The Best Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for a special and memorable baby shower gift for family, friends, or coworkers? Consider making a themed basket full of baby items that mom and dad can use to care for their new addition.

A versatile gift, the baby basket allows the giver to adjust the size and contents of the basket according to the financial investment he or she wishes to make. The basket or container should be decorative and/or functional so that it can be re-used after it is emptied.

Clean Baby

For this gift, you may opt to use a baby tub instead of a basket to hold baby’s bath time goodies. Instead of traditional filler, line your basket or tub with soft towels and washcloths. Include body wash, shampoo, baby oil and a cornstarch-based powder. Wipes and diaper cream are also great additions to this basket. Age appropriate bath toys that do not present a choking hazard may be included as well. You might even tuck in a small bottle of luxury bubble bath for mom.

Hungry Baby

A feeding-themed basket is another useful gift idea. Select a basket or plastic bin and fill it with bottle brushes, dishwasher baskets for small items, pacifiers, sipping cups, bottles, rubber coated spoons, and plastic dishes. Include burp cloths and a cute bib to complete this one-of-a-kind gift.

Healthy Baby

Sometimes, despite best efforts, baby may feel under the weather. This is when mom will appreciate the healthy baby basket. This gift might include a thermometer, nasal aspirator bulb, and dosing syringes. Medications that are safe for use in babies such as gas drops for tummy and saline drops for stuffy noses are helpful items to add. A non-aspirin fever-reducer (acetaminophen) is also a good choice. As a final addition, you might make mom a refrigerator magnet featuring her pediatrician’s number so she can always double check with the office before dosing baby.

Beautiful Baby

This basket holds grooming items that help baby look his or her best. Soft-bristle hairbrushes, small combs, and infant nail clippers are helpful tools to include in this gift. For girls, hair ribbons, bows, and headbands can be added, and for boys, a little baseball cap or bow tie would be precious. You may also wish to add a gift card for photographic services and a small album.

Sleepy Baby

When it’s time for bed, mom and dad can make use of this sweet gift idea. Line a basket with a soft blanket and include a small plush animal. Bedtime lavender aromatherapy lotion can help calm baby and mom. A board book for nighttime reading is a must, and you might also add a CD of soothing music.

Safe Baby

This basket is especially unique. People don’t often think of child proofing until the baby is older, but having the supplies on hand when the time comes is very convenient. Items for this basket include outlet covers, cabinet and drawer locks, doorknob covers, corner padding for sharp edges, toilet seat latches, and spools for curtain and blind cords. A baby monitor makes an excellent addition to this basket, too.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a unique, thoughtful baby gift. Common nursery items are not often considered when selecting shower gifts, but make practical, useful gifts that mom will reach for again and again, with fond memories of the giver.