Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts to Knit

Whether for lots of friends or lots of colleagues, finding gifts that are inexpensive yet charming can be difficult. Some of the best knit gifts to give are little stockings. Search for free patterns on the internet to find a pattern that is easy, or even use a pattern for long baby socks. Knit in reds, greens, and whites for a holiday feel, and loop a piece of yarn through the top of the stocking so it can be hung up. Before giving the stockings out, fill them with small candy canes, chocolates and individually wrapped peppermint tea bags.

Other great gifts that can be knit very quickly and have minimal sewing are mitten ornaments. Several free patterns can be found on knitting websites; pick a favourite and knit away. Many of these smaller version mittens are knit on two straight needles, making them ideal for beginner knitters. When finished knitting the mittens, loop a piece of yarn through the top so they can be hung on a Christmas tree. To decorate the mittens, tie small candy canes to them with furry red or green yarn.

In addition to being ornaments, these little mittens are great for tying onto larger gifts, or even to use as larger gifts themselves. To make a larger mitten, simply use larger needles than the pattern calls for (and possibly two strands of yarn so the knitted fabric is not too thin). Larger mittens can be used in a similar manner to the stockings; fill them with small candies and hand them out to friends.

Bigger Christmas Gifts with Little Yarn

Gifts for fewer people can be a bit more elaborate, but can also still remain simple. Christmas coasters are gifts that can be knit quickly, and add a nice, homemade feel to any house during the holiday season. Knit a square that is 10 x 10 cm (about 4″ x 4″). Make sets of four to eight coasters for each recipient. Mix and match coasters within sets by using all red, green, and white yarn, but use different patterns, stripes, and stitches.

Thermal coffee mug cosies are also excellent ideas for people who have some extra time or fewer gifts to give. Either knit with circular needles, or knit on straight needles and sew the two sides together. A rib stitch is best for this project, since it can stretch to fit around the mugs. For a basic estimate, knit a rectangle that is 19 x 10 cm (about 7.5″ x 4″”.

For more experienced, faster knitters, dish towels may be a good gift idea if they are only for a few people. Use cotton yarn, and knit stripes with red and green yarn for a classic Christmas look, or use a circular pattern to make a peppermint towel.