Special Gifts at Little or No Cost

When we think of gifts, we often think of materials such as clothes, technology, toys, and of course, gift cards. It is especially hard for those who want to give but don’t have the cash or budget to purchase these kinds of items. So what can they do? Well, let’s think about what is one of the most valuable things that we all have and would like to have more of? TIME. Don’t we all want to have more hours in our day so that we can accomplish more? Wouldn’t it be a great gift to do something so that that special person would have more time spent with family, friends, or on things they have always wanted to do or love to do? Instead of thinking of what items to buy, think of what kind of service you can offer that would make a difference. Here are some ideas on how to serve that is within your budget.

Provide Cleaning Service

All you need to do is bring yourself and your cleaning products to clean the person’s house, car, etc. If it is too big of a job for one person to do, maybe find some volunteers from your church or non-profit community organizations that would be willing to help you out.

Provide Cooking Service

Do you know any great recipes? Do you love to cook? Here’s your chance to provide a free home cooked meal for that special person? There are many outlet grocery stores where you can purchase great deals on the ingredients you need.

Provide Baby Sitting Service

Do you know how to take care of kids? Do you love to entertain children? If yes, you can offer to baby sit his or her kids so that your special person can go out and enjoy a quiet day.

Provide Gardening Service

Do you have a green thumb? Can you mow the lawn? Can you pull out annoying weeds? Maybe help plant a garden if your person does not have one already.

Provide Shopping Service

Do you like to shop? Many of us always have errands to run such as buying groceries for the week. Here’s an opportunity for you to shop for his or her groceries for that week.

Provide Remodeling Service

Is there a need to fix or repair any part of your special person’s house? Maybe your person just needs some repainting done?

Provide Chauffeuring Service

Do you know someone who hates to drive and would like to have someone drive instead? You can offer your time to drive them to wherever they want to go. The best part about this gift is that your special person won’t need to worry about parking or finding their way back home. Your job is to pick him up and take him to wherever he wishes.

These are just some simple ideas to get you started on thinking differently about giving. There are many other services you can come up with depending on the needs of your special person. Believe it or not, your special person will appreciate this kind of gift so much more because of the time and effort you have put into it. So is there a way to present these gifts? Here’s one way.

Create a Gift Certificate

If you have a computer and a printer at home, all you need to do is type out your message (see examples below) and add a few clip arts to it. Then put it in a little pretty wrapped paper box.

“Today you are entitled to a free house cleaning done by a very special person…ME!”

“This certificate entitles you to a free home cooked meal served by a special chef…ME.”

So stop giving items and gift cards. Instead, start serving. You WILL make a DIFFERENCE