26 “I am Sorry” Gifts for Men (Husbands, Boyfriends or Any Other Men) Whose Feelings You Have Hurt…

If you’ve been in a relationship for any length of time, there may come a time when one of you needs to apologize to the other.  A good apology gift for men cannot only help to repair a relationship, but will also be appreciated. The key is to cater to his tastes and unique personality.

This list includes some of the most popular apology gifts for men, as well as many others that just might hit the nail on the head! It is hard enough to apologize without having to deal with buying a gift too. Here we have done all the work of finding a gift for you!

Whether it’s for something as simple as leaving the toilet seat up or more serious like calling your partner ugly, here are some gifts that will remind your man how much he means to you and ensure that he forgives and forgets!

1. Aromaflare Scented Candle

A well-timed apology is a powerful tool. It can be the start of a new beginning, or just the right way to ease tensions between two people. But the wrong apology can leave you hanging on an awkward note. So what’s an apologetic gal to do? Give this lovely candle a try!

As an apology, this candle is chock full of understated elegance. It’s uniquely light and airy in a subtle amber color and features two elegant scents, lavender and eucalyptus, with a subtle touch of citrus. The candle is also long-lasting, with 100% soy oil and 7 oz. wax. And the best part? The scent is earthy, fresh and pleasantly soft…

2. Skechers Men’s Relment-Pelmo Hiking Boot

When the outdoor type of man is wearing the right footwear he really feels on top of the world and ready to handle any hiking challenge. Technically, this is a hiking boot. So, if he’s looking for a boot that can take on rugged terrain or protect his feet from sharp debris and other uncomfortable objects, these may be the ones for him! They have contoured support zones to make sure you’re stable in slippery conditions or uneven terrain.

In addition to this, they have thick rubber soles that are protective and tough enough to have no problem keeping your feet safe even after prolonged exposure. The fact that these boots come from Skechers doesn’t mean they’ll come with a hefty price tag—you’ll be really surprised at how affordable they are. The design is tough and rugged enough to be completely water-proof, yet it is made from memory foam inside which means it is snug and modern as well!

3. Collapsible Luggage Clothes Bag

So, your husband’s business trips are not just one or two day events—he’s often away for  a week at a time. Plus, you know how men are when they don’t have the right place to keep their dirty laundry, they just shove it in the suitcase with all the rest. This can cause some embarrassing business moments if your husband’s freshly laundered outfits begin to take on the odor of his soiled clothing.

Introducing the spacious, yet collapsible laundry bag  that is designed with your husband in mind. The durable design is made with the best nylon—no fear of this bag breaking and embarrassing you at the airport with a cascade of dirty clothes. Nor do you have to fear that it will suddenly break open, since it is completely secured by a drawstring.

4. Body and Earth 9-Piece Citrus Scented Spa Set

Many people don’t think that men appreciate spa gifts. This is not true—men like to refresh in a bath or shower just as much as woman do. What men don’t like are  feminine-scented spa sets. However, there are a lot of fragrances, like sandalwood and citrus, which are fresh and appealing to both men and women.

Of course, your husband will not appreciate a rose scented spa gift, but he might really appreciate this citrus fragrance during his next bath or shower. Give the man in your life the luxury of better skin and a deep sense of calm with this spa set, complete with everything they need to indulge in some much-needed R&R.

Plus, this set is more affordable than most because it offers such a wide selection of products: 9 items all in all (from body lotion to shower gel to a loofa for a tough scrub,  and much more)—made from all-natural ingredients that will not irritate your husband’s skin! This manly body pamper set comes with its own masculine-looking toiletry bag. Once the products are finished,  if you find he really likes this refresh and relax self-care spa idea, you can fill the bag with new spa ideas!

5. Deluxe Ghirardelli Tower by Wine Country Gift Baskets

Food is the best gift for the man who has everything, yet deserves that special thought. Food gift hampers are always carefully thought-out choices, filled to the brim with this choice item and that gourmet delight. Then there are those gift hampers that are personalized for chocolate lovers, like this one—full snacks from the famous Italian chocolatier, Ghirardelli. The tower is full of some of their best products in both milk and dark chocolate ranges. A lovely way to say “I am sorry!”

6. Viu Whiskey Glass Set

For the man who is proud of his home bar and loves to entertain, there is nothing to warm the heart more than the gift of more fine whiskey glasses to refine his home bar entertainment life-style. The whiskey glasses in this set have a craftsman twist to the glass at the bottom giving them a unique stylish appearance. Welcome to the world of whisky and whiskey enthusiasts and the best whiskey gifts!

