Ornaments to use or give as gifts

These ornaments are not difficult to make but the end result fabulous.

Materials Needed:

12″ of memory wire

needle nose pliers

a variety of beads (different sizes and colors)

one large bead (about the size of a quarter)

1/4″ – 1/2″ ribbon

Using the needle nose pliers, attach the end of the wire to the large bead. This is going to be the bottom of the ornament. Make sure it is very secure.

Now begin adding the other beads in whatever pattern you decide. Fill the wire to within an inch of the end.

Using the plier, bend the wire into a loop and twist it into the existing wire just above the bead.

Add the ribbon to hide the twist and cover any rough ends.

That’s it. Easy and beautiful.

Try different combinations, let the kids join in or invite your friends over and have everyone bring a selection of beads.

And as always, just have fun.