Inspired Homemade Christmas Gifts

These creative homemade Christmas gift ideas will come from the heart while avoiding the financial burden of the holidays.

Christmas can be a stressful time, especially for families who are trying to watch their budget. Gifts are supposed to be given to show loved ones how much they mean to each other. However, today’s commercialized view of the holiday has turned it into a spending spree. With the modern economy in shambles and unemployment at an all time high, why not use this holiday to get creative and give homemade gifts that come from the heart?

Homemade Sweets Will Warm Hearts This Holiday

Christmas time is full of cookies and candy, so why not follow suit and give the gift of homemade sweets this holiday? A nice basket full of treats that were made by the giver will impress and be appreciated by loved ones. There are a variety of recipes available online and in books for different types of cookies, candy, cakes, and more. Nice wrapping will make this inexpensive Christmas gift idea look very special.

Collages and Favorite Pictures Make Great Christmas Gifts

This idea is great for family members and close friends. Frames specifically made for collages can be found for as little as $20 at many retail stores containing between 5 and 20 picture slots. Once favorite pictures have been gathered relating to the receiver, arrange them in a nice fashion and this gift is ready to give! Simple, inexpensive, and full of memories and love.

Personalized Homemade Coupons Can Add Humor or Romance to the Holidays

Homemade coupons can include any number of phrases, such as ” One Free Room Cleaning, Free Full-Body Massage, or Skip Taking Out the Trash.” These can be as silly, sexy, labor-intensive, or creative as the giver wishes. Recipients of all ages will adore this gift. Simply type the desired phrase using Word, add ClipArt, and cut out appropriately. Quick, easy, and fun!

Iron-On Transfers Can Turn Ordinary Items Into Great Presents

Found at many stores, iron on transfers are inexpensive and can add a personal touch to most fabric items. Transfers can be found as letters or pictures and are extremely easy to use. These iron-ons can be added to T-shirts, tote bags, sweat shirts, and more. Turning ordinary items into one-of-a-kind gifts will sure to impress loved ones this holiday.

Get Creative!

These are just some ideas of ways families can give personalized gifts without spending too much money this holiday. Homemade Christmas gifts that take time, creativity, and love will mean more that the most expensive present found at the store. Family and friends are sure to know how much they are loved this holiday season with these ideas.