This unique whiskey glasses and chilling stones set is perfect for any male whiskey home-bar hobbyist. The Viu 8-piece Whisky Glass Set, together with stainless-steel cooling stone and two elegant bourbon glasses is the ultimate gift for any whisky savant. The classic bourbon glass (10 oz./300 ml) is specially crafted for the savoir-fare male, for tasting the rich flavors of whiskey, bourbon and scotch. Take his home-bar lifestyle to the next level with this thoughtful gift!

7. Kindle Paperwhite 

This is the clash: you are the typical millennial minimalist and he is the typical millennial read-all. There is one simple solution to this potential millennial-marriage-at-odds  situation: buy him the latest Kindle this Father’s day, and even your children will breathe a sigh of relief that they have more space for their toys and valuables. This new international version is waterproof (so it’s safe to take outdoors anywhere) and has twice the storage as before.

The light from this Kindle can project a crisp, clear text and picture on any book or document you read. It’s convenient to carry around anywhere without worrying about it getting ruined because of water or dirt. Your husband will be amazed at the fact that the technology is the thinnest and lightest—it’s like reading a paper page, even in the full sunlight!

Now he can go on holiday loaded up with a library of must-reads all on this lightweight device that weighs almost nothing in his personal luggage. He’ll soon be taking it everywhere with him because its so convenient: on business trips, while waiting in his vehicle before the children come out of school—it’s just that lightweight and handy to have around.

Charge it up just once at you can keep reading for weeks on end—that’s how sophisticated this simple looking screen really is! And let’s be honest—paper books, even paperbacks, all mount up in the family budget. With Kindle, you can carry on reading indefinitely and it hardly feels like an expense at all!

8. Bosttor Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Light

Does your family have a long winter ahead of you? Your husband is a sporty type and is all set to go training for  hours per day for the foreseeable future. The only thing that’s missing, in his opinion, is a pair of high quality headphones to block out some white noise and make it easier on his ears. In fact, this Bluetooth beanie with a headlight might just be the answer to his sound problem—especially since he trains from early in the morning and, when he gets back from work, he trains in the dusk hours as well.

Bosttor is a company that specializes in cutting-edge winter gear. They make amazingly comfortable headwear that keeps you warm, has all the latest technology, and looks great. This Bosttor Bluetooth beanie with a light is the the perfect winter accessory. It has all the features you could want in a hat and is sure to provide you with great convenience whether for training or just going on long winter walks at dusk.

This cap has two built-in speakers (one on each side of your head) that allow you to listen to music while keeping your hands free. The LED lights also make it easy for people to see you when you are on the road in the dark hours, so there’s no need for a flashlight! It boasts a USB charging port: with the handy cable it takes about two hours to be fully charged, and keeps going for as many as 10 hours on one charge.

The powerful  headlight has three settings for brightness and lights up your path directionally ahead of you for up to 30 feet. The material is an acrylic blend and is perfectly insulated against the wind and cold, making those long winter training sessions your husband loves seem like the easiest part of his day.

9. YouTheFan NFL 3-Piece Spirit Series BBQ Grill Set

If a family loves sports and the outdoors, they usually spend a lot of time BBQing in the garden as well. Is the word “Patriots” never far from your husbands lips? This stainless steel grill set with spatula and a two sturdy bottle openers on the end of the fork & tongs is a must for avid football enthusiasts and grillers or barbeque lovers.

The three utensils are made of sturdy stainless steel that will add style to your kitchen or backyard. The fork has a serrated edge, the spatula features an end for flipping burgers, salmon, and shrimp with ease. The handles feature the “Patriots” design and color scheme—a great addition to those all around sporting event celebrations your family loves to hold with friends.

10. SOAR NFL ShockBox Bluetooth Speaker

For the man who likes to carry a big sound around with him wherever he goes, this Bluetooth speaker makes a great gift. It’s lightweight and portable but has a big sound capacity—a great speaker for football fans. It features crisp stereo sound with a 30ft wireless range and talk-time of over 6 hours while giving the listener up to 5 hours of music time.

The speaker is rechargeable via micro USB cable and has a durable 4mm tough ABS outer shell. It’s compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device that has a built in Bluetooth function to pair with smartphones and tablets. The speaker comes with its own carrying bag for easy transportability and storage when not in use.

