Snow Globes — the Perfect Handmade Christmas Gifts

Hand-crafted snow globe gifts are a great way to express your creativity, while creating an inexpensive, beautiful, and personalized gift, for everyone on your Christmas shopping list.

What You Will Need to Create a Personalized Christmas Snow Globe

  • 8 ounce bottle of clear liquid glycerin — glycerin can be bought for under five dollars at most hobby supply stores.
  • A one ounce tube of glitter in white, translucent, or crystal color
  • 1 tube of 527 glue — available at most hobby supply stores
  • One roll of plumbers tape
  • Distilled Water
  • 1 attractively shaped clear glass jar with screw-on lid (the larger the jar the bigger area your will have to decorate on its lid)
  • Decorative items of choice — the theme you choose for your snow globe will depend on the person you intend to give it to.

How to Choose a Theme for Your Personalized Snow Globe Gift

When searching for items to place inside your snow globe gift, it is important to consider what kinds of things the person receiving the gift likes. For instance, if you are making a snow globe for your nephew Thomas, and Thomas loves dinosaurs, then making a dinosaur themed snow globe would be perfect. When selecting a theme keep in mind that the item you choose for decorating inside your snow globe must not be made of any kind of metal, as metal will rust in water. Plastic or ceramic decorations will hold up much better. Listed below are a few snow globe ideas to get you started.

  • Dinosaurs — dinosaurs of varying types and colors along with some plastic trees or greenery will make an awesome Jurassic themed snow globe
  • Fairies — colorful fairies are a favorite with little girls, and they look amazing in snow globes
  • Golf, baseball, basketball, or other sports themed snow globes are sure to be a hit with boys and men of all ages.
  • Disney — Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbelle, and Cinderella, along with many others, are always a particular favorite with children.
  • Christmas — making a traditional Christmas themed snow globe is perfect for everyone of any age or gender. Miniature houses, people, animals, and snow-covered trees, can all be incorporated into a Christmas themed snow globe.

How to Put Your Snow Globe Together

  1. Fill your glass jar almost full of distilled water
  2. Add three drops of glycerin into the water (be careful not to use to much glycerin)
  3. Pour glitter into water until it covers the bottom of the jar
  4. Using 527 glue, decorate the inside of the jar lid with your chosen theme, making sure to glue everything securely into place, and allow to dry overnight
  5. Wrap the jars threads with plumbers tape to insure a water tight seal
  6. Screw lid tightly into place
  7. Turn the snow globe over, and watch as it snows sparkly glitter on your beautifully created theme.
  8. Optional: You can add paint, fabric, or ribbon embellishments, to the lid for that extra special touch.

Give Everyone on Your Christmas List a Personalized Handmade Snow Globe This Year

Making personalized Christmas presents at home is an inexpensive, fun, and creative way, to show your loved ones you care enough to go that extra mile when choosing their gift. With a few supplies and some creativity, you can give everyone on your list a handmade snow globe that they are sure to treasure for many years to come.