34 Last Minute Baptism Gift Ideas You Can Totally Order Online

You have a baptism coming up just around the corner and you still have no idea what to purchase for the one getting baptized?

Gifts are always a fun and thoughtful way to celebrate a christening, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide what exactly you want to give. Let’s face it, there aren’t enough hours in the day for the amount of things that need doing!

If you’re looking for the perfect present for a baby getting christened, baptized or confirmed, we’ve put together a list of some great gift ideas that even the fussiest of babies will love… Well, these easy-to-shop items are bound to get the job done. No matter what your budget or personal taste, these gifts will make their baptism or christening day a celebration filled with smiles and memories.

There are many wonderful things to choose from, including clothing sets, blankets and bibs. These are our ideas for the perfect gift to elevate every baptism or christening!

1. Stuff4Tots – Baby Blanket for Boys and Girls

Newborns, infants, and toddlers need more than just baby clothes and diapers! Check out this gorgeous blanket. You can buy it in 2 different colors: blue or pink. This soft blanket is gentle on your little one’s skin and keeps your baby warm at night.

Stuff4Tots is a soft and beautiful baby blanket for boys and girls, perfect for new babies or toddlers. This cotton blanket is made from the highest quality fabric and will last through many years of wear-and-tear. It’s perfect to snuggle up with as you read a favorite book or cuddle your babe to sleep. This versatile blanket can also be used as an emergency bedding set when on the go. Stuff4Tots is a one-of-a kind design that blends style and function to create an experience you’ll cherish forever!

This newborn baby blanket with its beautiful quilt pattern is both stylish and practical. It is perfect for newborn babies and toddlers. It will hold up to everyday wear and tear giving you years of happiness as your little one learns how to love his or her Stuff4Tots baby blanket. Soft, thick cotton fabric will make this blanket a comfort as well as a treasure.

2. Thank You, Lord, for Everything Personalized Children’s Book

This is a children’s book that helps kids learn to thank the Lord for all of the blessings in their lives. It is personalized with your child’s name, with beautiful illustrations.
It is a great way to teach any child how to give thanks.

A child’s prayer for every day and every need—Thank You, Lord, for Everything is a delightful collection of thank-you prayers that make it easy for parents to teach their children the joy of giving thanks. Make this personal book your child’s very own with their name on the front cover!

This personalized children’s book is a beautiful gift for your little one, to thank them for everything they do and all the happiness they bring by being a part of your life. The 20-page hardcover book is just right for young readers, with vivid illustrations throughout that will captivate 2-8 year olds and teach them how to express gratitude every day of the year.

3. Ganz Serenity Lamb With Crib Cross

What’s not to love about a stuffed animal that is designed with the touch of calm and childhood memories? This is the perfect gift for a child getting baptized!

It comes complete with a little crib cross, making it extra special. If you are looking for something that is both cozy and cuddly, the Serenity Lamb is just the ticket. Your child will cherish this gift for many years to come! This is a perfect gift for any child who loves animals.

The plushie measures 13 inches high and is made with a soft and cuddly plush material. In addition, it also comes with a 4-inch high removable pendant in the shape of a cross, perfect for decorating every baby’s crib!

4. Tickle & Main, Everybunny Prays Gift Set

This gift set is a delightful way to show your love to the little angel getting baptized! From their first birthday all the way to their wedding day, this well-cared for toy will be cherished for years to come.
These small sets include a prayer book and a stuffed rabbit in prayer, made from super soft plush material – perfect for cuddling!

This will make a wonderful gift for any child, especially for events such as a baptism or a first communion. The board book for children features the most beautiful images of bunnies, each praying. Children will love the adorable bunnies and enjoy the short and sweet story. With 16 illustrations, this book will make a lasting impression on any child with its delicately drawn watercolor illustrations that not only entertain but educate as well.

5. Custom Catch Personalized Baptism Baby Blanket

The most special gift for a baby’s baptism! You just want one to be a christening gift for your little one! This exquisite baptism blanket will make the perfect keepsake for years to come. With its plush, soft material it is an ideal, snuggly gift for a newborn or toddler getting baptized.

It includes personalization with your choice of name and date imprinted on the front of this blanket, along with a beautiful cross, dove and bible design. It’s also machine washable, making it safe and easy on the delicate skin of babies.

