Machine Embroidery Ideas for Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts

While an embroiderer can put her mark on almost anything, personalized Christmas gifts are among some of the most popular. For items that can be used for longer than just a few weeks, choose a winter theme that can be used for several months. Snowflakes, snowmen, penguins, and other wintry scenes also make good gifts for those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are easy gifts to personalize and are also fairly inexpensive. Simply draw the desired shape for the ornament onto the fabric, center the design and stitch. Cut out shape leaving a ½” seam allowance. Cut back from matching or contrasting holiday fabric. Sew side seams, right sides together, leaving a small opening for turning. Trim seam allowances slightly, snipping curves or corner. Turn and stuff with polyfill, wool, or even old scraps for a heavier, primitive look. Stitch closed. Attach ribbon, twine, rick-rack, or embroidery floss for hanger on top. Hang it on the tree or give it away!

Personalized Holiday Apron

Fun for kids or adults, using pre-made aprons purchased from craft or fabric stores makes this gift project a snap! Choose a festive winter design and personalize with name or initials. Center design near top of apron front. Add holiday colored ribbon or lace to bottom, or machine stitch to existing ties for added fun. Add patch pockets from coordinating fabric: simply cut out desired pocket size plus seam allowance, press ¼” around edge to wrong side, pin, and stitch in place, reinforcing along top edges.

Festive Throw Pillow Covers

Rather than making all new holiday pillows and having to find storage space for them throughout the year, simply make pillow covers. Measure existing square or rectangle throw pillows, adding ½” all around for seam allowance and 2” (or double the size needed for desired buttons) on one side for button placket. Embroider front with chosen holiday embroidery designs, leaving room for buttons. Stitch three non-buttoning sides together and turn inside out. Fold both placket edges over ¼” and press; then fold over again 1”; press and stitch. Make buttonholes and sew on buttons. Or instead of buttonholes, sew ribbon loops onto back of placket and bring them around to the front to fit around the button.

Machine Embroidered Christmas Cards

In lieu of an impersonal Christmas letter or pre-printed holiday card, impress friends and family with handmade, machine embroidered cards. Purchase pre-folded card stock with envelopes and embroider holiday design on front. It may be necessary to line the inside with light-colored lightweight paper scrap-booking paper in order to keep the back of the design from showing. This also helps add a space for writing a personal message, particularly if the card stock is a dark color. Use a paper cutter to cut the paper ¼” to ½” smaller than the size of the card to keep it from hanging out of the sides when folded. Simply use a glue stick to neatly attach paper to inside of card. Write a personal message and spread the holiday cheer!

Whatever the season, machine embroidering is a great way to take an average gift and turn it into a fabulous, personalized one!