Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men and Women

Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts such as coffee mugs, pieces of jewelry, or other made-to-order presents can be purchased online at a good price. Be sure to order well in advance to allow time to complete the order.

Personalized Photo Mugs, Calendars or T-Shirts Online

A mug with a photo of you and a sweetheart or spouse can be a delightful Valentine’s Day surprise. These are not difficult to create and usually only require the sizing and uploading of a favorite picture. Mugs can be purchased in different styles and sizes and at prices that range from ten to fifteen dollars.

Items of personalized clothing also make a good gift for both men and women. T-shirts, hoodies, and many types of tops can be custom-designed with a special photograph. Prices begin at around ten dollars, depending on the type of top ordered. Hoodies and sweatshirts cost a little more.

A special calendar also makes a good gift. The calendar may have just one personalized photo or a personalized photo for every month. A fully personalized calendar requires a little more time in selecting photos for each month, and is a little more expensive, but the results can be worth the effort. Photos can include favorite pictures of a couple together, vacations, favorite pets. The options are limitless. The cost of a personalized calendar starts at around twenty dollars.

There are many places online, such as Cafepress and Vistaprint, where personalized gifts such as these can be created at almost the press of a button. Most can be purchased at a good price. However, remember that shipping must also be added.


Instead of the basic chocolate-covered cherries or heart-shaped, calorie-packed box, show your sweetheart that you care by putting some thought into a customized, personalized chocolate bar. At Chocomize, for example, you can select dark, milk, or white chocolate along with an abundant variety of nuts, seeds, fruits, herbs, spices, candy, decorations, and other goodies. Prices start at $3.45 for a basic bar and vary depending on how you customize it.


Diamonds can be a girl’s best friend, but wouldn’t you rather be? You could certainly add a special engraving on that sapphire ring, but for a more down-to-earth valentine you might try jewelry from a small business such as Risky Beads, which offers cute trinkets and customized items such as necklaces, key chains, and even zippers pulls.


Most women appreciate a beautiful bouquet, and even some men like the occasional single rose, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. First, you need to know your partner. Not everyone loves roses; some might prefer wildflowers instead. And skip the pre-made, business-card-sized message. Instead, opt for a handmade card, or even sign a pair of movie tickets to make the gift more original.

You can also go for a bouquet that is visually appealing and tasty. A fruit-filled vase from a company such as Edible Arrangements can be delightful and yummy. If you are worried that the man in your life might find them a bit too girly, go for the football, basketball, tennis, soccor, or golf container.


Long lines and crowded rooms aren’t very romantic, so this Valentine’s Day you might trade the traditional restaurant for more relaxing cooking class. These can range in focus from basic culinary skills to cheese and wine to more amorous topics specifically designed for couples. A quick Google search will bring up the specific possibilities in your area.

Spa Gift Certificate

While getting a hefty gift certificate to the spa is definitely nice, why not book a dual massage instead. This will take the work out of it entirely for your significant other and you’ll get to spend time together – it’s a win-win! But before you book, be sure to check out the area spas. Don’t pick the first one that pops up. Many companies will give free tours and offer extra services.

You might try Woodhouse Day Spa. With many packages ranging from facials to pedicures to wraps to more, there is something for everyone. What’s nice about this franchise is that they have a relaxation room, offer free tea, and the price includes the use of a sauna and rainforest showers.

Weekend Getaway

Yes, a bed and breakfast weekend is delightful, but if you are looking for something different to do, why not plan a weekend of service! That’s right, you and your valentine can do some community service together. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway, feed the homeless at a shelter, or paint an international house. Whatever you do, you’ll do it together and likely learn more about each other as a result. Nothing warms the heart more than serving others.

Whatever you choose this Valentine’s Day, let your beau know you care by selecting a gift meant just for them. That doesn’t mean that store-bought, mass-produced gifts are off limits, just that you need to put more thought into it than the time it takes to walk down the red, white, pink, and heart covered aisles.

Other Unique Personalized Gifts for Valentine’s Day

The most unique Valentine’s Day gift might well be packs of M&Ms® with a special photo or message on them, available at Or for $69.00 you can get an impression of your personalized kiss on canvas at

Other unique personalized gift ideas include monogrammed lingerie, puzzles and board games, and a even personalized fortune cookies or a personalized love letter in a bottle, available at

  • monogrammed underwear
  • personalized puzzle
  • personalized board game
  • personalized love letter in a bottle
  • personalized fortune cookies
  • monogrammed Teddy Bear

These gifts and many more can be found at many online stores such as the ones mentioned above.

A photo or a gift inscribed with a special message makes an unforgettable Valentine’s Day surprise for both men and women.