This blanket is made of 200gsm, super soft fleece with satin lined borders. It’s easy to clean – just throw it in the washing machine and then the tumble drier. Just make sure to put it on low heat!

6. Precious Moments “The Light That Guides You” Resin Box with Rosary

The Precious Moments “The Light That Guides You” Resin Box with Rosary, is a great gift for the baptism of any girl in your family.

Delicate and full of sentiment, this rosary box captures the beauty of prayer. The elegant girl on the lid is dressed in her Sunday best and kneeling down in prayer, just like you would kneel to pray with a rosary.
This religious keepsake is beautifully hand-painted and sculpted! Anyone would be proud to own such a special piece of artwork.

This lovely rosary box will add a touch of class to any dresser or bookshelf and make a great gift for the little one getting baptized! It is artfully hand-painted and made with cold cast resin. It measures approximately 2.25” inches in diameter and 1.25” in height, making it the perfect size for a nightstand or dresser. It even comes with a delicate rosary to complete the set! This inspirational keepsake will bring comfort for children and families alike.

7. Path of God Compass

Gift your loved one with a Baptism day gift they will treasure for the rest of their days. A perfect gift to celebrate a new life in Christ, this baptismal compass is beautifully engraved with scripture from Psalms 32:8. It includes the verse “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

This is engraved on this compass, providing guidance and inspiration to the child throughout their life. It comes in a stunning wooden box with blue silk lining.

This small in size, but large in meaning, compass is a wonderful gift for any baby’s baptism day. It can be used to decorate the baby’s room or nursery and it is also a great prop for christening photos, making for a wonderful keepsake to commemorate the day.

8. Ocean Drop 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket

This blanket is a perfect baptism gift for any baby – and their parents!

It’s made from 100% cotton muslin that’s soft, breathable, and absorbent, making the little one feel safe and comfortable when sleeping. Newborns who are swaddled have been shown to sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time than those who are not. This makes it easier for parents to have a break or get some sleep themselves without constantly checking on their child.

The Ocean Drop Muslin Swaddle Blanket is beautifully designed with a religious quote, wrapping the newborn in His love for a quiet and peaceful sleep. It makes a thoughtful gift for a baptism or christening that any new mom and dad will love.

Each blanket measures 47″ x 47″ and is machine washable. This high quality material is extremely soft and breathable making it perfect to wrap your little angel in warmth!

9. Tickle & Main, My First Noahs Ark Baby Gift Set

Up every young child’s bath time and nursery décor with this adorable “Noah’s Ark” 5-piece Baby Gift Set. It includes a lamb hooded towel, three squirt toys and a beautifully illustrated board book. The cute towel is made of 100% soft cotton velour and features small embroidered detailing that makes this one of the most elegant Baptism gifts around.

The squirt toys measure approximately 3″ each and include a zebra, a lion and an elephant. The storybook tells the classic story of Noah’s ark with colorful hand-drawn illustrations. This adorable gift set comes in an ark-shaped gift box.This would be an amazing baptism gift that anyone would love, as it is both practical and educational.

10. Poetry Gifts Blessing Card in Frame

Want to congratulate loved ones on their baby boy’s baptism? There is nothing better than this frame that displays a blessing card and the baby’s own photo!

Everyone will appreciate the lovely sentiment behind this frame with the little one’s photo on the right and a charming poem on the left, which they can read over and over again in years to come. There are few gifts more sentimental than this one! It’s perfect for showcasing the little one’s special day, bringing a touch of warmth and love into any home.

This darling photo frame is finished with brushed silver and includes two 4″ x 6″ frames, with glass in the front and a stunning backing of velour. The sweet poem wishes your sweet baby boy a life full of God’s love and guidance.

11. “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” Hanging Canvas Wall Art

Few things will fit a nursery as well as this canvas wall art! It’s perfect for a baptism gift or even other occasions, including new babies in the family. This Christian nursery wall décor is ideal for commemorating a beautiful Baptism and reminds young children of the love of Jesus.

A handmade canvas with wood detailing, this Jesus Loves Me wall art measures 10 x 17 inches and can be easily installed in any baby’s nursery or playroom, bringing some of the Lord’s love in the home. It’s made of sturdy canvas and wood and features adorable rainbows. This product stands up well to the test of time year round due to its high-quality canvas material, waterproof printing process, as well as vibrant colors that will never fade or wear away.

