Homemade Gift Baskets as Christmas Gifts

Finding the perfect Christmas gift – one that will both please the recipient and one that shows thought went into the gift – can be challenging. The mass-produced gift baskets available at a variety of stores, while saving time, often show lack of thought. A little time, some thought, and a few basic craft items will result in homemade gift baskets that are an ideal Christmas gift for everyone on your list.

How to Find and Decorate the Baskets

The easiest place to find baskets is at a craft store, though many mass merchants also have a craft section in their stores. For the Christmas season, stick with dark wicker, green, or red. Also purchase some ribbon. For dark baskets, purchase either a variety of colors tailored to the recipients or stick with simple green and red. For green or red baskets, purchase white or gold. Wind the ribbon around the top part of the basket and through the handle- if there is a handle. Then fill the basket with a variety of treats that cater to the tastes of the person receiving the gift.

Gift Baskets for Cooks

People who love to cook are some of the easiest people in the world to shop for. The first type of gift basket to assemble for them is one that aids in cooking in general. Kitchen gadgets have made a leap forward in years past and are more helpful than ever. Adjustable measuring cups and spoons (available via Pampered Chef or cooking stores) are always good. Silicone spatulas, spoons, and shears are another option. For those with a larger budget, stoneware pie pans, muffin cups, or bread pans are a wonderful choice.

The second type of basket to assemble is an ethnic cooking basket. Choose from Italian, Spanish, Asian, organic, Mexican, and more. For an Italian basket, choose a pasta imported from Italy, an Italian pasta sauce, and a variety of olive oils in which to dip bread. For Asian, try some spicy stir-fry sauce or Asian seasonings, such as sesame oil, red pepper flakes, and garlic chili sauce. Follow the same general rules for other ethnic gift baskets. Special spice blends, flavored olive oils, and rices from around the world are all options.

Gift Baskets for Bakers

Even casual bakers will be impressed with a homemade gift basket that includes all they need to try out a new cookie recipe or a new type of bread. A few jars, each with their own “cookie in a jar” recipe gives them a variety of cookie recipes to try out, and show a lot of thought. See Seven Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Women for how to make them. A variety of bread mixes and a nice bread pan make a complete and delicious gift.

Gift Baskets for Men

There are a variety of gift baskets that can be put together for men. Beers of the world or a variety of cigars- perhaps with a nice cigar cutter- usually go over well. For golfers, try a mix of golf tees, a sleeve of golf balls- higher end ones if possible- a golf towel, along with a snack or drink. For those who fish, a variety of snacks that can be eaten on a boat, a hand-scale, fish ruler, or nice fillet knife can be given. For hunters, scent blockers, gloves, shooting glasses- which come in multiple shades, but most hunters will want one of each shade- are options. Miscellaneous items for any gift basket include coffees, books, magazine subscriptions, or gift cards.

Gift Baskets for Women

The trick with gift baskets for women is to find a few high-end luxuries and put them together. A small bottle of designer perfume is preferable to a gigantic bottle of cheap perfume. Aromatherapy items go across a range of products: candles, liquid incense, lotions, and bath soaps. A variety of bath products are available- bubble baths, bath oils, bath oil beads, scrubs, and loofahs. Bath oils in a variety of scents are a luxurious item that women often love but don’t purchase for themselves. Chocolates, coffees, or teas from around the world can also be given.

Gift Baskets for Newlyweds or Couples

When buying for couples, a few items that can be used around the house are ideal. A matching set of hand soap dispenser, soap dish, tooth brush holder, and facial tissue holder add a little class to any bathroom. An expensive shower curtain- especially with a stitched design- with matching hooks is another option for the bathroom. Matching kitchen towels and pot holders are easy to come by, as are trivets with designs for the various holidays. To add even more of a homemade touch, kitchen towels can be cross-stitched or embroidered with a design such as angels or fruit.

A Perfect Gift Shows Thoughtfulness

The Christmas holidays are supposed to be a time of togetherness and love. With the constant sales, mass-produced goods, and rush of the holiday season, this often seems to get forgotten. Finding the perfect Christmas gift for everyone may seem impossible or too expensive. But the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list this season is one that shows thoughtfulness and love.