Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Horse Lovers

Jewelry and chocolates are traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day. However, a personalised gift is always more thoughtful, so check out these present ideas aimed at horse lovers for something they’ll remember.

Horsy Jewelry

JewEarrings, rings, pendants and bracelets are all widely available in a horsy theme, to suit all budgets. Horse head lockets can also be personalised with photos, both human and equine. These are widely available online. Price range: starting from $30

Alternatively, you could think about a truly personalised gift – jewelry made from horse hair. There are a number of retailers who offer this service – just send in some horse hair, and have it crafted into earrings, bracelets etc. See Solenaro Designs or Horse Hair Jewellry for ideas; remember that individual gifts like these can take a while to produce so order in plenty of time.

A Manicure

Horses and fingernails don’t mix, as all riders know. By the time we’ve come through the winter, a combination of cold weather, exposure and constantly wet hands from taking the ice off water troughs has pretty much ruined our skin. By Valentine’s Day, any rider will appreciate a pampering hand massage and manicure to repair some of the damage – just don’t expect us to be able to keep them like that!

Price range – around $20 to $50

Horse Themed Chocolates

Chocolates and Valentine’s Day are synonymous, and many chocolate manufacturers now offer a range of novelty equestrian candy and chocolates, ranging from these cute horsy lollipops to more sophisticated dark chocolates. There’s something out there to suit every budget and taste, whether you’re looking for novelty or traditional.

Price range – starting from about $20 for boxed chocolates.

Horse Gift Experience

An exciting and inspirational gift, experience vouchers are available countrywide for a number of horsy activities, so you can encourage your partner to try something totally new. If they’ve always wanted to try a new area of horsemanship such as trail riding, polo, carriage driving or even rodeo, then this would be a really thoughtful gift. See Great American Days for examples.

Price range – starting from $60.

Gift on a Budget

Homemade ‘gift vouchers’ are always appreciated, and can cover a range of subjects. All horse owners appreciate the odd lie-in and some time off, so why not volunteer to get up early for the morning feed, muck out, sweep the yard etc, fill haynets, stack hay etc?

Price range – free

Alternatively, you could make up a personalised gift basket containing socks (proper riding socks are best, as they are strategically padded), relaxing bath oil, hand cream or gloves. Many other gift ideas are available online and even in large tack stores, so your basket can be as individual as you like.