Any parent will appreciate this gift! They’ll love how easy it is to hang and it gives any baby’s room a dose of wisdom!

12. Ocean Drop Knotted Baby Gown

The Ocean Drop Knotted Baby Gown is the perfect gift for any baby. This is a beautiful, soft, 100% cotton nightgown that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your style. The fabric is incredibly comfortable, so it’s sure to keep your little one cozy.

Plus, the gowns are machine washable, which makes them super easy to keep clean! They feature a knotted bottom, giving parents easy access for quick diaper changes – perfect for wherever you may be. These adorable nightgowns come in baby sizes 0-6 months and are given as a set of two.

This 4-piece set comes with two hats and two gowns, in a complete package that will suit every baby. The matching hats are perfect for springtime wear! With these cute outfits, your adorable baby will be ready to show off their new style in no time!

13. The Vault Baby Keepsake Box


Introducing The Vault, an heirloom quality memory box crafted with care that is perfect for storing your child’s early memories. With 2 drawers and 10 folders, The Vault can hold everything from newborn baby photos to your child’s school artwork. This durable memory box also has 7 compartments for clothes and keepsakes, as well as a beautiful slate gray exterior.

No matter where they grow up or what they become, you’ll always want to make sure that you do anything and everything you can to preserve those precious faces of their tiny newborn selves all the way through high school graduation day.

Stash away your new baby’s first pair of shoes, hold on to their hospital hat, or lock in their first haircut. The choice is yours! Each Vault includes an instruction booklet that provides detailed photos and tips to help you remember your child’s smallest moments. We want you to feel confident about the type of memories you are locking away for safekeeping; for the future when all that’s left are the stories you tell around the dinner table.

14. King James Bible & Deluxe Silver-Plated Crib Cross Gift Set

Celebrate the baptism of a loved one with this unique gift set! This thoughtful, charming set includes a beautiful personalized King James Bible, as well as a silver-plated cross for the baby’s crib.

The Bible is elegant and durable. It features Swarovski crystals on the cover and it is made to withstand lifelong use. The font is easily readable by children, and the text is formatted in two columns. The book features a satin ribbon bookmark that matches the accompanying cross. The Bible measures 4.5 x 6.5 x 1.25 inches and the cross 4.75 x 3.5. These two objects will help your loved one remain strong in their faith every day, wherever they may go!

This Bible and Cross set can become a family heirloom for generations to come!

15. Overflowing with Love Noah’s Ark Money Bank

This Noah’s Ark-themed porcelain nursery décor is perfect for a baptism gift for the newest member of your family! Add some interest to any nursery with this Noah’s Ark-themed porcelain money bank. This adorable piece will help teach children about God’s great work.

The money bank is made from porcelain, with careful hand-painting of God’s creatures, including cute elephants, adorable giraffes, charming tigers, mischievous racoons and delightful birds! The piece measures 6.5” x 3” x 5.5”.

More than just a piece of décor, this gorgeous gift can also be used as a coin container for years to come. The Noah’s Ark Money Bank has a slot at the top to put coins or bills, where they will stay safely until your little one is old enough to open it up themselves.

16. Sterling Silver Cross Charm Bracelet for Girls

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give a little one for their baptism or christening, then this bracelet is perfect for you! This sterling silver cross charm bracelet is perfect for girls, and it comes in a variety of different sizes (ages 0-12 years). It features a stylish pattern, making it a heartfelt and personal gift that won’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s handmade in the US and each bracelet arrives in a lovely suede pouch.

The sterling silver cross charm bracelet is the perfect accessory for any little girl. This charm bracelet comes with a beautiful cross design. The silver metal makes this a unique accessory that will be a favorite in her wardrobe.

17. Cross Necklace for Boys

You will never find a better Baptism gift for your baby boy! This necklace features a cross made of surgical steel with a polished finish, that is resistant to tarnishing and hypoallergenic. A heartfelt poem is inscribed into the box, dedicating this gift to the handsome young man who stands to receive it. This is an adorable and thoughtful gift and it’s ideal for any occasion, including baptisms and christenings, and for any soon-to-be-born baby boy or little church member!

