Inexpensive Valentine Gifts That May be Priceless to a Loved One

Many people face budget constraints every day. Finding a way to make ends meet often means spending money carefully and giving up luxuries, but people can still find special ways to express their love on Valentine’s Day without going into debt.

Express Love on Valentine’s Day With Heartfelt Words

Writing a personal love note that recognizes the person’s strengths, talents and abilities can be a wonderful Valentine gift. The note might be presented as part of a handmade Valentine card or may be tucked inside of a pre-made card. If cards from a store a preferred, one may wish to check for sales after Valentine’s day and purchase a few cards for next year.

Those who do not wish to write might want to tell the other person what specific things make him or her special and unique, either in person or perhaps on a recorded message. The recorded message might be hidden in a place where the person can find it later in the day. Reminiscing about times together in the past can turn into a great time of reflection. Looking through photos, home movies, and/or scrapbooks can also provide a way to focus on and enjoy memories together.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Simple Acts of Kindness

Perhaps you wish to purchase a dishwasher for a loved one but do not have the money to purchase one at the moment. Promising to wash the dishes every day for the next year and consistently following through with that promise without calling attention to oneself can be one of the most meaningful gifts a person can give or receive. Other examples of special acts of kindness to express one’s love on Valentine’s Day might include:

  • Dusting, including those hard-to-reach areas like the ceiling fan
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Cleaning and/or servicing the vehicle
  • Completing simple home improvement projects
  • Washing, drying, and hanging/folding the laundry
  • Washing the windows and mirrors
  • Preparing a special home-cooked dinner and/or dessert
  • Grooming and/or walking the dog
  • Committing to mowing and trimming the lawn
  • Cleaning the gutters

These acts of kindness can also be extended as a promise to continue them throughout the year on a regular basis in a loving and caring manner. If unsure what would be most special to the person, give him or her options from which to choose.

Time Together Can be Time Well Spent on Valentine’s Day

Simply being together, whether in person or on the phone, may be a wonderful gift to another person. Turning off the television, computer, call waiting, and other distractions, making eye contact, and participating in one-on-one engaging conversations on Valentine’s Day may mean more to the other person than a dozen red roses or a huge box of chocolate candy.

If the loved one is trying to break a habit, Valentine’s Day can be a great time to commit to lovingly help the other person. For example, if the other person is trying to quit smoking, throwing away one’s own cigarettes and offering encouragement may be quite helpful. If the other person is trying to lose weight, offering to commit to a regular exercise program such as walking or working out at a gym with him or her may give added incentive, especially if he or she has hit a plateau or may be discouraged at the time.

Special Valentine’s Day Gifts That Don’t Cost a Lot of Money

Gifts from the heart do not have to be expensive or elaborate. Sometimes the most simple but heartfelt presents are those most cherished by others. If funds are limited, many options are available to make Valentine’s Day a beautiful day to express love to others, such as writing or speaking kind words, offering help on that day or even throughout the year, and spending quality time together.