Romantic Gifts for Women

Here’s something men need to know about women: most judge their husbands and boyfriends quite a bit based on their gift-giving ability.

In other words, great gifts = great husbands or boyfriends. Bad gifts = well, not so much.

Many men instinctively know this. But what many men don’t know is that cost isn’t so much of a factor when most women evaluate a gift form their partner. The thoughtfulness, creativity, and consideration of what she truly likes is a much better indicator of gift-giving expertise. After all, any guy can slap down a credit card and get the featured item at the mall jewelry store.

Here are a few tips to help men wade through all the hype and commercialism, and get the women in their lives a gift or two that will score big points in the romance department.

A Romantic Getaway

Get busy and do some legwork to find a romantic hotel or bed and breakfast within a few hundred miles of home. Or, if the budget allows, find one that’s a couple-hour flight away.

Look online; many have virtual tours so you can get a feel of the atmosphere of the lodging. Some B&B’s have decorating motifs that are much like Grandma’s house and don’t lend themselves to romance. Others cater to couples needing a romantic escape.

Next, call the hotel or innkeeper and ask a few questions to help make decision-making easier:

  • Are any special services or packages available for couples? Some offer couples’ massages, champagne and strawberries waiting in the room upon arrival, or a romantic dinner or picnic for just the two of you, served in a special spot on-site.
  • How private are the rooms?
  • Are there restaurants, activities and other amenities close by, or is the location remote?

Finally, make the reservation, or if her schedule is questionable, purchase a gift certificate. The essence of this gift is to have the idea and the planning for a romantic weekend come from the man, not the woman. This is guaranteed to score big points!

A Spa Day Just for Her, or for a Couple

Most women get a manicure or pedicure, or a massage or facial, from time to time. However, a half or full-day spa experience is a treat that women typically do not purchase for themselves. This can get very expensive, so be careful not to overspend and wind up paying credit card debt come next Christmas!

Some spas have couples’ romance packages that usually include treatments like massage, body wraps, facials or pedicures. Often couples can customize a romance package to include exactly what they want.

Call around and compare packages and prices. Some spas offer great deals, especially during tough economic times. Some even offer a catered lunch as part of the package.

Make Her a Coupon Book if Money’s Tight

This is an extremely low-cost gift that can keep partners connected and having fun together. The coupons can be for anything you’re willing to do for her, and could include:

  • Making her favorite dinner (and of course, cleaning up afterward)
  • Massaging her feet or rubbing her back
  • Taking care of the kids for an entire day so she can shop, visit her girlfriends or just escape
  • Making her a picnic lunch and taking her to her favorite spot to enjoy it together

A bit of imagination will go a long way to make this gift highly personal and meaningful. Making the coupon book cute, creative or funny will make the gift more enjoyable for both partners.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

No matter what occasion the gift is for – Christmas, a birthday or anniversary, or Valentine’s Day – the key is to allow enough time to think about, find and purchase (or make) the gift. That way there’s no need to panic or overspend, and the gift will mean more to her because of the thought that went into it.