Tips for Ornaments Kids for Christmas and the Holidays

This year many families are cutting costs and making memories by creating gifts at home for loved ones. Simple projects such as ornaments that include family photos are always appreciated.

Christmas Craft Picture Frame Ornament

Over the years some of the favorite Christmas ornaments are those that mark a specific age and time by containing a photograph. This project uses a small photo and creates a frame using a plastic scoop from a protein powder or drink mix. These scoops contain a small handle and a cylindrical scoop.

The photo is cropped to fit inside the base of the scoop and glued in place with craft glue. If the scoop handle does not already contain a hole, a small hole can be drilled or punched with an ice pick. This hole is necessary to insert a Christmas ornament hanging hook. The scoop can then be decorated along the outer rim or just inside the cylinder with small holiday inspired craft supplies. For instance, the rim can be edged in hot glue and then dipped in glitter. Tiny objects such as buttons or plastic holly can be glued in and around the ornament.

Toothpick Christmas Craft Frame Kids Can Make

Toothpicks are one of the most inexpensive craft supplies available yet they are versatile and create an interesting look. This project begins with last year’s Christmas cards to provide colorful cardstock backing, a current picture, toothpicks, and glue. On scrap paper the toothpicks are arranged in a simple house shape, two sides, one bottom, and two at the top to create a peaked roof. This pattern is then used to cut the cardstock backing to the appropriate size.

Once the cardstock is cut a current photo can be glued to the “wrong” side of the Christmas card stock. This becomes the front and the base. Toothpicks are then glued along the edges to create a frame. When the entire side of a toothpick is glazed with white glue it will adhere nicely to either cardstock or other toothpicks. Several layers of toothpicks can be used to create depth to the framing.

Popsicle Frame Kids Christmas Project Ornament

Another inexpensive craft supply is popsicle sticks. With a bit of glue and some kid creativity kids can arrange and glue sticks into triangles, squares, “house” shapes, and even stars. The center of these shapes is perfect for framing a picture. A bit of glue and some added glitter is all that is needed to finish this project.

Families will treasure these homemade picture frame ornaments for years so it is important to add names and dates with a permanent pen to the back of the ornament.