Last Minute Christmas Gifts and Presents

It’s not uncommon to need to get a last minute Christmas gift. If looking for a last minute present, not to worry. There are plenty of choices available both at stores and online.

Last Minute Gift Idea

Fortunately, for last minute holiday shoppers, there are many options that are open. Looking to buy a gift in person to give to someone? Most movie theaters are open on Christmas. Stop by to purchase a movie gift certificate.

Many restaurants are also open, so it’s easy to pick up a gift card for a local eatery. Oftentimes drug stores such as Walgreens or Longs, (now a part of CVS pharmacy,) are open on Christmas day. If shopping for a lady, these type of stores have many beauty type products that can be purchased.

Some also sell tools for men, along with T-shirts and books. They also carry toys for kids including games, coloring books and stuffed animals. In addition, drug stores sell many holiday type items such as decorations, centerpieces, candles, etc., that can make for lovely gifts. Don’t forget to check out movies, along with wine or holiday liqueurs. Many also feature displays of gift cards.

Last Minute Presents

Don’t have a local drug store and need an in person gift? Is there a gas station with a mini-mart in the area? If you have a basket laying around the home, take it, along with some tissue paper, holiday wrapping paper and ribbon to create a treat basket. Pick up some bags of chips, along with candy, cheese sticks, beef jerkey and beverages. Not the greatest of ideas, but it is an option if needing a last minute gift.

Most fast food chains are open on Christmas. A last minute gift could consist of making a gift basket with gift cards from fast food restaurants. This type of gift could be particularly popular with teenagers on the go or college students.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Fortunately, there are chain stores open on Christmas day such as Blockbuster Video. Pick up the latest movie release for a gift or, if unsure if the person you are buying for already has the movie, opt for a gift card.

Need something sent online as you won’t be able to see the person the gift is intended for in real life? Blockbuster can send instant gift certificates. The same holds true for Amazon. Amazon offers just about anything one can think about including books, games, toys, appliances, tools and any other product idea.

Last Minute Holiday Gift

A holiday or Christmas gift can be one that is homemade. Bake a batch of home-made cookies or cook a meal that can be frozen and thawed out for later use. Copy or create your own Chrisitmas poem and print it out and frame it. Download some holiday songs.

Don’t worrry if you need a last minute Christmas or holiday gift. There are numerous ones to choose from and the suggestions in this article only begin to suggest last minute Christmas presents and gift ideas.