Snowman Crafts for Kids to Use as Winter Decorations or Gifts

Regardless of the climate, snowmen have long been a symbol of winter. Children, in particular, have a love for making snowmen. If they can’t make a real one out of snow, use craft materials to create snowmen that can be used to decorate for the season or to be given as holiday gifts.

Tube Sock Snowman

Use a new white adult’s tube sock to make a cute skiing snowman. Use craft stuffing to fill the sock and shape it into a snowman. Leave some room at the top, and close the sock with a rubber band. Fold excess sock over or leave it standing up for a fun hat. Finish the snowman off by gluing on buttons, googly eyes, a felt nose, and a string for his mouth. Large craft sticks can be glued on the bottom to make the snowman’s skis.

S’More’s Snowman

Everyone loves making the graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate treats around a summer campfire, and now kids can make a cute S’More’s snowman to keep them warm in the winter. Use a 2 inch square piece of brown cardboard for the bottom graham cracker. Glue a slightly smaller piece of dark brown felt on top of that for the chocolate. Then stack two large marshmallows on top of each other and glue together as well as to the felt. For a longer-lasting craft, use foam marshmallows.

Once the S’More is assembled, use permanent markers to decorate a face, and small sticks or chenille wires as arms.

Recycle Coffee Creamer Bottles for a Winter Craft

Many liquid coffee creamers come in white bottles and a colored top. Remove the label and it instantly transforms into a snowman with a hat. Simply glue materials on to make eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons and the snowman is done. Some easy craft supplies to use are:

  • buttons
  • felt
  • string
  • googly eyes
  • pom-poms
  • construction paper
  • chenille wires

Snowman Mug

Purchase a dark-colored ceramic mug which can be found inexpensively at many stores. According to DLTK’s Crafts for Kids in “Snowman Mug,” paint the front of it with a surface conditioner. Then use white Permenamel paint to make a two-circle snowman. Either cut two circles out of sponges and use them to apply the paint to the mug, or use cotton swabs to dab the paint on.

After the white paint has dried, use black paint for eyes, mouth, arms, and hat. Other colors can be used for a nose, scarf, and mittens. This inexpensive hand-made mug makes a great gift.

Pom-Pom Snowmen

Children can make cute snowmen by lining up 3 white pom-poms: one 1 1/2 inch and two 1 inch. Then cut a circle of black felt 1 1/2 inches in diameter. After that a 1 inch black pom pom. Thread a needle with white thread, knot the end and starting with the largest white pom pom, run the needle through the center of all the materials. The result is a white snowman with a hat.

According to Family Fun in “Pom-pom Snowmen,” attach a jump ring which can be found in the bead section of craft stores. Then sew back through the hat and tie off the thread. Kids can then add felt pieces for facial features and yarn for a scarf.

Children may enjoy making several of these snowmen to create a little snowman community. All of these crafts are easy enough for children to make independently, yet they will look nice enough to decorate the house, classroom, or to give as gifts.