Make DIY Gift Packaging – Wrapping Paper, Bags,Tags and More

Make your own special gift packaging by customizing brown paper lunch sacks, grocery bags and parcel paper. Use simple printing techniques to create your own unique designs. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to printing materials. Great effects are easy to achieve with the minimum of special supplies or materials.

Easy Printing at Home

A surprising number of household items can be used to print on brown paper bags and parcel paper to make gift wrap. These include:

  • Potato – while potato printing may conjure up memories of childhood, cutting simple designs into paper is a good way to produce basic shapes for printing to make gift packaging. This can produce stylish and contemporary results. Other vegetables such as carrots or parsnips can also be used.
  • Sponges – kitchen and bathroom sponges are also ideal for printing. The surface of the sponge gives a textured results and this can look very effective. Sponges are easy to cut into a wide range of shapes.
  • Bubblewrap – a piece of bubblewrap can make attractive designs on a sheet of paper or brown paper bag. The best way to use bubblewrap is to wrap it around a hand-sized block to print with. This will help to give consistent results while also being easier to work with.

Paint for Printing Gift Wrap

Paints such as tempera or poster paint is ideal for making customized gift wrap. These paints are available in a wide range of colors and these can be blended as required. To print with paint simply pour some paint into an old saucer and dip the item you are printing with into this. Make sure that there is an even coat of paint to give good results.

Tips for Making Hand Printed Gift Wrap

Here are some tips to help you make great looking hand printed gift wrap:

  • Pick bold and simple shapes to print with. Very intricate designs may not print well and the end results can be disappointing. Squares, hearts, Christmas trees and flowers are ideal shapes for printing.
  • Don’t forget that you can add further embellishments to the printed image. A few dots of glitter glue, for instance, can add extra sparkle. Other ways to embellish the gift packaging is to add further detail using marker pens, use stickers to add text or to over print the paper using a second colored paint.
  • Finishing touches such as bows in a complementary colour or a smartly tied ribbon can make all the difference to handmade gift packaging. Make a small gift tag using the same technique and materials to finish the packaging with style.

Hand printed gift packaging is quick and simple to make, is a fun green craft and is also a great way to save money. Create your own unique gift packaging for every occasion.