Homemade Holiday Gift Baskets on a Budget

The holidays are here and many people are looking for homemade, budget-friendly gift ideas. A homemade holiday gift basket is a great idea, fun to make and simple to do. The items for each themed basket can be found at a dollar store, discount store or can all be homemade.

Gather The Gift Basket Basics

The process is short and simple by gathering all of your supplies first and making your baskets as you go along. Many items needed to make a homemade holiday gift basket can be found inexpensively at dollar stores, Goodwill stores, craft stores, discount retailers, online and thrift shops. The items needed include:

  • Baskets or containers to put all the items in. Baskets of all shapes and sizes can be found at the dollar store. Container ideas include large bowls or containers in plastic, porcelain or glass for a nice, classic touch. Terracotta flower pots also make great containers.
  • Material to fill the bottom of the container. An inexpensive idea is to use shredded paper from home. Other ideas include tissue paper or paper shred found at the dollar store. One last idea is to use newspaper to fill the majority of the container up and cover with 2-3 pieces of tissue paper.
  • Cellophane wrap to finish the basket. Cellophane can be purchased at a dollar store, craft store, discount store or found online. If it’s a homemade fruit basket, purchase shrink wrap and not plain cellophane. It is heat activated, secures the fruit and prevents moisture or any debris from touching the food items.
  • Gather the gifts for each basket and small items to fill in empty spots. Chocolates, hard candies, homemade gifts like truffles, chocolate lollipops or small inexpensive dollar store ornaments.

Homemade Gift Basket Theme Ideas

A themed basket simplifies what items to get for the basket because it’s around one central idea. The homemade themed gift basket can be tailored to the recipients favorite hobbies, activities, profession or just what they enjoy the most like bath items, coffee or chocolate.

Try the following themes for the holidays this year:

  • Movie Lover’s Basket – Include an assortment of popcorn, mixed nuts, sodas, assorted candy and one or two dvd movies. Throw in an individual fleece blanket rolled up and tied with ribbon to snuggle up with.
  • A Couples Gift Basket – Include taper candles with holders for a table, a set of wine glasses, a bottle of wine, box of homemade or store-bought chocolates, truffles and maybe a few homemade baked goods.To jazz it up some more if the budget allows, include a gift card in a small denomination to a local home decorating store, movie tickets or a gift card to a restaurant.
  • Homemade Treats in a Basket – Whip up some homemade baked goods like assorted cookies, brownies, chocolates, and bread. Wrap each item individually. This gift basket can also include other homemade items like jam, canned seasonal vegetables, pieces of fruit to fill in an empty space.
  • Holiday Basket –Fill this basket with seasonal items like place mats, napkins, candles, scented pine cones, ornaments and small seasonal decor.
  • Bath and Body Gift Basket – This basket can be for him or her. Include homemade bath and body items for her like bath salts, bath tea, lip gloss, hand lotion, shower gel and soaps. Inexpensive bath and body items can also be found at the dollar store. Include candles, a mug or teacup with a box of tea, washcloths individually rolled up and tied with a bow, hand towels, cooling eye mask, bath sponges and other fun body care items. Easy homemade bath and body gift ideas and recipes.
  • Simply Fruit Basket – Gather fruits that don’t perish quickly including apples, oranges, pears and grapefruits. Include chocolates, assorted coffee or tea, a coffee mug and a few recipe ideas for the fruit.
  • Earth-Friendly Holiday Gift Basket for the environmentally conscious recipient on the list full of environment-friendly gifts.
  • Holiday Gift Basket with all homemade gifts – Fill a basket up with all gifts made from home. It’s budget-friendly, creative and a fun gift to give. Homemade gift ideas for everyone on the list can be found here.

Other homemade holiday gift ideas include a coffee and tea lover’s basket, a gardening basket, scrapbook gift basket, arts and crafts gift basket, chocolate lover’s basket, a gourmet food gift basket and a fisherman’s gift basket filled with plastic baits, hooks, net and other items to go fishing with.

Wrapping It Up

Once all the gift items are collected, it may seem overwhelming trying to figure out how to place all the items in the basket and have them stay put. The heaviest items on the bottom and place lighter items around it or on top. Place items at different angles and bigger items towards the back for support. If necessary, use clear tape to secure some items and when items are going to be stacked on top of one another.

Roll cellophane out on a clean, dry work surface and place basket in the middle and cut ends with a decorative edge or regular scissor. Gather the wrap at the top of the basket using tape. Use ribbons and tie tight. Tape can be used to bring side edges of cellophane to the back for a finished look.

Fruit baskets and gourmet food baskets require shrink wrap. First, secure the top with tape and before adding any ribbons or decorations on the outside, use a hot blow-dryer to shrink the wrap. Once the wrap is secure around your food items, go ahead and place ribbons, bows or other decorative items to the outside.

A homemade holiday gift basket filled with goodies is a great gift for anyone. They are simple to make, look great and are fun to open. Most items can be found at dollar stores or discount stores, but many of the items can be homemade. These baskets are budget-friendly and sure to please everyone on the holiday gift list.