Memorable Gifts for the Perfect Mother’s Day

Make this Mother’s Day special with memorable gifts for mom. Gifts that hold special memories and are meaningful are the perfect choice to honor moms, grandmothers, and other special women on Mother’s Day.

Photograph Those Special Family Moments

Photos are a great way to show a mother how much she means to her family, and they provide lasting memories. There are a few ways to share photos.

  • Photo Album – Take the time to collect old family photos and put them into a new photo album for mom. Or showcase new photos. Little photo albums, or brag books, make a great gift. Moms and grandmothers can put the small albums in a purse and they’ll always have their favorite family pictures on hand.
  • Family Photo Shoot – A new family picture is a gift mom is sure to love. Gather all the family members, or include only the kids or grandkids, and have some professional photos taken. On a budget? A do-it-yourself amateur photographer can take some great shots as well.

Make a Scrapbook to Collect Unique Memories

Scrapbooking can be a fun and creative way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Collect special mementos and tokens from a special family trip or vacation, or showcase other special memories like graduations, birthdays, holidays, or other special events.

Decorate the scrapbook with mementos — from ticket stubs from a play to shells from a family trip to the beach — and photos from trips and events. The scrapbook will be a collection of unique family memories. Mom will love looking through the book and remembering family celebrations.

Create Homemade Cards and Arts & Crafts to Make Lasting Impressions

Homemade gifts make great Mother’s Day gifts. The personal touch of handmade crafts make special keepsakes for a mother on her special day.

  • Homemade Cards – Cards are a wonderful way to show love for a mom on Mother’s Day. Homemade cards are an easy and fun way for young children to get involved too. Using colorful paper, markers, crayons, stickers and more, kids and grandkids can make personal artwork for mom and grandma that will make lasting memories.
  • Arts & Crafts – Creative types will enjoy being hands-on and creating a special arts and crafts project for mom. There are so many projects that make great gifts. From homemade picture frames to jewelry to vases and more, creating something by hand for Mother’s Day makes the gift precious to a mother.

Offer Mom Time as a Priceless Gift

Spending time with mom on Mother’s Day can be the best gift of all. She’ll love the lasting memories created by spending time with her family. Showering mom with time shows her how much she is loved and honored as a mother.