Unique Gifts and Distinctive Housewarming Gift Ideas

It’s lovely to arrive with a gift in hand when visiting a friend’s new home. Traditional housewarming gifts are always welcome, but a thoughtful unique or personal gift can highlight sweet friendship. Consider one of these housewarming gift ideas. A special gift can help bring joy and good luck to a new home.

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Bread may be a traditional gift but here’s a way to make it extra special. Bread can be baked in jar! Soft breads, such as fruit breads, can safely be baked in one-quart mason jars. Bake it, test it with a toothpick, and put the lid on it. When it has cooled a ribbon is the only wrapping needed. These breads will last up to a year on the shelf so it’s easy to make it ahead and have it ready to go.

The first few days in a new home can be hectic and busy. There may be no time to cook or even to unpack kitchen gear. Believe it or not, chopsticks may be the solution! Package several pairs of chopsticks with some menus from local Chinese restaurants that deliver. Include a gift card or gift certificate. Lay in a stock of fortune cookies and wrap it all up in paper placemats printed with Chinese Zodiac.

Here’s an idea to welcome a new neighbor into the hood. Pass out index cards to all the established neighbors on the block. Have them write down a favorite recipe on one side of the card. On the reverse side, there’s space to write a name, house number, and a few words of welcome. It’s a great way to make introductions and conversation starters all around.

Distinctive Housewarming Gifts

This gift will get everyone in the front door. There’s a great way to say welcome with a personalized doorknocker. Heavy brass or silver doorknockers are designed as anything from crabs, to cactus, to a jalapeno. For the active set, a gift knocker may be a golf putter, a tennis racket, or a trout fly. For nature lovers, a hummingbird, whale tail, American eagle, or tree frog. It’s the perfect gift when you go knocking.

Most people are proud of their new homes. Help them show it off as art. Give the gift of their new house in a drawing or painting.Commission the artwork from a photo. Take the picture anytime from outside. Send the photo to an artist. Get the finished work framed for a lovely portrait of the home.

The last box is unpacked and the final picture hung. Champagne makes a wonderful celebratory gift, but gift it along with glass flutes etched with the new home address and date. When the last bubbly is downed, the flutes remain as a lasting memory.

Over-the-Top Housewarming Gift Idea

Hire a video crew to make a film of moving day. Suggest the crew start with fond memories of the old home, and then document the family’s arrival at the new home. Let the family “star” in a movie that anticipates their new life. There are likely to be plenty of “oops” and bloopers as well as tender emotional moments. This is a gift of memories that can be shared over and over.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Tradition is covered in the housewarming gifts and wishes of this old poem.

Bread – So you never go hungry. / Wine – So your life is always sweet. / Salt – So there is always spice in your life. / And a Candle – So you always have light.

Traditional gifts are sweet, but sometimes unique and distinctive gifts are desirable. A housewarming gift with a personal touch is a delight and a true memory-maker. It helps bring joy and happiness to a new home.