Photos Make Great Personalized Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Gift memories this Valentine’s Day. Photos of happy times are among the best personalized gifts to give loved ones, be they husbands, wives or friends. Not only do photo gifts evoke happy memories, they give hope for better times and often make practical gifts, too. Here are some unique photo gift ideas for Valentine’s presents or for just about any occasion.

Photo Gift Ideas – Photo Scrapbooks

Photo albums can be made to come alive by giving them a story line. That’s what photo scrapbooks do. By adding comments to photos, sometimes whole stories that occurred around a particular photo, memories can be preserved forever.

Making a photo scrapbook is easy enough. With some supplies from the local craft store, anyone can make a scrapbook that takes a loved one on a journey down memory lane. Picking a theme for the scrapbook may be a good idea, like a child growing up or a Christmas spent together or an enjoyable vacation.

Photos can be arranged so each one has a story to tell or they can be put together to make a story in continuity. The scrapbook can be made special with favorite poems, quotations and sayings. Making the scrapbook can itself be a delightful experience with fond recollections of good times spent together.

Photo Gift Ideas – Photo Frames

The next best thing is to frame an individual photo. A photo that particularly means something to both can be selected and maybe even blown up. Engraved photo frames are great for personalizing photo gifts. Another idea is a digital frame.

Crafters may be interested in adding a special touch to regular photo frames with lace or crochet borders.

Valentines Gift Ideas – Handmade Cards

Cards are traditional Valentine’s gifts and adding photos to a handmade card can make it a creative personalized gift. One way of making them is to use software like Snapfish which allows the photo to be modified with graphics and wordings. The result can be printed and used as a personalized card.

For those looking for an inexpensive gift, a good photo can be used as the theme for a beautiful handmade card. With the photo as the central object, paints, pressed flowers, lace, ribbons and other card making embellishments can be used to creatively fashion a greeting card and further adorn it with a poem, quotation or favorite song.

Customized Photo Gift Ideas

Using photos to create a personalized calendar is one way of kindling memories of togetherness all year long. Personalized photo coffee mugs, tee-shirts, bags and even mouse pads are other great ideas. Photo gifts like bags and blankets make very practical gifts.

If all else fails, a simple collage of photos, creatively and thoughtfully arranged, may just turn out to be the perfect gift to touch the heart of a loved one.