Romantic Handmade Gift Idea: Bottle Filled with Kisses

To create this unique romantic gift simply decorate a bottle with symbols of love, fill it with kisses and write or print a loving label. This is a very special gift because it is from the heart and lovingly made with your own hands while being eco-friendly at the same time.

Decorating the Recycled Bottle

Clear wine- or spirit cooler bottles (300ml) are just the right size for this project, although you can use a smaller or larger bottle or even a jar. Choose romantic designs such as hearts, roses, cupids and stars to decorate the bottle with specialized glass paints. Water based varieties of paint for glass are available at art and craft stores and do not require heating after painting.

The example in the image was created by painting the colors on the bottle, roughly in the shape of the design. The detail was drawn on with the outliner once the paint had dried. You can also use the more traditional glass painting technique of first drawing the design with the outliner and then filling it in with the paint.

Other techniques which can be used to decorate the bottle include

  • decoupage with cut-outs or serviettes, using podge to paste on and seal the images. You can even personalize the bottle with your photograph. On colored glass bottles decoupage is more suitable than glass painting.
  • drawing with waterproof felt liners in different colors.

Find a cork for the bottle so that the kisses cannot escape. An old wine bottle cork usually fits a wine cooler bottle as well.

Romantic Message

Tie a sweet romantic message around the neck of the bottle with a ribbon. The following is an example which can be adjusted to personalize your gift:

  • This bottle is filled to the brim with my sweetest kisses.
  • Use lavishly as required as a cure for loneliness.

You can express your feelings further by adding a love quote.

More Handmade Gifts with Recycled Glass

Even children can make eco-friendly gifts with recycled glass bottles and jars. The techniques described for decorating the romantic bottles can be used to transform used glass containers into gifts for every member of the family. Make candle lanterns to hang outdoors or to create subtle lighting for the dinner table. Fill decorated bottles with bath products like homemade bath salts or foam bath. For the kitchen, painted or decoupaged bottles can be filled with homemade foodstuffs like herb oils and vinegars as well as sauces. For dad or the kids fill a decorated jar with sweets or other favourite snack food.