How to Congratulate a New Homeowner

Whether you’re going to a housewarming party for a newlywed or your best friend, bringing a gift is highly recommended. These tips are not only easy on your time, but they’ll also be enjoyed by any new homeowner, male or female.

Grab a Bucket

Purchase a bucket and fill it with bathroom necessities, such as soap, sponges, towels, you name it. There’s no doubt that the homeowner will find this to be the most useful gift.

Personalize Coasters

If you want to add a personal touch to the gift, find a set of photo coasters at your local kitchen or department store. Print out photos from your computer, cut them according to size and place them inside the coasters.

Buy a Dish

Purchase a platter, candy dish or tray. Add homemade cookies and you have not only a personalized gift, but also one that hardly took money out of your wallet.

Get a Gift Certificate

Gift certificates aren’t as cold as they seem – if you get one that’s specific for the home, such as Home Hardware, Wal-Mart or Home Outfitters, they’re very handy. However, if you are planning on getting a gift certificate specific to alcohol, this isn’t an appropriate gift if the recipient doesn’t drink.

Give a Subscription

Get your friend or family member a paid subscription to a home magazine or his or her favourite publication.

Make Fresh Air

Make a natural home potpourri without any chemical-laden materials, which could induce allergies on the new homeowner. Try this method:

  • Gather cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.
  • Crush them and mix them together in a small pouch.
  • Then tie up the pouch with an elegant ribbon.

Provide Flowers and a Vase

A batch of flowers or even a unique plant like bamboo are perfect. However, where will they put them if they don’t have a vase? Along with your dozen roses, add a glass vase to the gifted package.

Throw PIllows

If you’re crafty, try knitting a pillow for the new homeowner. It’s easier than you might think, too. Knit two sides of the pillow, sew together and add stuffing inside. Just make sure you pick a neutral-coloured, especially if you’re unsure of what colour the home is.

Overall, housewarming gifts aren’t too complicated, they just show that you care. Personalize them with photos, crafts or potpourri, or get the recipient something they’ll need in the long haul, such as a bucket with supplies. Gift certificates, too, are excellent ways to show your appreciation while giving the recipient an open option of getting whatever he or she desires.