If you’re looking for a speaker to bring with you on the go, this is one of the best options. The sound quality is amazing—you will be blown away by the excellent sound. It gets very loud without distorting the sound at all.

11. NFL Philadelphia Eagles Wireless Charger and Desktop Organizer

Here is another winning idea for a dedicated sports fan. Some desk organizers that have cell phone chargers are just a bit too big and overdone in their design. This organizer is fine for your bedside table—handy enough to pop in just the few essentials (like glasses, pens or scissors) you want to keep organized and within easy reach. The 10 Watt charge ( with a 5 volt input voltage) is wireless and even charges through the phone case, so it’s easy to dock your phone for every charge-up. It has an all around compatibility with USB chargers; so simple to use!

12. Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Gold Gift Box

Godiva Chocolatier is one of the world’s leading makers of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate products, and has been for almost one hundred years: savor the exquisite craftsmanship of classic Belgian chocolates together once again. Chocolate Gold is a gift box bursting with decadent chocolates from Godiva. There are more than 70 assorted pieces inside this beautiful, gold box—perfect for any occasion.

A  large and exquisite assortment of our best-selling signature chocolates, with dark, milk chocolate and white chocolate shells combined with fruity, nutty fillings and much more. Godiva uses only the world’s finest ingredients to create a perfect dessert or festive indulgence. Buy him this and spend the day tucking in together into a chocolate box of your dreams.

13. Siskiyou Sports NFL Unisex-Adult Flashlight Key Chain With Bottle Opener

What are the two items you always find you need in a hurry and at hand? My guess is that enough light and a bottle opener would be two of them. What if you could have these handy whenever you carry your keys —on a key chain? For all the football fans out there, this Siskiyou Sports NFL  Key Chain is a must-have. This awesome gift is perfect for football season: it features a durable and sturdy metal body that comes in NFL teams colors. This is a thoughtful “I am sorry” gift for any sports lover.

14. Multitool Pen 

There is nothing like a great pen that writes well; if you could have a great pen which writes well and is handy for a myriad of other tasks as well, that would be an even better pen to have on hand. This is not an average pen—it is also a multi-tool combining 6 in one function; the ballpoint pen comes with three refills, it combines a screw driver with a spirit level, a ruler, a pocket clip and an touchscreen stylus.

Multitool pens are extremely popular high convenience tools nowadays, with their sleek design and their survivalist/DIY versatility—many handymen just can’t do without them always at hand.

The BIIB Multitool Pen is definitely one of the most helpful tools you could ever find. It has been designed to have multiple related functions to make work easier. Created in tough aluminum, it will go the extra mile with you, and won’t break easily.

15. USHAKE Foldable Super Wide Brim Fishing Hat Bucket Safari Hat

The facial skin area needs the maximum protection for sporting men who spend a lot of time in the sun practicing day-long sports like fishing, during which their faces could be exposed to all kinds of elements—not only excessive heat rays. USHAKE fishing hat is the ultimate outdoor gear for the great outdoors.

It carries all the features you need for a day in the sun, and more. The UPF – 50+ protects you from deadly UV rays, making it ideal for avid fishermen, hunters, golfers or anyone who enjoys spending time outside. One of its best features is that it can withstand rain—and even water downpours!

USHAKE also dries quickly after getting wet, so you don’t have to worry about feeling too hot and sweaty when you’re out in the sun on a hot summer day. It is designed with a wide brim to shield the wearer’s face and neck from the sun. 

This comfortable hat is lightweight and easy-to-pack, perfect for outdoor activities. It can be folded up into a small package for ease of  packing. The hat itself has a pocket for storing extra accessories like sunglasses or sunscreen bottle.

16. Manhattan Cocktail Kit – The Cocktail Box Co

If your home is already cluttered with a lifetime of thoughtful gifts your husband just can’t use up or give away because he’s really got too much of everything; here is another type of gift that is always appreciated by the man who has too much—a consumable gift.

This type of gift will give him many memorable moments over a personalized cocktail at your home bar or on an outing in the wild—mix it with some rye whiskey, and your moment is ready to be enjoyed amongst friends. It’s perfect for travel. Pop it in your hand luggage, order a whiskey on the plane, slip one of these mixes into the standard airline drink, and bingo, you have a perfect cocktail for the long or short flight.

