15 Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas for Neighbours

Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean cheap! If you’re looking for a thoughtful and inexpensive gift for a good neighbour, we’ve got you covered. This article will show you some of the best inexpensive thank you gift ideas without breaking the bank.

Since it’s nearly impossible to get a good estimate of what people like, trying to come up with something that somebody will appreciate on your own can be hard. Luckily, there are plenty of things that cost even less than ten dollars and still make for great gifts!

Useful Gifts

What do you get the neighbour that has everything? Something useful they don’t have already of course – like a new type of appliance or gadget they haven’t thought of themselves. There’s this whole idea that giving gifts can’t be impersonal, that gifts should come from the heart.

But what if your giftee is someone who visits your house about three times a year, and you don’t really know that well, but want to give them a memorable thought which is inexpensive but not cheap? What then? You might want to consider appliances or gadgets are always a safe bet, when the giftee isn’t, in fact,  your bestie.

1. Mini Maker for Individual Waffles, Hash Browns, Keto Chaffles

This DASH Mini Maker is compact and portable for people who want to make healthy low-carbohydrate meals on the go. This Mini Maker is a great kitchen appliance for making individual waffles, hash browns, and keto chaffles at home.

It’s equipped with several cooking modes for convenient customization, so you can make just about anything your heart desires! Whether you’re looking to balance out a carb-heavy diet or simply want to experiment in the kitchen, it is an excellent way to add diversity and flavor to your breakfast (or lunch!) routine. 

And with a non-stick coating for easy release and no mess clean-up, we’re confident this is the ideal appliance your neighbour needs. Want some tips? The perfect waffle consistency is when it’s crisp on the outside but soft on the inside –  something this waffle maker will do for you in moments.

2. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Is your neighbour a lady you know who is fastidious about her health and cleanliness routines? This is for the gal who loves to keep her hands and nails in good condition! There’s nothing that keeps this woman’s beauty more on point like great looking hands, so she needs some essentials. These Burt’s Bees products will help her keep her hands as soft, smooth, and nourished as they should be every day.

This gift set includes 3 Hand Repair Moisturizing products; 2 Creams and a  Cuticle cream – each made of different all-natural ingredients . Each product is designed to restore moisture, nourish dry hands and protect against future dryness with natural ingredients like almond milk, shea butter and lemon butter.

These three products come together as one complete, neatly packaged gift set all within a box that includes gloves to help protect your hands from any harsh chemicals or rough surfaces. This is one of those times when the simple things in life can make a world of difference. If all this describes something this fastidious lady would find interesting- you can’t go wrong with this as a gift!

3. BePuzzled Original 3D Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle 

This is the perfect brain-teaser and hour-relaxer for the neighbour who spends hours in nature observing birds. Owl lovers will be delighted with this work of art that’s perfect for them at any age. 

The 3D puzzles are more than just your run-of-the mill puzzle. Seen as one of the best puzzles in the world, this is an advanced puzzle challenge for adults and kids age 12 and up, who want a challenging brain-teaser that will leave them feeling accomplished by the end.

The puzzle is a great way to stimulate the mind, keep it sharp, and pass time as well as put together a decorative display for your neighbours’ home. There are 42 sleek interconnecting pieces- each one distinct from the other – so it’s a real brain-teaser!

Home Decor Gifts

Everybody loves gifting friends, family and acquaintances with home decor items because not only are they practical and budget-friendly, they are  also an easy way to make someone’s space more beautiful. Whether you know someone who is just starting out on their own or simply has been looking to update their space, these types of  gift ideas are all guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

4. Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Night Lights

This might seem like an unusual thank you gift, but people always appreciate something useful, no matter what the occasion. Ever have trouble using the toilet in the dark? Tired of being blinded by a bright light every time you walk into your bathroom? The solution to these troubles is finally at hand!

This set features 2 toilet lights so you never have to go without light again! It’s designed to set up without any hassle as well. It is a creative way to showcase your bathroom’s decor while simultaneously illuminating the space, which ultimately makes it more safe to use in the dark. 

5. JHENG Scented Candles Gift Set

Life is busy. Your neighbour doesn’t have time to stop and smell the roses – but they do have time to smell some aromatherapy candles! This candle gift set is the perfect choice. With twelve soy wax aromatherapy candles in 6 different scents, this set will delight even the pickiest neighbour on your thank you list. The candles are smoke free and long-lasting for an incredibly relaxing experience. 

The candles are smoke free and long-lasting for an incredibly relaxing experience. Not only does this set smell amazing, but the colors are so beautiful. The candles are a great decorative accent for interior design lovers, or people who just like beautiful things. The perfect thank you or housewarming gift!

6. Amazon Collection Celtic Pendant Necklaces

The classic cross on a chain is the perfect accessory for a woman of  Christian faith!  Celtic cross jewelry has been used by various cultures for centuries. Ancient crosses were made during the Iron Age by various cultures and in Scandinavia they were used in battle as amulets of protection. This beautiful Christian cross necklace is a perfect gift for your neighbour, loved one or even a wife.

A cross is the best way to show how much our Lord Jesus Christ loves us! Perfection of this symbol makes it an excellent gift to give or receive. Good thoughts and high quality materials that we used in production make it an outstanding piece of jewelry that lasts from generation to generation and looks great with any outfit!

7. You’re Awesome Mug

If you’re looking for a present to an awesome neighbour who is always in the kitchen making coffee for themselves or someone , then why not get them a ceramic coffee mug with a heartfelt message? There is no better way of expressing thank you in an inexpensive way than a mug printed with your message of appreciation. This can be your way of saying to someone special; “you might forget how awesome you are, but I will always remember.”