The cross necklace for boys is a sleek and stylish accessory that will make a statement. The cable chain fastens with a lobster claw clasp to keep it securely in place. It measures 18 inches with a 4 inch extension. The cross pendant measures 0.6 inch (1.5 cm) by 1.1 inch (2.7 cm).

18. Sweet Teddy Bear Crib Medal for Baby Boy

A sweet, charming baby boy’s crib decoration that is perfect for outfitting any child’s nursery. This teddy bear crib medallion is engraved with a sweet prayer, making it a thoughtful gift for the baby boy in your life getting baptized. Made of high-quality pewter and wonderful for decorating your baby’s nursery, this sweet ornament is certain to become something your child will treasure forever. Whether he’s a brand new baby boy or a little toddler, this sweet medallion is sure to become a treasured adornment.

The medallion measures 2.5” wide x 2” high and there is a blue ribbon at the top to tie it to your little guy’s crib. It will make an excellent addition to any nursery and an ideal gift for any occasion.

19. Organic Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

These Organic Baby Bandana Drool Bibs by KeaBabies make the ideal gift for any boy or girl getting baptized! Not only do these bibs look amazing (they’re available in a variety of colors and patterns), but they also provide the best functionality and absorbency. In addition to being easy to use and functional, these bandana bibs are made with 100% organic cotton, which means they’re truly superior quality and also very safe for your baby!

With the size-adjustable snaps, you can be sure that these bibs will fit your baby perfectly. They can be adjusted up to three different sizes to ensure that they’re worn properly and not too tight for your baby’s comfort. You’ll love how well these bibs are made in order to protect your little one from any accidents as they do their daily activities like eating and playing.

20. Stephan Baby Embroidered Christening Bib and Bootie Socks Set

Stephan Baby’s baby boy/girl set is the perfect baptism day gift for your little one! This christening bib and bootie socks set will make any infant look like the most adorable little man or woman around! The cute white cotton material is super soft and features an embroidered cross on the bib. The bib has a button closure at the neck and the cuffed hem of the white cotton booties is topped with an embroidered cross too! This adorable set is perfect for any baby’s christening day or even for everyday wear!

Stephan Baby Christening Sets are perfect for the special day when a baby is baptized and is a practical and comfortable keepsake of the special day. The bib and booties are made of 100% cotton.

21. Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Rattle

The Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Rattle is a great gift for the little one getting baptized! It has a vintage vibe and an understated beauty that will still catch the eye of mothers everywhere. This charming gift will help to stimulate the baby’s imagination as well as their motor skills.

It has a silky, smooth finish, with a glossy silver color that’s simple and understated. It has a delicate, unique design with an embossed cross and beading details.

This classy, charming rattle is 4 inches in length, while the ends are 2 inches in diameter. The Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Rattle is beautifully made and will last for generations. It’s a beautiful gift that will bring great joy to the children who receive it today, as well as in the years ahead.

22. Teddy Bear Brush and Comb Kit Set

This is not your average brush and comb set! This gift is truly special. The kit includes a brush and comb with a charming teddy bear detail. It all comes in nickel plated metal with a silver tone finish for a classy look. The brush has soft bristles that are gentle on your baby’s hair and scalp. The comb teeth are strong and sturdy to detangle hair. Both the comb and the brush measure around 5.5 inches long.

This Teddy Bear Brush and Comb Kit Set is the perfect gift for a baptism or a birthday! It’s brimming with classically refined design and superb quality, perfect for celebrating key milestones in a child’s life. The nickel plated metal that this kit is made of gives an elegant look, worthy of any special day.

23. Catholic Baptism Candle Set in a Wooden Box

What could be better than a great gift that includes everything needed for the baptism ceremony? 

These handmade items will make for the perfect present for a godchild or godchildren, who will be receiving their sacrament of baptism. This hand-carved baptism box comes with just the right mix of religious items to welcome your newest member into the Catholic Church! 

The wooden box contains a towel to wipe the baby, a rosary, a candle symbolizing the light of Christ, and a shell which is used to pour water over the baby’s head during the sacrament.

This baptism gift includes everything you need to make your child’s first sacrament memorable indeed! This is an incredibly beautiful baptismal gift box. It comes hand crafted and hand painted by Catholic Mexican artisans.

