The Art of Gift Giving

If you pay close attention to likes and dislikes, you can find your loved one the perfect gift for any occasion. But before you start your search, focus first on each person on your list. What are their hobbies, secret passions, favorite artists? Do they prefer coffee or tea, nuts or raisins, old or new?

Eventually you will spot the perfect gift because you’ve done your homework.

Gift Giving: an Eye-Opening Journey into the Hearts of Friends and Family

For the friend who collects fifty year-old cookbooks, make sure to visit thrift stores and second-hand book sellers. For the sister who collects animal teapots, when you spot a unique frog pot at a spur-of-the-moment estate sale, you know you’ve found the it gift! Keeping a list of sizes, colors and collections for each person is a useful and necessary tool when shopping.

People Who Seem to Have Everything and Need Nothing

A gift idea for these difficult-to-buy-for people can still fit into your budget while creating excitement for the recipient. How so? Ever tried the Beach Pail & Shovel gift basket? Here’s a gift with a casual theme and a surprise bonus. Fill a plastic beach pail with a matching plastic shovel, flip flops, sunglasses, sun visor, a waterproof disposable camera, sun block, a magazine and snacks. On the bottom of the pail, tape two tickets to a dinner cruise or any romantic restaurant near the water.

If the recipients live in the country, switch to a picnic basket theme and fill with appropriately related items.

If there isn’t enough time left or you just don’t like shopping, you can always go to an online book seller to order a book, CD or DVD for that quick gift you need in a hurry. Gift certificates are always appreciated since the recipient gets to choose the exact gift for themselves. Certificates offer an endless variety of ways to say, “I cherish you”, and are readily available in many grocery stores today.

Sometimes a Gift has the Power to Touch You to Your Core with its Thoughtfulness

Picture a new mother, exhausted and drained by the daily demands of a new infant. Enter a thoughtful friend with a hand-written certificate for a free night of babysitting and a date night for the new parents.

That is a picture of someone who took the time to notice what was needed most of all.

Gift Giving: a Road to Discovery

If you’re thoughtful and careful, you can give gifts so precious that the passage of time will only make the memories sweeter. If you’ve given or received an unusual gift, please share it here by writing in the comments box below.