Make a Food Scrapbook for a Wedding Gift or a Bridal Gift

A food scrapbook makes a great wedding or bridal gift. This is a very personal gift that family and friends can all help to create. While this make take a little coordination, it will make a unique gift that will be long treasured.

What is a Food Scrapbook?

The main focus of a food scrapbook is favorite recipes and meal ideas. These can be useful for a newly married couple or may simply be a special way to record meals and recipes that hold a special meaning.

Wedding Gift Food Scrapbook Ideas

There are many ways that you can customize a food scrapbook to make a very thoughtful and personal gift.

  • Food memories scrapbook – collect recipes that hold special memories from family and friends to add to the scrapbook. Along with the recipe and instructions ask participants if they will also write a few words about what makes this dish special. This could include memories of when they first tried the dish or perhaps it holds memories of an occasion shared together. Photos of the finished dish and ideally photos of an occasion when the dish was shared together will help to make this that little bit extra special.
  • Favorite food scrapbook – if the couple have a passion for a particular type of food then asking people to submit recipes that use these ingredients or are cooked in a specific style will make a special gift. While this may take a little extra effort, a special chocolate recipe scrapbook for chocoholics or a collection of recipes for lovers of curry will make a very personal gift. Ask family and friends to say why they have thought of this particular dish for the newly weds.
  • Regional dish scrapbook – collection of regional dishes that represent where family and friends live will make a great wedding gift. Many regions and countries have a range of traditional dishes. Ask people to send their favorites, along with a few words about unusual ingredients or what makes this dish a favorite in a particular place will help add interest.

Tips for Making a Food Scrapbook

Here are some tips for making a food scrapbook:

  • Consider using archival quality paper, glue, embellishments and ink. This will help to preserve the quality of the scrapbook and make it an heirloom gift that can be passed to other generations.
  • If the book is to be in every day use, consider practical ideas such as a wipe clean surface covering or having a ring-bound finish that will allow the book to lie flat.
  • Scan any original photos so that you have a copy. This is particularly important with photos that hold a special meaning.
  • Consider a digital food scrapbook and sharing copies with other members of the family and friends.

A food scrapbook is an ideal gift for a wedding. This is perfect for food lovers or people who just want to share memories.