The Cocktail Kit is great for anyone who wants to get their feet wet in the world of making cocktails, but it’s also perfect for the more experienced bartender. The Manhattan cocktail kit comes full of amazing ingredients and you’ll be able to make several cocktails with them, so you can really customize to fit your mood. 

17. Picnic Backpack for 4 Person Set

This is a great apology gift for the man of the house who is trying to keep numerous picnic outings organized. We all want to be able to take a break from the stresses of life and enjoy a picnic, but it’s not always easy to find a good storage to carry everything in one trip. Use this amazing 4-person picnic backpack set and you’ll have no trouble at all.

It’s made of heavy duty polyester fabric. The fabric is water-proof and stitched in non-fraying fabric. It comes with extra strong zippers that will last for years. The insulated lining will keep your food fresh and delicious while you’re having fun outdoors. Be prepared for fun in the sun, rain or snow with this 4-person picnic backpack!

Perfect for a summer day at the park, evening at the beach, or winter camping trip to your favorite ski resort. The convenient compartments allow you to bring along food and drinks for up to four people. The cooler compartment has plenty of room for all your favorites! The fleece blanket makes a perfect sit-on outdoors during chilly evenings. It can comfortably hold all the outing plates and cutlery for your four-unit family, and comes with its own detachable water bottle that fits into the design.

18. LEMONSODA Cocktail Shaker Set

This really is a must-have for the man about the bar always ready to entertain family and friends. LEMONSODA’s cocktail shaker set is made of stainless steel and lead free glass materials, which are both durable and attractive. The bar kit comes with 8 chunky pieces and will make the perfect addition to your home bar. This stylish cocktail shaker set is easy to use, looks chic and also a lot of fun.

It has everything you need to make a proper cocktail, including a strainer, as well as the correct and essential bar tools. Also, there is a measuring cup for measuring the ingredients and jiggers for serving extra strong drinks or drinks with a high content of ice. The set makes for easy cleanup as it comes with a stainless steel cocktail accessories. These are dishwasher safe and durable, so you can mix up a couple of drinks at once or just use them for decoration.

Additionally, due to the  composition of the materials, when you mix different flavors in the same cup it has no effect on the flavor of the various cocktail beverages. To use, add all ingredients to the cocktail shaker, fill with ice, and shake until well blended. Pour into a glass and enjoy! It’s that easy!  

19. Barry Wang Designer Men’s Tie Collection

Despite the age of smart work and casual clothes many men still have to work in a suit and the old fashioned tie is still the most distinguishing accessory of the day. Is your husband one of those old time nine-to-fivers who leaves home every day in an obligatory suit and tie? This would be a loving thought for any apology you need to make. 

The Barry Wang designer tie collection comes in a stylish gift box containing accessories like tie clips and matching cufflinks. The set includes both a tie clip and hanky clips. It’s the perfect way to dress up your next formal event this season!

This set displays remarkable style, as well as items made of durable stainless steel. It’s also perfect for your favorite father-figure who still dresses up in business attire, but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort for fashion… Barry Wang will make his life much more stylish and fashionable!

20. Old Spice, 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Want to apologize in style? Make it memorable and surprising—with this apology gift package for Men. This gift set includes all the essentials: Old Spice Deodorant, Shampoo & Conditioner 2-in-1 and Dove Men+Care Body Wash. Forget about going down the same ol’ road of giving lame gifts that he’s already got!

Many rugged types of men don’t like to waste their precious outdoor time on spa sets in the bathroom and those kinds of tedious cleaning routines, but are nevertheless quite fastidious about keeping clean and washing their hair in the shower every day.

Men of this generation grew up with this masculine fragrance favorite and cannot resist a gift of this brand name; its such a firm consumer must-have in the bathroom. This 2 set pack will keep your husband happily showering for some time!

21. Cocktail Mixology Shaker Set by Royal Reserve

Has your husband been entertaining with cocktails recently and is so enjoying the art of drink mixing that he is hankering to try his skills with a more sophisticated set? This might be the perfect apology gift for your entertainer about the house. This 16-piece cocktail mixology shaker set includes bar accessories held in an elegant bamboo stand, just like the stuff that real pros use on the bar top.

The set is perfect for the aspiring bartender or for a seasoned professional who wants to provide top-notch cocktails at their bar. With this kit you’ll be able to make everything from the most simple gimlet to the fanciest margarita and more! Other items in this set in a recipe book chock full of tasty drink ideas. All accessories are made of durable, robust stainless steel that’s easy to keep clean in your home dishwasher.