24. Scripture Swaddle Blanket Gift Set

It can be difficult to find a gift for a Baptism of a Christening, which is why we’re so excited for these Scripture Swaddle Blanket Gift Sets! Each set includes two ultra-soft 100% cotton muslin blankets, in extra large size and featuring stunning lettering on the front of each blanket. The blankets will read: “For this child we have prayed and the Lord has granted us the desires of our hearts” in beautiful, colorful font.

This product is the perfect gift for a Christening or Baptism, and can also be used as a swaddling blanket, a nursing cover or just a soft place to lie down! The blankets are generous in size, measuring in at 4 feet by 4 feet, each one.

These thoughtful gifts are perfect for any occasion or special recipient. With their soft touch and gentle words of comfort, they make the perfect gift to help care for the baby and cherish every moment with them.

25. Personalized Olive Wood Rosary from Bethlehem

Are you looking for a baptism gift that is meaningful and personal? These Personalized Olive Wood Rosary Beads from Bethlehem are the right choice. Every personalized rosary is made in The Holy Land, in accordance with the finest traditional craftsmanship.

The rosary is entirely handmade in olive wood, which is known for its quality and durability. The olive wood stands up well to years of frequent use.

Each of these personalized olive wood rosaries have beautiful, symmetric beads and a simple large cross on the front, with an optional name engraving upon request. The child will treasure this beautiful piece for years to come, as a reminder of their faith and devotion.

26. Vilight Nursery Sign Baby Room Décor

The Vilight Nursery Sign is a unique, ornamental wall decoration that’s made of string art. It features a moon-and-stars pattern, along with a sweet nighttime prayer to help guard your little angel while they sleep peacefully.

The Vilight Nursery Sign is perfect for baptisms and baby gifts. The moon and stars décor is perfect for any baby’s room. Little ones will love looking at the heartfelt prayer every night while they drift off to sleep. This moon and star string art decorative wooden plaque comes complete with attached hardware that makes it easy to hang from any wall in your nursery but it can also stand on its own.

You can read the prayer together with your little one before bedtime to make sure they feel safe and protected by His love. The nursery wall decoration measures 11×16 inches and is printed on MDF wood and the 3D art is made with nails and cotton line.

27. Personalized Dainty Name Bar Baby Anklet

These personalized dainty name bar baby anklets are a perfect gift for parents to give their children on their birthdays, christenings, or just because.

These gold plated, sparkling anklets can be engraved with the baby’s name, date of birth or any other words to make them extra special. They make the perfect present for the baby’s baptism or christening! They are also a great idea for a baby nursery, nursery decor or wedding gift.

Since it is flat, you can use this as both a bracelet and anklet. You can choose from 3 different options: Rose Gold, Silver or Gold Plated accents. The delicate, dainty bar is approximately 0.73 inches long, and comes with a handy clasp for easy on-and-off access for the baby. This high-quality, durable name bar piece of jewelry comes in a beautiful jewelry case. It will last through the years and be treasured by the child as they grow.

28. Hudson Animal Face Bathrobe

This adorable baby bathrobe is perfect for the spring and summer weather. The 100% soft, woven, terry cotton material is extremely absorbent. The hood features a cute, cuddly elephant face. Hudson Baby designs are not only playful but also stylish. This is the perfect gift for any new mom! The soft fabric is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

With their fun prints and quality fabrics, each garment is sure to bring joy to the wearer and those who see them. Just cinch the tie around your little one’s waist and you’re ready to go!
This is an adorable bathrobe that oozes style and comfort! The textured elephant design makes this a fun gift for baby showers or baptisms.

The cute hooded robe is ideal for newborns – 9 months old. Plus, it’s machine washable so cleanup is a breeze! A fun, happy gift for kids!

29. Roman “God Created Everything” Cross Night Light

Celebrate the new addition to your family with this baptism gift! A night light in the shape of a cross will make it seem as if Jesus is watching over your little one day and night, while also reminding them that animals are also made by God. The quote on the front says “God created everything, Butterflies and birds that sing, The sun and stars and sky of blue, But best of all, Created you.”

