A Sure Evolution

Gilded nature from Surevolution

Surevolution, whose handmade jewelry and home accessories are sought after by Vogue Magazine, Donna Karan, and a veritable host of zen fashionistas, does well by doing good while looking great. 
Surevolution is the stylish brainchild of Marcella Echavarria and Dina Rothstein. A for-profit company with the soul of a not-for-profit, Sur works with artisans around the world to redesign traditional crafts so that they attract customers in style centers around the world.  The evolution of handcraft from lesser developed countries into objects desired by people of wealth largely new to handmade commerce is one of Sur’s notable achievements.
As design director, Rothstein understands that artisans in search of broader markets need the bridge that new design can provide. “If what was already being made needed no transformation, all of these artisans would already be successful.  We bring what we know about markets willing to pay well for beautiful things, and make it all work,” she says.
Why the combination of style and soul?  Marcella explains that real goal is not necessarily to build a business, but rather “to find sustainable ways to preserve cultures, so getting where I want to go will take several generations. I have just started the conversation.”  And it is quite a conversation. Her passion for people, and her stamina, have attracted diverse conversation partners, including UNESCO, the governments of Colombia and Peru, designers such as Tucker Robbins and Clodagh, and Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation, to name a few.  “I can achieve more in collaboration than I can alone,” she explains.
The company is set for expansion in 2010, and we expect great things from Marcella and Dina and their artisan partners in Cambodia, Bolivia, Colombia, South Africa, Indonesia, Peru, and India.
For more information, see www.surevolution.com, where both product and inspiring photos are posted. Also visit the Surevolution boutique in Bridgehampton, NY.



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