List of Ten Cool Gadgets and Funny Gift Ideas for Men

Looking for a different gift for a husband, boyfriend or male friend or relative? Here are five unique suggestions for men who love computers and gadgets, and five simply funny and unusual gifts bound to get a smile from a husband, boyfriend or male friend.

Cool Gifts for the Computer or Electronic Gadget Enthusiast

An amazing assortment of new and unique gifts can be discovered for men who like electronic gadgets. Flash drives come in many different unique shapes and sizes such as ones that are shaped like Star Wars figures.

Most men who love electronic gadgets could have fun with an unusual, attention-getting gift such as a binary watch or a Wi Fi hot spot detector.

Here are some cool gift ideas for men who are into electronics:

  • vintage inspired camera
  • Star Wars Mini bots flash drives
  • binary watch
  • desk-sized robot art sculpture
  • keychain-sized Wi Fi hot spot detector or Wii remote keychain

Simply Funny, Unusual and Crazy Gifts for Men

Looking for a gift that is way over the top? A personalized stuffed animal from I am a stuffed is actually a little “buddy” doll that is made from a sent-in photo of the person receiving the gift. The stuffed likeness, which costs 69 dollars, can be custom-made to wear a super-hero outfit, or have a dog’s body, or be dressed in military gear–the sky’s the limit.

Music lovers may enjoy receiving a unique bowl made from a recycled LP vinyl record. These are sold by several online store. Or most anyone can use a monster hoodie. A packet of astronaut ice cream can be an inexpensive, totally unexpected little extra surprise. Perhaps the craziest gift is the nose soap dispenser, but you’d better hurry as this silly item was sold out several places.

  • personalized stuffed animal “buddy” doll
  • recycled LP vinyl record bowl
  • monster hoodie
  • astronaut ice cream
  • nose soap dispenser

Most of these gifts can be found at, and other online sites. To locate a specific gift on this list, just type the name in the web browser to be directed to an online store selling the specific item.

Many smaller companies offer specialty items such as the personalized stuffed animal “buddy” doll listed above. These hand-crafted, personalized items make unique and memorable gifts