Stamp, Bead, or Paint Gift Bags

Need gift bags? Would you rather spend your money on the gift instead of the bag? Here is a quick and easy way to create personalized gift bags for almost nothing.

Materials Needed (Other than the bags, scissors and the glue, just use what you have around the house)

  • package of brown or white lunch bags (50-100)
  • scissors
  • rubber cement
  • rubber stampers and ink
  • scraps of ribbon, trim, beads, jute, twine, paper ribbon, etc.

Cut the bag to 6″ from the floor of the bag. Set aside the top part you cut off. Cut one more inch off the top of the bag. Using what ever you have, decide on the handle of the bag. Don’t be afraid to add a twist here and there. Try braiding ribbon or jute. You will want 2 lengths of 10″ each. Open the bag and rubber cement the inside of the bag all the way around the upper edge to a depth of about 1″.

Lay the bag gently on its side and position the first handle with both ends inside the bag. If you want to attach beads to the handle do it before gluing down handle or add it only to one side. There is no wrong way of doing this.

Rubber cement over the base of the handles. When that is dry, flip bag over and add the other handle. Now rubbler cement the 1″ strip you cut off and put it around the inside lip of the bag over the handle bases and all the way around the inside. This will add strength.

Once that is dry, Use stampers, trim, beads, markers, pieces of fabric or anything you have handy to decorate your bag and personalize it for the person you are giving it to or for the gift it contains.