Recyling Boxes For Storage – Crafts

We are all looking for innovative and creative ways to organize our homes and offices. If we take a close look at our cardboard recycling bins we will often find them full of shoe boxes, appliance boxes and boxes of all shapes and sizes. A little creativity and we can turn these trash boxes into treasures to help us organize.

Use Spray Paint on Recycled Boxes

Spray paint boxes with lids your favourite color with spray paint. Buy stick- on lettered words and put them on the outside of the box to label what is inside. Shoe boxes of the same size are handy to stack one on top of the other, and with labels on the side you will be able to see at a glance what you are needing. Use them to store; craft supplies, art supplies, bows and ribbons, tools, photos, CD’s, manuals, crayons, makeup, bills, and more. In a bathroom, larger boxes with lids can be stacked, labelled and have stored in them extra facecloths and hand towels. If you don’t want to use spray paint, crafter’s acrylic paint in your favourite colors works just as well.

Use Material and Paper to Spruce up Boxes

Wrapping paper, wall paper and even old sheets cut up can be wrapped around boxes, glued with a hot glue gun or taped. 2 parts white craft glue to 3 parts water and you can use this to glue on paper and fabric. Rip up old pieces of tissue paper and glue them to a box to instantly make a pretty storage box. Smaller boxes with lids can be simply painted with a ribbon wrapped around the lid and you have a nice gift box. Smaller boxes can be decorated in any of the above ways and used to store office supplies like staples, paper clips and pens. As long as you label what is in the inside on the outside, you will find what you are looking for.

Have fun Recycling Boxes

Once you have painted your boxes in your color choice, the fun can begin. Add stencils to your boxes, hot glue on sea shells, buttons, pennies, raffia, string, stones or photos. In the scrap booking supply area of your local dollar store you can find letterings in all shapes and sizes and small trinkets to add to your boxes. The possibilities are as endless as the boxes in our recycling bin. Not only will you have found a valuable use for these in your home you will also cut down on your recycling.