store and look for bargain toiletries. Many of these stores often have pampering spa-related products, so buy her a mix of sensuous bath oil, body mousse, body scrub, foot and hand cream. Pop a card inside your romantic gift saying that you will provide a relaxing foot massage when you next come home.

Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

On February 14th, forget the restaurant meal for two, along with the rest of the world. Instead, do something unique and different for your wife with the above ideas for Valentine’s Day. And if you’re single, just throw a party!