You can be sure that not only will it give them an extra warm feeling when they have the first cup of coffee of the day, but they will remember that you appreciate them enough to tell them in this thoughtful way. And if you want to give someone else a pep talk, this mug is an excellent thank you gift idea.

8. Blue Mountain Arts Miniature Easel Print with Magnet

This  easel magnet print is the sweetest way to say thank you even if you aren’t even present to do so in person. Most people know that refrigerator magnets are an affordable, creative, fun and practical way to decorate your refrigerator with something that is personal and unique to you.

However, some people may not realize the extent of these little beauties’ potential for home organization and interior design- a fridge magnet can be both a source of inspiration as well as a surface on which to write lists, reminders etc – or, as in this case, just to have that warm feeling about someone you know well and miss. 

9. Lavender Heated Neck Wrap

Anxiety and stress are unfortunately becoming a part of our everyday lives, especially in this hectic modern age. People these days are pulled in various directions, with work deadlines to meet and responsibilities to juggle.

This comforting “warmie” to destress the neck and eye muscles of the neighbour you would like to say thank you to has a unique message – “say thank you to yourself when you self-care”. The aromatherapy storage bags to destress the eye and neck area are filled with lavender and beads which you can heat in the microwave to apply fragrant , soothing heat to your stressed face and neck muscles.

10. Let Your Light Shine Matthew 5:16, A Box of Blessings

Do you have a friend who is a Christian and is always at hand to help out? This is the perfect way to say “thank you for all you do, and for all you mean”. Some faith-driven folk carry a small hand pocket bible with them, but others prefer a gift like this – 101 little verses to pick from during the stress of a busy day to remind them of their faith and encourage them through the day. This little box of Christian “comfort candy” is decorated with soft flowers and other reminders of the beauty of their faith.

11. “Thank You” 3-in-1 Gift Pens

Stylus + ballpoint pen + LED light – all in one! Now that’s what we call a triple threat. Why? Well, because this little gadget is every bit as functional as it is stylish and practical.

The Thank You 3 in1 Pen is the perfect gift for anyone with a smartphone or touch screen device (including tablets). With its three features, it’s sure to be the best gift your neighbour has ever received.

The LED light is located on the top of the pen, and it can be used to light up items not only in dim environments, but also during power outages.

This is really an  ideal gift for any boss, coworker, wife, husband, or a good neighbour in your life and perfect for the tech-savvy individual who wants to combine their love of high-quality writing, with their modern mobile device usage. 

12.  Wooden Hanging Heart Plaque-Sign Gift

Do you have a neighbour who is always at hand and never says no to the most insignificant of neighbourly favours? Now is the time to say thank you for that greatest home gift of all- a friendly neighbour! If you’re looking for a thoughtful and beautiful way to express your gratitude, this handcrafted wooden sign will do the trick!

You’ll love the rustic, welcoming look of this wooden sign. This sign is a treasured keepsake and would make the perfect gift for any occasion. Your neighbour can hang it on their porch to welcome guests as they arrive and say goodbye when they leave.

The simple gesture of a handmade wooden sign can mean so much more than we often realize at the time, because it will remind  your neighbour that their kindness has not gone by unappreciated – it’s an old-time way of saying an old-time thank you.

13. Owl Pot Ceramic Serial Set

Some people love owls because they’re cute and seem friendly. Still others simply see owls as an emblem for wisdom, intelligence and success. The truth is that there is no one reason why some people love owls, but once an owl-lover, always an owl-lover. If your favorite owl loving neighbor is also a plant lover, here is the perfect way to say thank you with a serial planter set in the design of six cute ceramic owls.

They’re great for decoration, can be used on the desk, work well with succulents, and even other plants, make a perfect gift idea, and are made out of ceramic to prevent rusting. Sun-E provides everything your plants need in these pots! These six little pots are perfect enough to fit in any corner of your neighbours’ office or home.  

Some people are just classic bookworms. They love the look , the feel and the smell of paper books and can’t even pick up a Kindle with complete ease. For these type of people reading is not only a pastime , but a ritual and a fine art. Do you have a lady living in your neighbourhood who you could classify as the original bookworm? This is the perfect gift to say thank you for what she means to you –  an ornate metal bookmark.
If you’re a book-lover, you might be surprised to learn that bookmarks weren’t always the little pieces of cardboard we now use for saving our page. In the past, people saved their place with a variety of items, including string and ribbon. The tradition of ornate metal bookmarks is a centuries-old European concept that originated during the Renaissance, when they became popular. Metal ornaments have been used by humans to cover and decorate objects since ancient times. 
This handmade accessory to your friends favorite hobby is the most elegant thought you could add to her reading ritual. This colorful design will bring life and luster to thier favorite book as they flip through pages while sipping morning coffee. Let this elegant bookmark be a special gift for yourself or a great neighbour on any occasion you would like to say thank you! This is a work of art , and not simply a bookmark!

15. Beer Chiller Sticks for Bottles

You stop by the supermarket, buy your beers ,and of course, off-the-shelf they are still warm – as you know there is nothing worse than a luke-warm beer, when you are looking forward to your icy favorite. 

Introducing the newest innovation in bottle cooling! These stainless steel Beer Chiller Sticks can be put into your cold drink to chill them, and when it’s time to go, they fit right on the top of your beer bottles so you can take them with you.  This set includes two Beer Chiller Sticks that come in a reusable storage pouch that fits anywhere inside a backpack or cooler.

In summary

If you want to show someone how much you care about them, or how grateful you are for all they mean to you, there are a few ways to say thank you. And the first one – the simplest way – is through saying thank you with a smile on your face in person. However, if that’s not possible or applicable, the above  is an outline of what else to do- just saying thank you with a meaningful, inexpensive gift.