Quick Last-Minute Gift: An Amazon Kindle Book

Don’t worry if you have been putting off a gift; even if it is the last day, you can still get your present there on time, nicely wrapped and with a card! Amazon Kindle books can be sent to anyone regardless of whether they have the Kindle device or not.

Kindle Books for Everyone

There are so many books published for Kindle now, that a gift can be found for anyone. Kindle book presents are nice. Amazon has taken a lot of care to make the presentations charming, and the experience of reading pleasant and fun.

The Amazon Kindle, and Barns and Noble’s Nook, have turned the publishing business upside down. Ten years ago I, like many people, swore I would never abandon my beloved paper books for stressful computer eBooks. Today, I won’t buy a “real” book. I will only buy books that I can read on my iTouch Kindle app.

This amazing transformation for me, and for many others, is because the makers of Kindle thought about what we want. Reading a book on a Kindle device has these features:

  • Instant download: Several times friends have called me up on the phone to tell me about some amazing book. Before they are even done talking I have a copy downloaded and am browsing through the chapters.
  • Handy: Ten years ago, eBooks were only available to be read on the computer screen, which is not only uncomfortable but traps you at your desk … the last place you want to be when enjoying a book!
  • Comfortable: The Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iTouch and other devices used to read Kindle books are comfortable to use. I can actually curl up in my favorite chair easier with my iTouch than I can with a paper book. Comfort equals enjoyment.
  • Tactile: Holding a Kindle book is nice. No matter what you use to read a Kindle book, it is shiny, lightweight, easy to read, and feels good in the hand.
  • Useful: Kindle software lets you make notes, highlight text, curl edges and keep your place.
  • Low Carbon Impact: Kindle books do not use paper and take no fossil fuels to deliver. The low carbon impact feature is becoming ever more popular and important to consumers.
  • Cheap: In the end, this is often the driving force of a new product. Thousands of Kindle books are available from $0 to $9. If we can save money, and get a better product, we’ll do it!

All in all, electronic books are now a delightful experience, which makes them the perfect gift. This is a great gift even for a person who is resistant to the idea, or has never tried it. They will not only thank you for the gift, but for showing them something new and better.

How to Receive and Read a Kindle Book

Kindle book recipients do not have to have a fancy gadget to read and enjoy Kindle. They can start by downloading to their home computer. Although a computer is not the most comfortable environment to read a book, Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac have made it as enjoyable as possible.

Do not hesitate to give a Kindle book because you do not know if the gift recipient has a gadget to read it! Your gift will encourage him to learn something that he will grow to love.

What’s really cool about Kindle computer software is that it hooks up with a person’s Amazon account so that all his Kindle books are available on his computer and/or on his handheld. A person can start with a computer account and upgrade or trade around with any of the other devices, never losing his Kindle purchases. Right on!

Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac is a little-known extra that is available to all Kindle readers. Even for folks who have a hand-held, downloading the computer software is an extra bonus.

Reading on the screen is not that bad either. Download the software (from the link below), get a Kindle book, open it up and you can resize it, change colors so it looks old-timey, increase font size, and easily turn pages. For reading pleasure I recommend having the Kindle computer window small (easier on the eyes when reading) and choosing sepia color.

The Kindle Gift Experience

So what happens when you send a Kindle book as a present?

On the Amazon page for any book which is available for Kindle there is a yellow button that says “Give as a Gift.” Click that. You will be brought to a page where you can enter the recipient’s email address. You can also personalize the gift card that will be emailed to them.

The “To:” field is where you put their name. “From:” will be prefilled with your name, but you can change it to something cuter like “Secret Santa” if you like.

In the Message field you can send them a brief message. Be sure to select “Preview Email” and you will see your message nicely wrapped with a bow.

When they receive the email it will have the bright bow, and a big yellow button they can use to retrieve their gift. If they are new to the Kindle experience, they will be taken to a page has all the links they need to download software for their gadget of choice. If they are already using Kindle, getting the book is as easy as dropping down the selection box and selecting their reader.

I recommend that new folks download the computer software first, even if they have an iPhone, iTouch or other reading device besides the Kindle itself. If they do this they will see how it works, and will have the book available both on their computer and hand-held.

A Fast, Pretty and Loved Present

Giving and receiving a Kindle book is fast and easy, even for the first time user. After you do it one time, you’ll be hooked forever. With this gift-giving idea you can be ready at the drop of a hat to send an appropriate present that will be loved and enjoyed.

The wonderful thing about the Kindle is that it is making reading popular again. The book has come back in fashion and makes a fabulous gift.