22. T shirt Folding Board

Did you have a huge fight about him leaving his wrinkled T shirts on the floor? Well why not kill 2 birds with one stone and fix the issue? This might not seem like the most exciting gift, but for those trips away from home, its so easy to pack, and saves hours of clumsy finger fumbling when your husband just wants to join the rest of the company in the bar room. With the help of this handy T shirt folder, you can finally have a neat and organized room. The design of the product makes storage easier and more space-efficient. This product will make all your clothes properly folded up, so they won’t get wrinkled or dirty in the meantime!

23. Luxury Gold Spirits Chilling Stone Gift Set with Premium Gift Box

This is a memorable “I am sorry” gift for home bar time, adding a pizzazz to your home entertaining that no one will forget. If you’re the type of person who enjoys those rare sipping moments while lounging on your modern day luxury sofa or bed, or at his home bar with friends, you’ll need a little help in the chilling out department.

This luxury set includes eight hexagonal stones that are made from gold-plated stainless steel and ice. These stones will keep your favorite spirit chilled for hours without diluting it with water or melting it with heat! It comes packaged beautifully in a premium gift box, so that you can celebrate any occasion by chilling whatever mood strikes your fancy. The stainless steel, gold-plated stones are filled with a freezing agent and work better than traditional natural stones, keeping the drink colder for longer.

24. THRIVE Natural VIP Men’s Skin Care Set

The face is the most sensitive aspect of any man’s grooming routine—whatever a man can skip in his grooming habits, he can’t neglect his face. Frequent shaving makes a mans facial skin particularly sensitive to wear-and-tear over time, and a gift like this is sure to be appreciated. The skin is a living organ which should be pampered to remain in good health.

The THRIVE Natural Skin Care Set is made with organic ingredients that are gentle enough on your skin but tough on the grime of your day like smog or dirt—even from construction site work. Every man wants to feel his best. They want to look sharp, and smell great. The THRIVE set includes a wash, an exfoliate, a shave cream and aftershave lotion for excellent grooming on the go or at home. It contains many organic and unique natural ingredients that promote healthy skin for both face & body hair, making it a perfect apology gift for him.

25. Lindt Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

Chocolates are a firm favorite whenever someone needs to beg for forgiveness. This slim box of chocolates is just the right size to pack into his hand luggage the next time he has a business trip for a couple of days and wants something sweet and gourmet to nibble on on the plane! 

The gift set contains four classic Lindt truffle flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and hazelnut. The milk chocolate is a smooth, harmonious mouthful of subtle sweetness combined with an unctuous creaminess. The classic dark chocolate offers a milk-chocolate-based flavor enhanced by a delicate hint of roasted cocoa nibs. The sensuous white chocolate provides a creamy flavor with notes of vanilla that melt on the palate for a mellow, lingering finish. The final truffle in the box is a praline-filled hazelnut ganache coated in silky milk chocolate for contrast and balance in every bite. It is a sweet way to say sorry!

26. ALLCAMP 9 Piece Wine Travel Bag

 Does your husband have a wine cellar he is always investing in some rare wine or other? Is one of your most treasured moments together always when you are sipping a new wine you have never savored before? Does he always remember to select one or two wines before you go on any family outing together?

This is one of the handiest gifts for men like this—it keeps two wine bottles cool while you are arriving at the event destination and is easy to carry with you. The zipper design is robust and sturdy, so it’s impossible for the wine bottles to accidentally slip out. This Allcamp wine tote bag is perfect for all your family and friends summer shenanigans.

Whether you’re going on a picnic, to a concert, or just drinks in the park with friends, this wine cooler bag will keep your favorite bottles of wine cold and protected from the elements until you need them. The insulated sides and top make sure that your drinks stay at their optimal temperature throughout; plus, the handles are tough and easy to hold onto—so convenient!  Its so stable you can even pour yourself some wine while on the go! What more could you want out of a practical and useful apology gift?

In Summary

If you’re looking for a great way to apologize and move past an argument or disagreement with someone, consider one of the gifts we mentioned in this post! They can be a valuable tool in showing how much you care about the person’s well-being and happiness. With so many different options out there—from chocolate covered strawberries to cocktail sets—there’s sure to be something that fits your budget and style preferences.

If you have any gift ideas, leave them in the comments below! We’ll be sure to check them out and add them to our resource database! Remember, it is never too late to say “I am sorry!” in style!