Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give a personalized, romantic present that is homemade to a spouse or significant other. Spend time creating a thoughtful gift for a loved one to build special memories.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Card

Instead of spending four or five dollars on an impersonal Valentine’s Day card, get creative and make one. Get out some basic craft supplies such as scissors, scrap paper, magazines, construction paper, and glue. Ribbon, buttons and stickers are also fun embellishments for homemade cards. Decorate the card using scraps of paper and other embellishments. Find a quote, song lyrics, or a poem that describes your relationship for the front or inside of the card and handwrite it.

Romantic and Simple Homemade Gift

Romantics who don’t consider themselves crafty can make this simple, romantic gift. Go to a local dollar store or craft store and purchase a clear container. Then stop by the grocery store to pick up hot chocolate mix, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows. Place the hot chocolate mix in first filling the container about two-thirds full and then layer the chocolate chips and marshmallows on top. Make a tag out of scrap paper and write hot chocolate for two on it. Attach the tag to the container with a decorative ribbon. Think about including a romantic DVD with this gift that can be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day together while sipping delicious hot chocolate.

Personalized Valentine’s Day Coupons

Give a personalized gift that doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make. Cut a piece of construction paper or scrapbook paper into five to ten coupons. Write down experiences and tasks that you can give your spouse or significant other. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day coupon examples to use:

  • This coupon is good for 1 hug.
  • This coupon is good for 3 kisses.
  • This coupon is good for 10 minutes of cuddling.
  • This coupon is good for breakfast in bed.
  • This coupon is good for dinner and a movie.
  • This coupon is good for a 20 minute massage.
  • This coupon is good for a candlelit bubble bath.
  • This coupon is good for a clean kitchen.
  • This coupon is good for a picnic in the park.
  • This coupon is good for 2 loads of laundry.

This is a great idea for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend this Valentine’s Day but wants to show his significant other that she’s special and loved. Place the coupons in a decorated envelope or attach them together by punching a hole in one corner and tying them together with a ribbon.

Make this Valentine’s Day more personal by giving a homemade gift from the heart such as a Valentine’s Day card, hot chocolate mix for two or Valentine’s Day coupons.