Last-Minute Christmas Gifts – No-Shopping Ideas

Every year, at Christmas, panic strikes in households across the country as time grows short for last-minute Christmas gifts. Despite careful planning, someone always seems to be forgotten in the holiday shopping rush. A guest is due to arrive in an hour, and there is no present wrapped and ready under the tree – what’s a host to do? Follow these suggestions, and throw together an unforgettable Christmas present for anyone, at the very last minute.

Quick Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Women

Every woman is different, and there is no guarantee that any gift will be a success, but if you need a quick, last-minute Christmas gift for a woman that is even a little ‘girly’, try this:

Home-made bath soak – Pulverize a cup of dry oatmeal (unflavored and unsweetened) in the blender, and combine with a cup of dried milk powder. Add 1 tablespoon cinnamon, mix well, and pour in any type of air-tight container (The prettier, the better). Print a nice card of instructions for the Cinnamon-Oatmeal Milk Bath, advising the use of 1/4 cup for a full bath, poured under running water.

Easy Christmas Presents for Men or Women

Some gifts are universal, and a Hot Cocoa Kit is one of them. To make a Hot Cocoa Kit, all that is required is a nice coffee cup, a spoon, an envelope of hot cocoa mix, a teaspoon of baking cocoa, a large square of cellophane, waxed paper, or even plastic wrap, and a twist-tie closure.

  • In a small bowl, mix the contents of one envelope of hot cocoa mix (any brand) with one teaspoon of baking cocoa. pour the mixture into the center of the large square of cellophane, waxed paper, or plastic wrap. Point the bowl of the spoon into the center of the pile of cocoa powder, and gather the square up around the edges.
  • The bowl of the spoon and the cocoa powder should make a round pouch. Tighten the edges of the square around the neck of the spoon and secure with a twist-tie closure. Place the cocoa-wrapped spoon in the coffee cup. Include a nicely printed card of instructions.
  • The instructions should direct the gift recipient to empty the contents of the bag into the cup, and fill the cup half-full with water. The cocoa and water should be mixed, and microwaved on high for one minute before filling the remainder of the cup with milk to make a steaming cup of hot cocoa.