Innovative Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Colleagues

For people we spend the better part of our day with, coworkers can be a hard group to buy gifts for. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a casual colleague, yet don’t want to shop at liquidation world. There is usually not much personal information on likes and dislikes to go on. Still, a generic coffee mug would look too impersonal. Worry not. Here are a few suggestions for coworker gifts that are innovative and fun without being too staid – perfect for anyone from a hardworking assistant to an informal boss.

Coworker Gift Idea #1 – Desktop Game Sets: Golf, Table Tennis

You share a cubicle with your office mate. On slow days things get boring, and there’s no one really left to gossip about. That’s the time to whip out the mini-golf or table tennis set that you gifted your colleague. Available from novelty toy manufacturers online and in stores, desktop gaming sets make a cool and affordable gift for a coworker.

Mini game sets can be installed on flat surfaces; the table tennis set, for example, comes with a suction-cup mounted net that adheres to desks, coasters, etc. The racquets measure approximately 4×6 inches, to fit comfortably in the palm of a hand. The golf set features a tiny levered guy to tee off and includes miniature trees, pond and sand trap to provide extra challenge. Although a miniature game set may look silly at first glance, it may be just the ticket to make your coworker’s cubicle the most visited site in the office.

Colleague Gift Idea #2 – Computer Accessories: Car mice, Portable Keyboards

Working on the computer day in and day out can become tiring and drab even in the most enjoyable of professions. Why not spice up your colleagues’ work space and bring a smile to their faces every time they use their car mouse or type on their portable keyboard? Optical mice in the shape of spanking sports cars, funky BMWs and Corvettes are not only extremely cute but also ergonomically sound. Plus they are highly affordable at or below $10 a pop. There is a wide variety of colors, styles and models to choose from. Ideal gift for both male and female car lovers.

Portable silicone USB keyboards are the latest trend in on-the-go style of work. Unlike traditional, plastic keyboards, these flexible silicone ones can be cleaned with soap and water or wiped down with a damp cloth eliminating the “sticky-keys syndrome.” The keys are soft and super quiet. The flexible keyboard can be rolled up and carried anywhere without any hassle. Available in many bright colors, a portable keyboard is a cheerful and endearing gift for an out-of-the-box colleague .

Cubicle Mate Gift Idea #3 – Office Stationery: Cool Staplers, Desk Organizers

Brighten up your colleague’s run-of-the-mill desk by gifting him some snazzy stationery. Staplers in the shape of an open-jawed animal head, tree branched paper clip stands or a set of paper shredding scissors make nice gifts. Add an light-upaquarium organizer that houses all these items of stationery and your coworker’s desk is all set to help him perform. Many novelty stationery stores online and brick-and-mortar sell tons of original items at affordable prices.

Office Mate Gift Idea #4 – Cellphone Accessories: iPhone Sleeves, Bluetooth Headsets

Cellphones are arguably the new pocket dogs. People spend so much time with their wireless devices that associated gifts are always appreciated. A leather iPhone sleeve crafted by artisans and painted with vegetable pigments makes a stylish yet eco-friendly gift. For those busy executives who prefer hands-free communication, bluetooth headsets are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and features. Other cutesy ideas include cellphone holders as car seats complete with seat belts or as croc sandals, mobile charms available by various online traders.

Executive Gift Idea #5 – Beverage Related Gifts

If you have a tea or coffee aficionado for a coworker, there are plenty of gift ideas to bring them holiday cheer. A personal espresso maker can be a discreet but much used addition to a coffee lover’s desk as can a kettle and single cup combo to a tea drinker’s. Personal beverage makers come in formal as well as informal, fun styles. Cute novelty ideas include variously shaped tea infusers (submarines, animals) and stirring spoons that double up as sealing clips.