Skull Duggery

While walking in the park on his birthday in 2007, Artist/Designer Noah Scalin had an idea.

He would make one skull per day for a year and post the results on is blog for his friends to see. “I didn’t give it a lot of thought, just made something quick and posted it online.”
What started out as a “personal creative outlet”, quickly became an internet sensation.  “I figured I’d share it with my friends and I’d have a fun creative experience. I certainly could never have imagined how complex (and time consuming) the pieces would eventually get or that I’d end up making skulls with Martha Stewart.”
Fabricating one of anything, everyday, for a year can be a daunting task and while Scalin never suffered from “skull block”, he did employ a very systematic approach to the project to keep from getting overwhelmed. “I was pretty much coming up with ideas all the time and I collected them on a running list. Of course there were plenty of days where I didn’t get something worked out ‘til later in the day and then I was playing beat the clock trying to get it done before midnight. 
Nowadays, Scalin splits his time between his socially conscious design firm and his Skull-A-Day duties. He has turned his Skull-A-Day blog over to his fans and let them run wild with their own submissions. “I'm continually inspired by the work that is submitted, there so much amazing talent out there, often by people who don't think of themselves as artists.”  When asked about what the future may hold, Scalin replies: “My goal right now is to keep going down that path and see where it takes me. As always it’s about figuring out how to pay the bills while making sure I’m doing what makes me happy and by extension make the world a better place to live in.”
Places to connect with Noah Scalin and see more of his work:
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