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HAND/EYE is eager to expand its network of correspondents. We can rarely pay for articles and photography, but we give full credit and cooperation to our contributors, and strive to present their work in the best manner possible.

We are interested in stories told in succinct, focused, topical and relevant words and pictures.  If you have a finished article, or an idea for one, send us an email:

Some of the ideas HAND/EYE covers appear below – but this is by no means an exclusive list.

Cultural storytelling and preservation

  • In words and pictures, tell stories of traditional peoples and makers as a way to build bridges between artisans and our online community

  • Illustrate and examine craft and other cultural traditions so that they might be seen and valued, and so that communities of interested actors might come together to help preserve them in practical, innovative ways

Inspired intervention

  • Discussion of non-traditional commerce and innovative NGO action as relevant to artisanry and artisans, consumers and retailers, designers and product, culture and commerce

  • Discuss new ideas affecting makers, designers, retailers, consumers -- sometimes through exploring the thought and activity of creative people, sometimes examining cultural phenomena at large

Product highlights

  • Highlighting innovative products that do good, are good, and portend good

Design & Development

  • Design as a means toward enhancing artisan income at home and abroad; Design specifically directed to create employment and empowerment where it is most needed

  • Design as a way to address environmental issues and other social circumstances

  • Design as a tool to preserve culture through inspired adaptation and pragmatic evolution

  • Design which better addresses the human needs of producer and consumer (a.k.a., maker and market) – from self-expression to shelter and protection.