How to Save Money on Gifts

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or your son’s graduation, you don’t need to go into debt when you buy gifts. Check out the following pointers, which are a step beyond that old saying, “it’s the thought that counts.”

Think About the Packaging

Stop buying wrapping paper and gift bags. Instead, save up all of the paper and bags you’ve received from others and reuse them. And try to go eco-chic — wrap up gifts in newspaper or even a collage of old photos. In the end, you’re not only saving a few bucks, you’re also doing the planet some good.

Dollar Store Deals

There’s no need to visit an expensive boutique for a birthday present. Make it sentimental by going to the dollar store and purchasing a picture frame or album. Fill them up with your favourite photos and insert a personal letter with your story. Your friend, family member or special someone will be grateful for the personal touch.

Dinner for Two

Prepare his or her favourite meal in your home. Light candles and set the table. This definitely beats spending money at a restaurant and paying the server a tip.

Poetic Gift Idea

Visit the library and take out lots of books on poetry. Write or type down your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or family member’s favourite poems. Or better yet, choose poems that describe him or her. Insert them in a duotang binder and decorate the front with stickers or photos you find in old magazines or newspapers.

Music Makes the Perfect Present

Get in touch with your inner deejay and make a CD for him or her. Try this: find out the number-one hits from the year your friend was born and compile them together. Make up a catchy album title and you’ll give your friend a good laugh.

Bake Some Treats

Who doesn’t love cookies, muffins, cakes or tarts? Bake goodies in your own kitchen at no cost (that is, if you don’t need to purchase ingredients). All you need to do now is go to a dollar store and purchase a cute tin or container. Or you can purchase a one-dollar mug and fill it with homemade cookies.

Bargain Book Deals

Does your sister love to read? Then go to your bookstore and check out the bargain section. For a few dollars, you’ll be surprised to see the books you can get such as former bestsellers, dictionaries, how-to manuals and such.

Overall, you don’t need to spend much to show that persona you appreciate him or her. Read flyers for deals, make your own gifts at home and don’t forget to reuse wrapping paper and gift bags.