This night light can provide a very soothing, warm and comforting nighttime ambiance to serve as a reminder to your child of just how special they are. It’s more than just another Baptism present; it’s a lifelong treasure. Nightlights don’t have to be boring or traditional! Let your child know that they were created for a reason. The night light is made of stone and resin and is shipped with protective packaging!

30. Precious Moments Mealtime Feeding Set

This kit contains five pieces of the most environmentally friendly bamboo product. Made with the highest quality, waterproof, ink-jet printing on natural bamboo, this set is made to last through your child’s first years of being nourished with pure, healthy foods. This gift set includes a bamboo plate and bowl that are perfect for mealtime fun with fruit snacks or mash-ups, a spoon and a fork, as well as a cup. 

The pieces are illustrated beautifully, along with a prayer that reads “I’m thankful for God and his gifts of love”. This will make a great baptism gift that any new parent will appreciate!

These bamboo feeding sets come in six different designs and are made with high-quality bamboo. Plus, they are simply stunning so you can feed your baby in style. They’re perfect for any occasion – but especially for a baptism gift.

31. SOFMUO Baby Dress Shoes

The SOFMUO Baby Dress Shoes are made from soft, durable and water-resistant material that ensures comfort throughout the day. The shoes feature a flat, non-slip sole which adjusts to each and every step, and laces that allow you to adjust the tightness of the shoes.

These shoes are available in various colors and designs and they are suitable for all seasons. There are many patterns and designs that would be great for a baby boy or girl. The SOFMUO Baby Dress Shoes are the perfect choice for new baby gifts and baptisms.

Fashionable, tough and smart, these shoes will fit every little angel’s style. With an array of beautiful designs, including animal prints, stripes and lace-up shoes these shoes are sure to make your little one stand out.

32. Gerber 5-pack Variety Unisex Onesies


The Gerber unisex baby bodysuits and onesies are the perfect baptism gift for baby boys or girls, with a bottom snap for easy diaper changes and a pull on closure for fast and practical dress up access. These come in a variety of colors to suit any preference.

This set of bodysuits is designed to fit infants 0-9 months old. They are available in 9 prints, which includes nursery patterns like colorful dots, pastel stripes, animals and stars. They’re made of 100% cotton with soft ribbing at the sleeves and bottom. The fabric is soft and breathable so that your child stays comfy. The unisex design is also a great option if you’re sourcing gifts for another family member or friend!

33. GUND Animated Goodnight Prayer Bear

Bedtime is the perfect time to wind down and say prayers before going to sleep. Kids love Goodnight Prayer Bear because they can recite their prayers while the bear listens before they drift off to blissful dreams. Whether your kids want to say their own personal prayers or memorize how to say a prayer, Bedtime Prayer Bear is always ready for bedtime and makes a great gift for any occasion.

More than just a furry friend, this stuffed animal also comes with several features that your little one will love! From reciting three favorite prayers to a moving head and mouth, the Goodnight Prayer Bear is sure to become a part of nighttime rituals in homes everywhere. His cuddly, soft material is sure to guarantee a good night’s sleep!

With Goodnight Prayer Bear in bedtime routines, it’s guaranteed that kids will feel safe enough to go off into dreamland without any worries or fears because they know that their buddy is right there with them.

34. Gerber Organic Cotton Nursery Crib Sheet

These Gerber Organic Cotton sheets are the perfect choice for any nursery, with soft and durable fabric that will hold up wash after wash. Made of 100% cotton jersey with organic fibers, these sheets will keep your baby happy and comfortable.

The fitted sheet fits the standard size of cribs, and the elastic band is stretchy enough to provide a snug fit without pinching, for ultimate comfort and an easy rest throughout the night. The organic jersey fabric and organic cotton feel of this sheet will keep babies warm and cozy in the winter months, while letting air circulate to keep them cool and comfortable in the summer months.

They’re available in a variety of patterns and colors, so you’re guaranteed to find the right fit for your child’s décor!

Final Thoughts

We hope this list of baptism gifts gave you ideas and inspired you! Congratulations to the little guy or girl, as well as their proud parents. Good luck on what will be a happy and wonderful day.

What are you waiting for? Share this list with friends, family members, coworkers — everyone deserves to know about these great ideas when it comes time for them to give someone an unforgettable present on their big day.