The Best Holiday Presents For $10 or Less

The holidays are fast approaching and many people don’t have the time to make homemade gifts in order to keep within budget with so many to buy for. There are inexpensive gift ideas that can be found at a local dollar store, discount store or grocery store. It helps to have an idea of what to look for. Ideas help avoid walking down aisle after aisle in the crowded hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season.

Many of the gift ideas in this article are simple, inexpensive and easy to find. The items may need a finishing holiday touch by placing in an inexpensive basket or container and wrapped with a bow. These holiday gifts are also perfect for any gift-giving occasion during the year. It’s not important how much money is spent, but the time and thought put into creating the perfect gift to give.

Edible Holiday Goodies

Most people love food and giving a gift someone can use, especially a tasty treat, is a great holiday present. Try the following fun ideas:

  • Coffee cup with a few gourmet coffee sample bags
  • Mixed nuts, nut cracker and bowl
  • Pretty teacup with a box of herbal tea
  • Jar of cocoa mix, marshmallows and a mug
  • Bottles of sparkling cider and juices and two decorative glasses
  • Specialty baked breads in a basket
  • Inexpensive basket filled with cheeses, fruit and crackers
  • Basket filled with jams, mustard, jelly, crackers, cookies, tea and coffee
  • All different kinds of fancy chocolate bars tied with ribbon and placed in a basket
  • Cookie mix placed in a decorative jar. Include recipe and small cookie sheet or decorative oven mitt
  • Different varieties of bread mixes placed in a basket
  • Personalized coffee mug filled with candy
  • Gourmet popcorn, flavored oil and popcorn seasoning in a basket
  • Locally-made or special BBQ sauce, steak sauce, basting brush or other grill tool
  • Pure maple syrup, pancake mix and waffle mix in a decorative basket
  • Muffin pan with assorted muffin mixes

Gadget gifts, Stationary and More Great Holiday Gift Ideas

There are many inexpensive and simple gifts that can be found at a local discount retailer. Most gifts can be made like artwork and only a frame is needed to purchase. It is a good idea to browse a local dollar store for even better savings.

  • Address book, checkbook cover, pens and stationary pad in a basket
  • Baking Pans and baking supplies
  • Child’s artwork matted, framed and wrapped
  • Writing journal with a special written inscription inside cover and set of pens
  • Personalized stationary and pen set
  • Craft supplies arranged in a basket
  • Serving bowl and/or platter filled with candy
  • Decorative cloth napkins with matching napkin rings
  • Gardening gloves and a seasonal plant, seeds or flower bulbs
  • Photo album
  • Makeup and makeup tote bag
  • Assorted magazines rolled up, tied with ribbon and displayed in a basket
  • Movie theater gift certificates
  • Board game, microwave popcorn and pack of soda
  • Post cards, stationary set and a book of stamps
  • Picture frames
  • Specialty food cookbook
  • Seasonal dish towels and oven mitts
  • Decorative dish towels and matching oven mitt
  • Assortment of nail polishes, file, nail clipper and hand lotion
  • Nightshirt rolled up and tied with a ribbon
  • Inexpensive kitchen gadgets from dollar store in a decorative gift basket
  • Fresh peppercorn, sea salt, pepper mill, salt grinder and handwritten recipes on decorative note cards
  • Gift certificate for movie rentals in a basket with popcorn and candy
  • Christmas ornaments wrapped individually and placed in a seasonal basket
  • Sewing supplies, craft supplies, material and/or sewing patterns
  • Makeup brush set, brush and comb set and/or assorted nail polish or makeup
  • Bath and body wash from a specialty store with bath puff or decorative wash cloths
  • Scented hand lotion from a specialty store paired with cotton gloves

For the Pets on The Holiday List

Don’t forget the pets on the holiday list. Many people appreciate gifts for their pets and there are inexpensive ideas found at the dollar store or a discount store. Try these ideas:

  • Cat treats in a stocking personalized with pet’s name
  • Gourmet dog biscuits in a basket
  • Decorative collar or leash
  • Personalized tag for pet’s collar
  • Assortment of pet shampoo and comb or brush in a basket
  • Pet toys found at the dollar store placed in a stocking personalized with pet’s name in glitter glue
  • Homemade dog biscuits and cat treats wrapped individually and placed in pet food or water bowl
  • Pet beds found at a discount store for $10

It can be a challenge to find the right gift at the right price during the holiday season. If there is a budget in mind, these holiday gift ideas just may fit the person on the list. Adding one of these simple gifts to a basket or special container and adding some candy or chocolate will dress it up. Any of these gifts wrapped up with some seasonal flair will make the perfect present. The time and thoughtfulness put into these gifts will be noticed and they sure won’t break the bank.