Romantic Gifts for Her, Romantic Gifts for Him on Valentine’s Day

Lovers have been exchanging gifts for hundreds of years. Lately, these gifts have changed from the traditional flowers and confectionery to include more thoughtful, more lavish, and more romantic gifts. Many last for months or forever, reminding the recipients of their lovers every time the gifts are used.

Here are some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her, and some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

  • Jewellery: almost all women love to wear beautiful jewellery. The choices of jewellery gifts for Valentine’s day are almost endless: from earrings to bracelets, from brooches to necklaces, from silver to gold, from birth stones to diamonds, from designer to bespoke
  • Watch: so she is reminded of you whenever she checks the time. Pick a watch that complements her dress style and jewellery
  • Perfume: smelling fabulous helps a woman feel her best. Choose a perfume that is romantic and sensual, after all, you hope to be enjoying its scent too!
  • Spa visit: who doesn’t like to be pampered? Find a Spa with a choice of massage and beauty treatments
  • Adventure day: women enjoy an adventure too. What about driving a fast car around a track, or scuba diving, or a trip in a hot air balloon?
  • Proposal. Perhaps the most romantic gift of all is a proposal to marriage. Remember a beautiful engagement ring helps secure the deal!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  • Jewellery: does the man in your life wear jewellery? Cuff links, tie pins, identity bracelets, or an earring?
  • Watch: so he thinks of you as he checks the time. Pick a watch that matches his personal style.
  • After shave: men love to smell great too. Choose an after shave that you like to smell!
  • Spa visit: men like to be pampered too. Find a spa with c choice of massage and treatments that are designed for men
  • Adventure day: all men seem to enjoy adventure days. What about sky diving, white water canoeing, or sea angling?
  • Proposal: tradition says that women can propose to their partners on Valentine’s Day in leap years. Is a proposal from his girlfriend the most romantic Valentine’s day gift for a man?

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

Many Valentine’s Day gifts are great for men and women. Why not give your partner a gift that you can share?

  • Spa visit: there are some treatments, like a massage or a steam room session, that you can have share. Others, like having your nails painted or a chest wax, are better taken separately. Include a nice lunch with the visit for a really romantic day
  • Adventure day: many adventure days can be even more fun when done together. Why not race fast cars, or share a white water canoe trip, or have a clay pigeon shoot-off?
  • Romantic meal: book a table at a restaurant you’ve talked about but never visited

Personalizing Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Many Valentine’s Day gifts can be personalized with your partner’s name, or with a message of love, to make it even more romantic.